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Success Tips

The Fine Art of Negativity

What Should You Do When Friends Make Fun of Your Ideas, Hard Work and Success?

SUCCESS: The problem is the word "problem"

Replace the word "problem" with "challenge" and watch your world change!

GT RADIO: The Secret Path to Successful Family Finance

Host Johnny Punish welcomes Family and Marriage Success Advocate Steve Cooper on GT Radio

VT RADIO: Swier vs. Barrett – Gaza Invasion Heated Debate – Who’s The...

US/Israeli Invasion of Gaza Sparks Massive Debates Around World and VT Radio engages.

VT RADIO: Gaza Prison Camp Massacres

VT's Lucas Leiroz presents the Worlds reaction to the US/Israeli Ethnic Cleansing Operation in Gaza

VT RADIO: The US/Israeli Final Solution – Erasing The Palestinians

Dr. Alan Sabrosky joins VT Radio Host Johnny Punish and Assistant GM of VT Foreign Policy Chief Justin Time to discuss the US/Israeli Final Solution and their extermination of the Palestinians.

Adventure: From Cairo Egypt to Paris France

From The Ancient Lands of The Nile to the Modern World of Paris France, Johnny Punish takes you step by step through his 24 hours of travel from the old to the new

What’s The Best Music Concert You Have Ever Seen?

Take a ride with Johnny Punish as he documents his TOP 5 CONCERTS of all time! From Elvis, The Clash, Pat Benatar and more....check it out

My Latest Music Video

Bitcoin’s Influence on US Foreign Policy: The New Digital Diplomacy

Johnny Punish explores how Bitcoin is affecting US Foreign Policy

Top 10 Greatest Most Influential Rock Songs of All Time (1950s-2000s)

Find out which Rock songs were the most influential in history. Johnny Punish shares his top 10!

Book Review: Future Peace: Technology, Aggression, and the Rush to War

This book draws attention to the increasing reliance on technology and advanced weaponry in warfare, which can circumvent human decision-making and expedite war before diplomacy and the human element has time to prevent it.

DOLLFACE: A World Premiere

The Story Behind The Story I wrote this alternative rock music song on the last day of 2022.  I was sitting at the bar stool...

Top 5 Most Read (All-Time)

USA the most racist country in the world?
Is solution for peak global population global sterilization? Find out more
Are TrumpBots the New Storm Troopers posing a threat to democracy?
Follow the amazing historical journey of Edwin Black as his travels into the truth that was the movement of German Jews into Palestine and their subsequent conquest of the indigenious Palestinian people via Adolf Hitler and the Transfer Agreement.
I SAW LINCOLN SHOT! The only living witness re-creates the drama of that tragic night. This is a real eyewitness account of one of history's great tragedies - the assassination of Abraham Lincoln

Americans in USA are God’s True Chosen People

Why are we Americans paying for a tribe that lives half-way across the globe in a land that's smaller than Rhode Island while our children and their future children get the screw job here at home? This makes no cents at all.

1948: A Euro-Zionist Invasion Creates A Castastrophe in Palestine

Learn All You Can About the Zionists and How They Created Their Settler State Erasing The Indigenous Peoples of Palestine

Top 30 Best NFL Quarterbacks in NFL History

Let's Get Right To It Tom Brady:  Brady's 21 seasons as the primary starter led to seven Super Bowl titles, the most of any...