Rise of Trump vs. Hitler: A Serious Comparison

Are TrumpBots the New Storm Troopers posing a threat to democracy?


Last night Donald Trump finally, after 1 year in office, achieved his first major legislative victory; The Trump Tax Cuts.

No matter whether you agree or disagree with the legislation, for this comparison, it’s NOT important.

What is important is the weird bizarre alarming hero worship praise bestowed on him as displayed by his assigns in the White House after the vote . (see video below)

Which brings me to a comparison to Adolf Hitler and his loyal cult followers.

First, this is a serious discussion only! No jokers please!

If your only understanding of Adolf Hitler is that he’s bad and killed 6 millions Jews then please read but don’t comment.

This serious discussion and comparison is for those with deeper understanding of the Rise of Hitler, Fascism, and what actually happened between the 1920s to mid 1940s in Germany.  It’s NOT for brainwashed hyperbolic uneducated reactionaries that fall on either side of the issue.

Clearly Trump has NOT murdered millions of people.  So stop it already!  We are seriously discussing the rise and potential for fascism.   So seriously go away if you cannot have a serious intellectual discussion of the issues, philosophy and practical applications in real world geopolitics.  Instead go find your favorite extreme left or right wing echo chamber to validate your beliefs.

Now, to me who has spent decades studying the rise of Hitler who’s read Mein Kampf, it’s striking how similar the Cult of Trump is parroting Hitlers.

Objectively, Trump is where Hitler was around 1933-34; about 1-2 years into his power position. And like early Hitlers bots, the TrumpBots are all in without question, without critic, and in support 100% like a goose steeping storm trooper.

In fact, to the TrumpBots, there is ZERO wrong he can do in their eyes. Loyalty to that degree proved to be too far in Nazi Germany. And this has been moving towards a very dangerous place. So it’s time to have that discussion.

  • So will Trump go full Hitler and turn his cult into a much darker place down the road?
  • We will have to fight a Trump Hitler any time soon?

Time will tell.

But right now, especially watching his cabinet praise Trump HITLER style yesterday again and again drowning him in praise fit for an autocrat, was bizarre at best and slipping into Hitler-esque hero worship at worst. So we must be VERY CAREFUL and pay closer attention because its starts innocently and can, when society is NOT careful, turn very dark very quickly. NO JOKE!

Imagine if enough people questioned the same about Hitler in 1933-35 before it went dark, maybe the disaster causing death and pain for millions and millions of people and decades of hell could have been avoided. Maybe!

Due to Trump’s propensity to light everything on fire like a Reichstag, we must pay very close attention. Anything less is a dereliction of citizen duty.

So let’s make the comparison. Let’s point out the similarities and differences. Don’t be afraid. Question it all. That is our duty as a citizens. We must stay aware.

And when compelled, support Trump Administration policies you agree with. But also engage in critical thinking and condemn those policies you don’t support. But NEVER join the cult! So be careful. You’ve been warned.

Finally before you engage here, ask yourself;

Are you defending TRUMP 100% of time on every issue and would you DIE for Donald Trump?

The answers will help you know if you’re in the cult of Trump. If you find yourself in the cult, get help NOW and get out before it’s too late!!

Okay, here we go……

Hitler rose in atmosphere of humilition of Germany (1920s WWI Treaty of Versaille). In late 30s and early 40s, SS HilterBots often cited the humiliation to justify their darkest deeds.

Trump riled up his base with calls that USA is humiliated same as Hitler; albeit big difference Germany really was in severe economic dire straits while US was worlds # 1 economy – which actually makes it worse because at least Hitler rose from honesty and NOT complete bull shit! (phony white grievance notwithstanding)

Did we forget the skillful race and bigot baiting to get him elected? Build that wall! How about Charlottesville? Both sides have merit? Really? What merit do white supremacist fascists who worship Nazism merit?

And did we really believe he had NO idea who David Duke was?

Most of you reading this are probably NOT TrumpBots but that does NOT mean they don’t exist. There are millions of TrumpBots out there that;

  1. Support him 100% and NEVER question or critic a word or policy out of his mouth. This is exactly the same peoples that HEILED HITLER!
  2. They would die for Donald Trump. SAME AS CULT OF HITLER!

I personally hate posting stuff like this on my personal Facebook page where only friends reside. It’s mostly an echo chamber. So to make sure I see all sides, I belong to many TrumpBot forums and monitor their comments and behaviors. More, I engage in discourse with them often. It’s the only way to gain insight into the merits of their case.

Now you may NOT be a TrumpBot but if Trump called for the gassing of Jews in concentration camps, TrumpBots would be first in the SS line to light the ovens! They exist and they are dangerous! This is what alerts me and should alert all of you out there.

So yes, there are similarities and differences. We should make the comparison and not simply call it non-sense!

As many of you know, Hitler was actually a WAR HERO in WWI. He was highly decorated. Trump is a 5 time deferment coward who ran away from service when called upon. So there are big differences.

See Military Career of Adolf Hitler >>

Furthermore, I would argue that Hitlers rise (National Socialism) against his # 1 enemy COMMUNISM was actually spot on. However, he turned it dark along the way into that “mass murderer” we all now know.

If you are unaware of the fervor of TrumpBotism, I strongly encourage you to join their forums and engage with them. You’ll find strong sentiments to Hilter-ism, Anti-Jew hate, Nazi support and more all empowered by Trump like no other president since openly racist Woodrow Wilson screened BIRTH OF NATION in the White House. They love this guy like a GOD and that’s the danger I am alerting to.

See Woodrow Wilson Racism >>

Finally, Hitler bigotry towards European Jews was scapegoating at its worst. While NOT his # 1 enemy (Communism), he needed a fullcrom to lift his “humiliated” economy and scapegoating Jews was perfect.

Trump scapegoats Mexicans (brown people) and lazy “negroes” for the ills of USA; same as Hitler.

He said of brown people and I paraphrase, “They are taking our jobs and bringing crime” riling up the base to blame these groups of people for the “humiliation” they feel. Same as Hitler.

FYI, Hitler had Jews serve in his military and many close to him. So his bigotry may have been selective and with Machevellian purpose, same as Trump. BTW, he also had Muslims serve. He even gave Korans as gifts to Muslim soldiers.

So what was Hitler?  And how does rise of Trump compare?
Awaiting your SERIOUS comments

Oh here’s the counterpoint to comparing Trump to Hitler.  This person argues its’ silly. What say you?