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Kissinger Is Dead! Finally!

War Criminal Henry Alfred Kissinger is Dead! He was born on May 27, 1923, and died yesterday, November 29, 2023; 100 years old! What took him so long? Back in 1996, my fellow Twisted Nixon bandmates and I wrote the song “KISSINGER IS DEAD” as a metaphor for the end of the 20th century. Obviously, […]

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Why is Ireland the Most Pro-Palestine EU State?

Exploring the history of Israel-Ireland relations, why things are getting worse, and why this downward trend is likely to continue As Israel-Palestine divisions within the EU have become increasingly apparent, Ireland has emerged as one of the more pro-Palestine countries in Europe. In this video above, TLDR News EU explores the history of Israel-Ireland relations, […]

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Why Is US Turning To The Dark Side?

The US/Israeli Axis of Evil has now committed over 11,000 grisly horrific murders including over 5000 children in Gaza Over 40,000 are injured and have NO hospitals to go to as they are now ALL SHUT DOWN due to the deliberate and intentional cut-off of electricity, gas, and water.  Reports from Gaza say over 3500 […]

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