American Idol: What is the ADAM LAMBERT EFFECT?


Did Adam Lambert Launch a Voodoo Type Spell on this Season of American Idol?

Is this the End of the ‘Idol’ Era?

What some call a lackluster season on American Idol is the consequence of the Adam Lambert Effect. What is the Adam Lambert Effect you ask? Well, it’s when an act has to follow a huge wave of massive energy that simply cannot be topped as it tries it reveals a natural course of action from its apex.

To explain in detail, consider that last season on Idol, Adam Lambert turned up the heat so high that it made all the contestants step up their game just to stay up with him. They took tremendous chances and raised their game much like we all do when faced with a clearly superior competitor. Our fear kicks in and we go for it. And so, last year, we got the Super Bowl of American Idols.

This year, the complaint is “the contestants are weak” when in reality they are not. They are all good. But this season is simply suffering from the Adam Lambert Effect.

Heck, producers even hired the man himself, Adam Lambert, as a mentor to spice up the show and give them the oomph. But even he could not infuse it with enough energy to get this season on track.

Frankly, in the natural course of being, this season needs to be judged on its merit so that it can have its place in the sun. But make no mistake, there is no way for it to compete with what happened last season.

Now, next season, watch out……Idol will be back strong.

Like all great teams who slide, they will adjust and the Adam Lambert effect will be gone and so next season will be a transformational time for Idol as it continues into the new decade as an icon of American pop culture.