The US/Israeli Axis of Evil has now committed over 11,000 grisly horrific murders including over 5000 children in Gaza.

Over 40,000 are injured and have NO hospitals to go to as they are now ALL SHUT DOWN due to the deliberate and intentional cut-off of electricity, gas, and water.  Reports from Gaza say over 3500 are missing and feared buried alive under the rubble created by the US/Israel Genocidal Bombing Attacks on the prisoners held in their Gaza Prison Camp.

By proudly and openly funding the murders and its continued refusal to enact a ceasefire, the USA has lowered itself in front of the whole world as it attempts to bribe and browbeat its transactional allies into supporting its Ethnic Cleansing Operation in Palestine.

In fact, The USA’s funding of the genocide in Gaza is an open and public obvious war crime; a complete loss of global honor.   Unfortunately, the U.N. is impotent against the United States and Israel as they have permanent immunity for their crimes against humanity.

Nevertheless, among the majority of the world’s 8 billion population, the USA has NOT just lost its once highly regarded standards and moral purpose but something far worse in that the USA is NOW the Enemy of humanity; it is now, by its actions…..



HISTORIC: US/Israel Murder 101 UN Staff Members in Gaza

UN flags at half-mast worldwide for colleagues killed in Gaza

The United Nations is flying its flags at half-staff and will observe a minute of silence on Monday to honor UN staff killed or wounded in Gaza.  On Friday the UN agency for Palestinian refugees, UNRWA, announced 101 of its employees had been killed in Gaza since the start of the war.  The organization has confirmed the number of deaths of its staff, is the highest killed in any conflict since it was formed in 1945.  Juliette Touma, UNRWA’s Director of Communications is joining us from Occupied East Jerusalem

Hate UK Home Secretary Suella Braverman Fired from UK Leadership

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has sacked his home secretary, Suella Braverman.
That follows her public criticism of the way the police handled a pro-Palestinian march on Saturday.  She’d previously described demonstrations in support of Palestine as ‘hate marches’ and ‘mobs’.  Her departure comes as part of a wider cabinet reshuffle.

Israeli army deletes post claiming ambulances, hospitals ‘legitimate targets’

Israel’s military deleted a post on X suggesting ambulances and hospitals are “terrorist infrastructure” and “legitimate military targets”.

It claimed ambulances and hospitals were used by Hamas for its fighters and its military operations. “This is against international law and turns them into legitimate military targets,” the army wrote.

Diana Buttu, lawyer and former legal adviser for the Palestine Liberation Organisation, said Israel has in the past made similar allegations but never proved them.

“But even if it tries to do that, we have to bear in mind what Israel is trying to do is commit genocide against Palestinians and it has to be stopped now,” she said.

Premature babies are dying at Gaza’s al-Shifa Hospital

‘Genocide in slow motion’: Doctors condemn Israel’s advance on Gaza’s al-Shifa Hospital, as premature babies begin dying after their incubators stop working. Attacking medical facilities in war is considered illegal under international law.

Netanyahu Under Fire In Israel May Lose Coalition for His Policies

‘This is the result of 75 years of ethnic cleansing’: Palestinian Analyst
Diana Buttu is a Palestinian Lawyer and a former legal advisor to the Palestine Liberation Organization.

She reacts to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s statement that the military will remain inside Gaza, even after the fighting has stopped.

Bonus:  DNA Evidence Proves European Jews are NOT related to Ancient Hebrews

Yesterday, a reader asked about evidence that the original settlers from Europe into Palestine were from the Ancient Hebrews. Of course, they are not and all learned scholars who can survive the extreme propaganda from the USA and Israel know that the Palestinians are mostly related to the Ancient Hebrews/Caanites and the Europeans are of no relation to the Ancient Hebrews but are mostly converted into Judaism about 1000 years ago during military conquests.  Nevertheless, the myth has been sold to modern populaces under their control and now buy in hook line, and sinker.  Well, here are several VT articles that chronicle this evidence;


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