Bowersox Blows Field Away, Turns up the Heat on American Idol


Shiobhan Magnus Angelic while Lee Dewyze gives us a nice show

Crystal Bowersox went last and this time, the best was saved for last.

Bowersox is now showing over and over again that her singing and playing are inately within her and cannot be separated from her disposition.   The emotions that she connects to week in and week out are real and heart felt and the judges are reacting to it.    Her emotions at the end crying on the last phrase was geniune and she allowed us to see her and be with her during that moment and that makes her available to us, the fans and we love her for it.  She’s on the verge of becoming a star in the industry… go girl!  Clearly, she’s the one to beat

As for the others, there are a few wild cards but I am perplexed on why the judges keep slamming Siobhan Magnus.  It’s bording on vicious.

Her rendition of Miracles was bold and beautiful., touching and unique.  Her voice was angelic and she was so gorgeous as she sang this huge song.  She really fits into this genre and the judges are not picking it up.  Instead they moronically called it theatrical as if she was all over the stage playing it up in some musical.  What theatrics?   That was a retarded lazy comment.  That was just weird.

I cannot help think that they are paying her back for her talkback on them last week when she fought back on labeling and owned her own style slamming their retarded comments trying to put her into some box.   She’s winning the battle against the judges as the voters can see that this may be a personal issue with them and not a geniune judgement.   She’s was 2nd best tonite behind the truly gifted and emotional Bowersox.

I think in the end, Siobhan is going to win this war because these Judges are going to lose their jobs very soon.  Randy is getting boring.   Kara is constantly apologizing for her comments which is beyond weak.  And with Simon going, we’re left with Ellen and her comic relief.

Next season, I hope they dump Kara and Randy and replace them with real people of wisdom who have many years of experience and something really insightful to say.

Okay, for the rest of the artists, I thought Lee Dewyze fits in the top and while Aaron Kelley really shined as a vocalist finally coming out of his shell and owning that stage.  The judges were not generious with Aaron either which tells me that don’t want singers, they want something else.

I thought Casey was boring again showing us that he’s an average singer and guitar player who cannot entertain too well but looks good for the girls.   He’s in real trouble.

And for Big Mike, aka Luther Vandross, good and he’ll probably surive but I was not inspired.

Finally, there is Tim Urban.  I have no clue what he sang and it was not very good.  So he should be in the bottom 3 and he should go home but I am afraid that he’s appeal to the young girls will save him again.

So for me, the 2 on the bottom were Casey and Tim, both attractive to the ladies and thus, I think it’s Big Mike who goes home.

Finally at the end of the show, it seems that they showed Bowersox singing the last phrase of the song without crying as she did during the live performance.  Did they retake the song or was that some clip from within the song?  Whatever  it was, it was weird.