GOLDEN RULE:  Never, and I mean NEVER, break the laws of any country. You don’t need to! You just need to know the laws and choose where to legally plant your flags to fit your goals and lifestyle!  It’s Simple, Elegant, and Easy!  Read On Freedom Lovers!

by Johnny Punish

So are you sick of being under complete control or just sick and exhausted by paying lawyers thousands of dollars for asset protection that never protects?  Frustrated?

Well, that’s where I was way back in the 1990s, over 30 years ago.  No matter what I did, I could NEVER find the freedom I was working for and hoping for.  No matter how much money I had, houses, cars, etc…still had no path to true financial and personal freedom;  just bills and the government on my back for every little thing.  And I was NOT even breaking any laws.

But still, you don’t have to break any laws to lose it all.  All it would take is an accusation and boom, you’re doomed.  Most countries don’t protect their citizens.  Instead, they confiscate and you gotta prove you’re innocent.  Then, after you pay lawyers obscene fees, you may get what you worked your whole life for back if you’re lucky!


The truth is the bureaucratic system is a mess. It destroys the average Joe.  But you know that already.  The poor and middle classes get hosed.  It’s only the super-rich that gets away with everything.  They are truly above the law

I mean, recently we just found that the former U.S. President Donald Trump got his Federal Income Tax Audit “canceled” by the Director of the IRS who he appointed.  Talk about Corruption!  Trump, a billionaire, whose tax returns are finally being released to the public (After the scams) clearly shows that he was never audited, did NOT pay his fair share (3% in 2019), and falsified hundreds of millions of losses with no backing documents, just his word. And no one said a thing.

But this is NOT a political hit piece.  I only tell you this because it shows that the super-rich are getting away with it.  The Trump tax evasion with no consequences is NOT unique to him.  It turns out the US Congress knows about this and they have let the rich just rip society off full-stop. Yep, the average American taxpayer is subsidizing a tax code that has 4000 pages that go after almost none of the super-rich for anything while they get all the loopholes.  Boom!

So what can we do?

Well, we don’t have the leverage to appoint judges or a Director of the IRS who is in our pocket.  We got no game!  They do, we don’t.  But we do have a few moves we can make that will give us relative freedom in this, our un-free world.  It’s called the 5 Flags of Freedom. It’s elegant, simple, and easy to do if you can make the mental shift.

First, while the above example is about the USA, this lack of real financial and personal freedom is NOT unique to any one country but to all countries.  You see, in order to be truly free as a sovereign individual, you must not be in the clutches of any one government.

All governments seek to control. It is their nature. Thus you must spread out intelligently and legally limit the exposure so that no one government has control over your person and your freedom of being.

This idea can easily be achieved by spreading your interests legally over at least five unrelated countries. This is not expensive. Indeed, it is far less expensive than paying lawyers and certainly more foolproof.

There are thousands of PTs living in relative freedom using the Five Flags.

And here they are;

1st Flag

You should legally hold one or more passports from small, neutral, and respectable nations that do not try to influence or tax their citizens living outside their territory. These passports should ideally allow visa-free access to as many nations as possible. European Union or South American passports are best. Many countries offer passports to those whose grandparents were citizens. Check into it.

There are several countries that tax their citizens who live outside their territory, the USA being one of them. If you hold this passport, it’s not ideal but it’s still workable.  You just gotta keep your arm’s length and never break their law.

2nd Flag

This is your official residence. It’s a country that regards you as a bona fide legal resident. Although you might not actually spend too much time there. It should be a country that does not tax income earned abroad. The effect is that you don’t have to file any personal tax returns anywhere. Tax havens like Andorra & Turks and Caicos are good low-budget candidates. You might consider places like Switzerland or Monaco if you can afford it. There are always low-cost places you can go like Thailand, Ecuador, Honduras, Peru, or even Mexico. There are many places in the connected world where you can be relatively free in an unfree world.

International Living offers lots of good information on the latest rules for countries.  Give them a look.

