A.I. Music Misses The Connection Point of Music


According to experts, A.I. music will dominate music output in just a few years. Yes, fake generated music!

The point of music is to enjoy interactively within community. It’s spiritual. This is why I love to collaborate with others. It’s 1000 times more fun to work with others and see what comes of it than to sit by myself and do everything. But that’s where we are now. It is weird. We are entering a new world, a new space disconnected from the human experience.

100% A.I. generated music, while sounding excellent especially with the newly released platforms like UDIO and SUNO,lack the artist message. The point of my writing over 150 songs and producing them with the help of other talented musicians is MY MESSAGE; our message! We are human beings trying desperately to connect with our fellow man! That is our art, our message; not a computer’s idea of our message.

Our minds are NOT plastic. We are real. And our thoughts and ideas are ours exclusively. Our message to the world is ours uniquely. More importantly, our human flaws are missing from A.I. In fact, it’s our flaws that give character to our music. We make mistakes. We are off the beat sometimes. We are NOT computers. Drummers are not perfect. No one is. We sing off note sometimes and make weird sounds that only we can make. It tells the listener that this is us. And that is what is missing from A.I. music.

Now granted, the average consumer does NOT care how the music was created. If they like the song, they like it. So that’s that! But it will always lack the connection to the actual real artist that, when one is a true fan of one’s message, it won’t be there because it’s A.I. not human. And that’s a huge loss.

So while A.I. may be the future of music, in my view, it’s not the death of artistry. There may no longer be $$$$ in music for artists but, as in my case, we don’t do it for money. We do it to send our message to the world, to speak up, speak out, to share our emotions and thoughts with our fellow man in the hopes that we can connect and make this unbearable planet and universe we live within bearable.

We seek to connect, we need it. And you need it to! We all do. And that, A.I. cannot provide!

Source: YT