Syrian Actress Defies Government Thuggery Becomes Leader in Freedom Revolution

Fadwa Soliman in Hiding within Syria on Phone Making Statements for Freedom

by Johnny Punish


From the early start of the Syrian popular uprising against tyranny and oppression, many intellectuals worldwide across the board have joined the Syrian people in their fight for freedom and dignity a presence that proved to be of a tremendous impact across the country.

Among those is Syrian actress Fadwa Soliman who announced her full support and stood among her brothers and sisters at the heart of the revolution, the victorious city of Homs. Undoubtingly representing a real noble position of an intellectual, a woman and a human.

[youtube FfOMpG0E8Lc]

Born in Aleppo Syria, Fadwa moved to the capital Damascus to pursue an acting career where she performed in numerous plays, including in No Comment, Dolls’ House, Maria’s Voice and Media, and in at least a dozen TV shows, including in The Diary of Abou Antar and Little Ladies.

A prominent Syrian actress, she has been actively backing the eight-month-old uprising against the country’s government, which is blamed for a military crackdown on protests that the UN says has left thousands of people dead.

Fadwa Soliman belongs to the country’s minority Alawite sect, the same branch of Islam as the country’s ruling Assad family.

She has been in the flashpoint city of Homs for weeks, urging more people to take part in the revolution while on the run from authorities.

We, the people of the United States from all walks of life and all political affiliations, really need to announce our full support and solidarity with Fadwa in her noble human and patriotic stance with her countrymen and women in their fight for more than eight months now.

We also need to call all on all peoples in the world to stand in solidarity with her in her peaceful struggle to stop the killing, the starvation and the humiliation practiced unfortunately by the Syrian government.

Also, we need to stand in full solidarity with our brothers and sisters in all revolting cities and villages of the Middle East, especially the great city of Homs. It’s time America stands for it’s own storied and hard earned values with those who seek the same.

Inspired today, I penned some lyrics for a song in honor of Fadwa. Check it out….

[youtube 2evPSj_cAO8]



Police walked in for Soliman
I said, she ain’t here, but she sure went past
Oh, you’re looking for Fadwa Soliman

What a mess-a-Syria Fadwa dread
Cut off her ears and chop off her head
Police come looking for Soliman

So if you’re gonna take a message to Assad Town
Tell him freedom won’t be clamped down
Ya see my friends we’re all just Soliman

Don’t you bother me, not anymore
I can’t take oppression oh, no more
It’s all around, Fadwa Soliman

F A D W A in Homstown
Basheer Dictator is cracking down
Oh he lookin for Soliman

And crackdown sucks
Yeah I said it sucks bad yeah
It’s all around Soliman

Arab spring dictators fall
Freedom for people now one and all
It’s everywhere come on Soliman

From Tunis to Cairo eat a gyro
In Tel-Aviv please believe
The future’s here
Come on Soliman

99% of all of us
Just want to get on that freedom bus
Holding hands together
With Soliman

There’s no place for you or for the hate
Stop killing man before it’s too late
Jump on the train
to Freedom town

Fah fah Freedom town they spell it with a capital F
That’s what I’m talkin bout it’s the best
Come around to freedom town
Come on Fadwa

lyrics and music by Johnny Punish
based on the Jimmy Jazz melody from The Clash

The 21st century is upon us and times they are a changing.

In America, we stand for freedom, democracy, and liberty. And we must stand with Fadwa.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Johnny Punish is a musician, artist, entertainer, businessman, investor, life coach, and syndicated columnist. Educated at University of Nevada Las Vegas, his articles appear in Veterans Today, MunKNEE and his Johnny Punish Blog. His art music is promoted by Peapolz Media Records and played on net radio at and more.

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