NSA SPYING: Americans Support Security Over Privacy


Decades of Ruler-Led Mass Media has Brainwashed and Damaged the American Psyche Forever

by Johnny Punish

My how things have morphed over the last decades. In America, there used to be a healthy spirit of rebellion that gave America its individuality, it’s global shine. Today, it’s no longer the dominant feature of the culture. It’s been replaced by a docile obedient populace that responds to fear rather than purpose.

You see, today, I woke up this morning, and Chuck Todd on the mainstream media channel MSNBC reported that over 60% of Americans support the NSA spying on them. They cited that security against future terrorism is well worth the complete loss of their privacy.
My oh my! Where did everybody go? wow!

Over the last 2 decades, the rulers have completed their mission of completely and totally beating down the freedom and liberty dog that was once the American citizen. They have him afraid of his own shadow willing to throw himself down the drain in favor of the all-knowing power to protect him.

There is no terrorism. There is NOTHING to fear yet 60% of Americans still see ghosts; that is if you believe what MSNBC is reporting.

There was no Al-Qaeda. It was an invention of the machine. Saddam Hussein never had weapons of mass destruction. And Iran is not a threat to the USA. Yet fear grips and won’t let go. The machine keeps going embedding its predatory claws into the American psyche.

“1776 to Prism!  Thanks, Barry You Killed the Country”Max Keiser

In my view, these has been the most amazing decades of brainwashing in world history. There is nothing to compare it to.

I mean, some will cite that Hitler was the master. But Hitler never accomplished this….wow! Hitler had mind control over many of his people but for the rest, well, he had to physically jail them, torture them, and murder them to keep them from rebelling. But Americans? Wow, they are going to the proverbial slaughterhouse willingly like cows to the meat grinder. 60%? Amazing! That’s a beatdown like no other!

Now, the world is asking the USA about its NSA Prism program. They have citizens who are being violated and they want answers.

But of course, it’s just a show. These allies are in on it. They have been spying for the USA for years so it’s just a show. The reality is that the new world order is taking over and doing it with virtually no resistance.

In America, there will be no rebellion against the machine. That responsibility will have to come from somewhere else on the planet. And right now, I don’t see anything on the horizon. Do you?

So what are we left with? Do we join the chorus of capitulators and wave the white flag? Or do we take solace that 40% of Americans are against the NSA rape of our privacy and build upon it to get rid of this predatory government that’s morphing into one world all governing all-knowing machine?

And what about the rest of the global population? Will the billions of people around the world succumb as the American public has? Or can we count on them to save the day?

I have lots of questions!

RT Debates NSA Spying on Americans and Global Community

President Obama says US citizens are free to complain about what opponents call a big-brother-style surveillance program, but that it’s necessary to ward off terrorist attacks. Do encroachments on privacy become acceptable, if according to Obama, they’re modest? Is PRISM only the next in a chain of secret US spying programs that activists say are pushing the country ever closer to a police state?

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