3rd Flag

These are places where you physically choose to spend a lot of time. They depend on your personal taste. You might like major European city life or prefer to get away on a ranch in New Zealand. You have no official status in your playgrounds. You are a tourist “passing through”; you’re a “PT”; a Perpetual Tourist!

For example, the EU may only allow you in as a Tourist for 3 months.  Rent a flat in Paris and every 3 months, take the train to London for dinner.  Come back and boom, you have another 3 months to hang out in France.  Thanks Brexit!

Or say you want to live in Spain, well, take a trip to Morroco for weekend shopping, come back and boom, you get another 3 months to hang out!  Play by the rules.  Just make sure you keep abreast of the rule changes.

For example, Brexit opened the door for PTs.  They are NO longer part of the EU. Okay, use that to your advantage.

4th Flag

These are places you actually earn your money. If you own an existing business you may not have much choice in the matter and you may have to bite the bullet and pay some taxes here. If you earn money with your skills or know-how you can choose an offshore haven as your business base. So it’s tax-free. Either way, your business will be incorporated so you never have to file any personal tax returns anywhere. And now with the internet and worldwide payment systems and banking, the door is more open than ever.

Heck, just become a digital nomad, and you are set

5th Flag

These countries are where you keep your savings and investments safely away from where the money is actually earned or spent. They should score highly on respect for privacy, communications, professionalism, and stability. Your accounts will be controlled by the internet.

While this has become harder to do as countries crack down, it’s still very possible. You just gotta be flexible and ready to spread it around a bit and limit your risk.

Now, most of you reading this will be skeptical. That’s normal. In fact, most of you will NEVER take this action to be free. Frankly, that’s even more normal. Freedom requires thought and implementation. It’s not for everyone. You must plan to implement your freedom. It takes time to get out of the system legally and into a relatively free in an unfree world system.

Frankly, most people are too conditioned to go for it. They are stuck in the system and are convinced it’s the only way. So it’s not for everyone. But for those of you who truly seek freedom and are willing to take on the challenge, it’s 100% possible. Think about it!

Be a PT. And remember, the definition of a PT is what you make of it. You can be a Permanent Tourist, Perpetual Traveler, and even a Previous Taxpayer. It’s simply about doing what makes cents!

But first and foremost, don’t do stupid things.  Remember the…

GOLDEN RULE:  Never, and I mean NEVER, break the laws of any country. You don’t need to! You just need to know the laws and choose where to legally plant your flags to fit your goals and lifestyle!  It’s Simple, Elegant, and Easy!  Read On Freedom Lovers!

If you like to smoke weed, don’t travel to or be a resident of a place where it’s against the law.  Canada is a great place to be a PT for cannabis users.  They smoke weed on the streets of Vancouver.  In California USA, you can be a PT and buy your weed at the local store.  It’s no big deal there.  I hope this makes sense.

In other words, always abide by the local law.


The legal options for you are limited because the U.S.A. taxes its citizens on their worldwide income and thus, legally, you must report your income to the Internal Revenue Service no matter where you earn it.

More, the USA has MLAT Treaties with most of the world’s major banking centers and thus they can get your information easily by just requesting it. Secrecy for U.S. Citizens was possible many years ago but in today’s world, it is a myth. That does NOT mean that you can’t use some of the flags and get somewhat free. In fact, there are tax breaks for you if you live overseas given to you by the IRS e.g…. the foreign income tax exclusion. You can check the IRS site for more details.

If you seek true 100% freedom from the U.S.A., it will require that you renounce your citizenship. Legally, this is a very long process. And they will “steal” your paid into Social Security benefits.  I know right?  Talk about complete bullshit. You pay your whole life and just because you want to become a citizen of another country, they steal your hard-earned money that you gave them to hold for your retirement. Incredible hubris.  That’s stealing!  But who are you going to complain to?  Nobody!  Because that is the way it is there. So you have to weigh it all out.

No matter what you decide, again, I tell you for the 3rd time, DO NOT BREAK THE LAW!

Instead, check into the current law of the USA and find out more about what you can legally do to get free. Get as much information as possible and then do what makes cents within the law.

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