Arizona, the Most Racist State in Amerikkka


In Arizona, get ready for “Zee Papers Please”

The racial profiling edict passed by the Arizona legislature and now signed by their Governor permits police officers (on his own, without provacation) to stop you and ask “for your papers”.

Don’t have ID? No problem, go to jail or at least to the intergation room probably housed next door to the water boarding gas chamber!

As a Arab American, what if I don’t look exactly like John McCain? Am I in trouble because I don’t have my papers on me?

I am concerned that these white guys with badges will simply say I look like a terrorist or some dishwasher at the local Denny’s and confiscate my person. After all, we middle eastern types look like Mexicans too, so if this law is designed to keep brown people out, I am definitely going to be on their shite list.

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Okay, is this hyperbole, exaggeration, or paranoia? Or is this something I can expect from what is Arizona is trying to become namely: the most racist state in Amerikkka.

Good Job Arizona! Arizona, the hate state unless you’re white! Nice! Hum? Maybe we should probably do a site and warn people to avoid this hateful state. Travel Warning! Danger Zone!

Okay, look, clearly this legislation looks to be signed by Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer is specifically to kick out illegal Mexicans from the their state and frankly, I can understand their desire to enforce already legal laws on the books that are being ignored. But is this the way to go about it?

Obama just slammed the legislation and so this looks to be another war front between the reactionaries of the past and the peoples who are moving forward into a global competitive world.

As it stands, Mexico is our 2nd largest trading partner, the 14th largest economy in the world, and our neighbor. We have neglected our relationship with them for too long. It needs to be on top of our list; a thousand times higher up then sending billions to some holy land colonialist country with whom we actually have very little in common with or get much back in return. We need to invest at home in our schools and in our peoples and in Solar plants, like the one’s they are buidling in Mexicali. We need smart sharp minds who can make peace and prosperity with our neighbors; not inflicting the indigities of our own failures! That’s not the USA, that’s the NAZI’s

Mexico actually has a growing middle class and we need to invest much more in her future success because we’re inter-dependant with her. We share culuture, values, and even our food. Yeah, our food. I watch the Food Network all the time and the see the Irish American Bobby Flay making Fish Tacos. It’s great… the people get it. We are family! Now we need to act like it and stop this non-cents.

Look, we allowed these illegal immigrant problem to fester as we looked the other way so that we can hire cheap labor and Mexicans were willing. But now, we are stuck.

But deporting what amounts to probably 20 million people is immpratical period. Come on people! Get real!

We need to give all illegals amnesty and get them registered and paying taxes NOW!

Then, we need to immediately put forth a work permit program that allows Mexicans to come and work for a certain period of time. This will put working in the USA in the open and allow us to collect tax on their work plus give all concerned the dignity that this country needs to stand for as we move forward and back into principle centered leadership.

Look, I am for enforcement of law but as it stands, what I suspect will happen when the Governor signs this reactionary piece of legislation is that all illegals will run to other states leaving Arizona barren of these workers.

So if you’re in Arizona and can’t seem to get your services on time or that prices have risen by double because wages have suddenly risen to pay for non-brown people to wash dishes, then Bienvenidos a Arizona Nueva! Get ready, this is battle royal!

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