ONE LOVE: We are ALL Egyptians Now!

As the dawn breaks over a new Egypt, the former protesters, now proud citizens of a burgeoning democratic Egypt are collectively cleaning up Tahrir Square and getting ready to begin the amazing and determined task to build a government for the people and by the people.

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Dateline Egypt: The Facebook Generation vs. the 20th Century

What strikes me most strongly is that this Tunisnian, now Egyptian event is part a bigger grander major shift on the global political techtonics. This Facebook generation of Eqyptians are nothing like the past. They speak and quote Martin Luther King and seek American style freedom and liberty. Many speak English and want to live in the global world. Yet our own US Government seems stuck between the 20th and 21st century, between what was and what is to come and it’s starting to look like we are missing the history boat. Maybe we are on the wrong side of historicial? Maybe the future is here and we can’t see it through our 20th century eyes?

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Meet the Thomas Jefferson of Egypt

No, it’s not Hosni Mubarak, the man who, if not for his 20th century ethos, could have been the founding father of a new 21st century democratic and free Egypt. No, it’s not U.S. President Obama who set the future for democracy in the Middle East motion with his 2009 Cairo speech. No, it’s not even a man! It’s Asmaaa Mahfouz, the woman behind Egypt’s pro-democracy revolution.

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Palestine Freedom Songs

Check out WE’RE ALL HUMAN BEINGS; a rock pop song about and inspired by the Gaza Flotilla Massacre.
If this issue interests you, please read more especially about Ken O’Keefe’s and his adventures on the Gaza Flotilla. He was on the Gaza Flotilla and was personally attacked by the commandos.

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