Israel arrests Palestinian singer on charges of ‘incitement and support for Palestine’

You know your society is completely fucked when your police are arresting its citizens for protesting against the murders of men, women, and children.

Meet DALAL ABU AMNEH, the famous Palestinian Singer; an Israeli citizen. On Oct 18th, she was arrested by US taxpayer-funded GESTAPO STORM TROOPERS in Israel; stolen from her home in the Israeli city of Nazareth for protesting the murders of over 10,000 men, women, and children in Gaza and the West Bank.

Police claim some of Dalal Abu Amneh’s posts and appearances on various media outlets were ‘against the State of Israel and in support of Palestine’


For those who understand Arabic, this song above will make you cry.

For those who do not, please note that we are proud to be Palestinian and NO AMOUNT OF MONEY paid to Zionists will EVER ERASE us. 1000 F-18s vs our rocks will never kill us because we are HERE! And we are NOT going anywhere anymore! Period!

We are human beings. Put down your money and your hatred. Instead, sit down and have tea with us. We are HUMAN BEINGS just like you!

Israeli police arrested a Palestinian singer from the city of Nazareth on charges of incitement and support for Palestine.

The police said in a statement, a copy of which was sent to Anadolu, that the northern police arrested Dalal Abu Amna, an influential singer with over 300,000 followers, on suspicion of “praise and incitement.”

The statement added that “she was arrested” following the appearance of several posts on social media.”

The police said Abu Amna is one of the influential figures in Arab society, claiming that some of her posts and appearances on various media outlets were “against the State of Israel and in support of Palestine.”

“The suspect was referred to the police station, where she was investigated and arrested on suspicion of behavior that might violate public security and public safety,” according to the statement.

The US Taxpayer Funded Massacres in Gaza by Israeli State Terrorists hiding behind bombs continues as the world watches, impotent against the ZIONIST EMPIRE OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA

“She was arraigned based on a police request to extend her detention in the Nazareth Magistrate’s Court,” it added.

Anadolu was unable to obtain immediate comment from the detainee’s lawyer.

Following Israel’s war on Gaza, Israeli police have increased their persecution of Palestinians for their social media posts.

The Israeli police announced in a statement last week that 40 Palestinians have been arrested in East Jerusalem based on “incitement,” since the start of its war on Gaza. More than 10,000 hostages are held in Israeli jails for protesting the Occupation.

Abu Amna describes herself on her Instagram page, which has 309,000 followers, that she is “a Palestinian singer, producer, and doctoral researcher in brain sciences.”

Abu Amna was born in the Israeli city of Nazareth in 1983. She is married to the poet and doctor Anan Abbasi, with whom she has two sons.

She began singing traditional Palestinian songs at school concerts, and social and community events when she was 13 years old.


أنا فلسطيني. كلنا فلسطينيون

VT Dares You To Watch This Video Posted on X (Formerly Twitter)

Then, assuming you have a conscience, defend this massacre.  WARNING THIS IS EXTREMELY GRAPHIC and shows actual death and massacre. This is real news; what US Tax Dollars are really paying for!  ADULTS ONLY! See It For Your Self!

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  2. The Holy Land means nothing to the Zionist Jews – just another piece of real estate to rule over and to desecrate. They will/would do it to Mecca and other places when they get the opportunity.

    To think of all the countries that still let the Jews run freely and buy up all the industry, medias, and companies, without a peep about their past conquests , is rather perplexing to say the least. Letting/Watching History repeat it’s same destruction to your country is about as stupid as it gets.

  3. Demonic-Zionism is the CURSE of Mankind and the Curse of Jews around the World! DOWN with Zionism! PALESTINE MUST be FREE! How can the World, the US, stand by and allow the ‘GENOCIDE of the GAZA-Strip-Jail-Ghetto’ to continue? The US is not that, ‘shining Beacon atop the hill’ for the World to Follow, WE are not spreading Democracy, that is a fake, empty, fabricated Slogan, WE the US are spreading, HORRORS-GENOCIDE, around the World, millions of ‘Collateral Victims’ in the past 2 decades, innocents Men, Women and Children, because of the ”9/11′ FALSE FLAG’ attack against US, by demonic Perpetrators, Foreign and DOMESTIC!

  4. I’ve watched the second video and I’m drying my tears. Could it be that I am already very old? Or could it be that these damned Zionists have managed to hurt my Soul…?
    My God, receive those souls and give comfort to his parents.