GAZA SLAUGHTER: Are Americans Waking Up From Their Zionist Media Induced Coma?


Yesterday on CNN, Anderson Cooper interviewed an American Nurse who just came out of Gaza after 26 days of US/Israeli bombing and murder.

He let her speak and she told truth to power in one of the most powerful news presentations you’ll see on their Main Stream Media.  Which begs the question “Are the horrific mass murder and slaughter of Gazans too much for even the corporate Zionist-controlled media in the USA?”

See for yourself.  Here’s the interview…

Granted, in the interview, Anderson still refers to this as a “WAR” which it is not.  Israeli Defence Forces is one of the 20 most powerful militaries in the world paid for by US Taxpayers.  An overview of its military assets reveals 241 fighter jets, 48 attack helicopters, and 2,200 tanks.  Gaza has NONE!  ZERO!  What war?  You mean slaughter, right Anderson?

But okay, he’s still towing that stupid silly embarrassing propaganda line.  But how is this happening in America when they’ve spent $ 280 Billion investing in the Occupation and Ethnic Cleansing?  They cultivated their public with years and decades of demonizing Palestinians as terrorists.   These are big investments!

  • Was it just too many children being murdered?
  • Was it pressure from Social Media posts?
  • Too many images of burned and dead kids?

VT does NOT know yet. We are still trying to figure out what is causing the Zionist Media to give airtime to empathy towards Palestinians.

Nevertheless, it feels like the American public is waking up to the Zionist Control of its Government and they don’t like it one bit.  More, many Americans do NOT want to be associated with the slaughter of children.  Americans are and want to be better than funding the murders of children.

So maybe that’s it.  We don’t know!  Stay Tuned.


  1. Here is very recent videeo of murders of Palestinian men with hands tied behind back, one by one thrown into big ditch full of caar tires, then shot and killed…. probably the car tires set on fire afterward. apparently these are bangladesh meercenaries of the IDF doing the shooting but I dont know. for sure. This video came from the just now.
    I dont see any women, or kids so apparently we are supposed to think these are all Hamas fighters. as it was filmed by someone in IDF as some sort of evil propaganda snuf video.

    Anyone who thinks all these guys being wxecuted is OK can go to hell.

  2. American Jews I know are NOT “waking up”. My earlier college dormitory neighbor bragged he made a six-digit contribution to “Friends of IDF”. Anything I say means I hate Jews and am “a Jew-hating piece of shit”.

  3. stop electing dual citizens to your governments ,,if the are jew amerikan citizens Yes jew first) nobody should want them anywhere near the control of the country or it’s finances.. amerika is a fine example of the corruption they create

  4. Presumably Alan Dershowitz is also Israeli citizen and what I don’t understand is how and why dual citizenship for US citizens became possible? Is dual citizenship a culturalgeographic phenomenon?
    Is dual citizenship the rule or the exception? What does Prof Dershowitz’s best student at Harvard Law Ted Cruz say to dual citizenship? What was CIA operative and Skull & Bones member and according to Amazon Wilder Janus Program director William F Buckley’s position in “National Review” etc to dual citizenship? Presumably “libertarians” from Murray Rothbard to “Ayn Rand” to Silicon valley Thiel favor dual citizenship in their confusion of “liberty”?