When Our Government is Wrong We Protest! That’s American!

When we stick our head in the quicksand the world goes blind. When we stand up then we get banned at least we stay alive!

In 2024, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. is respected worldwide as an American Hero. But in the 1960s, he was often jail for standing up for justice while others sat down in silence!

To Truly Be PRO-USA is to stand up against what is WRONG! That’s PRO-AMERICAN!

Back in the late 1960s, people started to see how WRONG the USA was in participating in the Vietnam War. But the government and many older crusties put pressure on the “protestors” forcing them out of their jobs and doing whatever they could to CANCEL them.

Great men like MARTIN LUTHER KING JR. were put in jail for taking a stand. So many were beaten and canceled. In the end, the truth was the VIETNAM WAR was wrong and those in power were WRONG and OUT!

The USA lost the war in Vietnam. It was on the wrong side of justice. It set the USA back big time because it was WRONG! And many protestors paid the price for calling it out!

Taking a stand a stand when someone and something SO POWERFUL as the USA is wrong is dangerous and even, brave! One can lose their job, their livelihood, etc… just because they stand up for JUSTICE. I suspect most of you herein are good people and can see that the murder of over 30,000 human beings including over 15,000 children is WRONG but you are rightfully scared to post anything about it.

On June 20, 1967, the great Muhammad Ali, a man of conscience was convicted in Houston for refusing induction in the U.S. armed forces. Ali saw the war in Vietnam as an exercise in genocide.  They took away his CHAMPIONSHIP belt; not because he lost in the ring but because he took a stand against a government that was WRONG!

I know many already have LOST THEIR JOBS and FRIENDS for calling out the massacres and genocide in GAZA. I know, it’s unbelievable to me that in 2024, when we stand up for humanity; both Israelis and Palestinians, we get CANCELED just because the “other” human is NOT the choice of the USA and its unshakeable EURO-SETTLER partner who has been abusing the indigenous peoples of Palestine since DAY 1.

But here I am. I am 60 years old! I don’t have a job they can take away. I don’t have to back down for fear of oppression by those who stand on the WRONG SIDE OF JUSTICE. I can stand up to them and CALL THEM OUT for being ANTI-AMERICAN and subjecting, us, THE US TAXPAYER to being an unwilling co-conspirator to GENOCIDE in GAZA. The consequences? Time will tell. But, at least, my conscience is clean and I don’t have to hide behind a $ 10,000 suit and pretend that murdering children is ok because it’s NOT OK! And this is NOT OK!

This is what our $ 280 Billion of US taxpayer money is doing in Gaza! Over 30,000 murdered and buried in the rubble of our bombs. Over 100,000 injured. Over 1,800,000 human beings displaced. WE ARE ON THE WRONG SIDE of JUSTICE

I say loudly Free Palestine and Free Israel!

I stand in the shadows of Martin Luther King Jr. I stand with the great Senator from Vermont BERNIE SANDERS in condemning both Hamas for the Oct 7th massacre of Israelis and their children and also condemning EVERYTHING that the TERRORIST EXTREMIST government in Israel is doing in GAZA. I condemn the US Congress for sending them billions in our names to commit these atrocities.

“Israel has the Right To Defend Itself Against Hamas Terrorism but it does NOT have the right to wage war against the entirety of the Palestinian People” U.S. Senator bernie sanders

I stand with the GREAT AMERICAN US. Senator Bernie Sanders 100%!!!

In fact, we are now witness to a great man who NO LONGER stands in the SHADOW of great men like Gandhi, Mandela and Martin Luther King Jr but is NOW taking his place standing next to them, locked in arms, standing tall. BLESS US. SENATOR BERNIE SANDERS; A True American Hero.

Furthermore, I condemn every Arab Regime that sits on the sidelines and only offers words of support without any action!

They were wrong in VIETNAM in the 1960s! And they are WRONG in GAZA 2024!

I demand the USA change its policy immediately and start telling ISRAEL to STOP OR ELSE! And then I demand the USA invest in Gaza and Palestine to build NEW STATES that build a future for these people and help them to integrate into becoming viable entities so they thrive and be part of a successful world; something WE THE PEOPLE can be proud to stand and support; something the world can stand with us and cheer for; something that can inspire and stand the test of time. That’s a VISION that is needed; NOT THIS HUMILATING GARBAGE!

Signed, From Ireland with Love, A PROUD AMERICAN!


MEMO TO THE SILENT by Johnny Punish

When we stick our head in the quicksand
The world goes blind
When we stand up then we get banned
At least we stay alive

Dark Side drops bombs on schools
Breaking all the rules
Killing by thousands every day
Phony Christians cheer End of Days

When we stick our head in the quicksand
The world goes blind
When we stand up then we get banned
At least we stay alive

Dark Side says they’re all no good
Do they think we are all fools
Killing in real time every day
Talking heads profit in evil ways

When we stick our head in the quicksand
The world goes blind
When we stand up then we get banned
At least we stay alive

Calling All Humanity
The World is On Fire
This is Johnny Punish on Pirate Satellite
Get to the Front Lines
Cause Without People We’re Nuthin’

When we stick our head in the quicksand
The world goes blind
When we stand up then we get banned
At least we stay alive

Na Na Na Na Na Na
La La La

When we stand up then we get banned
But at least we stay alive

Written, Performed and Produced by Johnny Punish