GT RADIO: The Secret Path to Successful Family Finance

GT Radio Welcomes Family and Marriage Success Advocate Steve Cooper on to discuss Marriage and Money Success


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Family Fundamentals – Talking about the Foundation of Wise Personal Finance with Steve Cooper from The Love Safety Net in Australia

The average family’s security is currently under extreme stress.  It’s time to explore the path forward for young families to win the future.  In lieu, host Johnny Punish welcomes Steve Cooper to GT Radio to shed light on getting the yellow brick road of success.

Steve and Kim Traveling the Road to Personal and Financial Success Together

Steve Cooper

Steve and his life wife, the world-renowned author Kim Cooper, have worked hard over the years to develop content that hopefully inspires families to focus on what they call Family Fundamentals.

Their content encourages husbands and fathers (or wives if they are more of the leader in the family) to complete a fundamental analysis of their family’s systems of governance that assesses the security of their assets;

* Which Includes * emotional well-being and meaning in their lives and start working towards getting their families governance structure SHIPSHAPE.

For example:

“Does their family have a decision-making process in place –a process that all members have agreed upon– of how resources are purchased and allocated?”

If you search the internet on how to set up a business or corporation, you will receive lots of detailed and highly professional advice. Search for how to build a family, and you will get a lot of vague, unstructured platitudes, such as ‘Communicate and make sure you spend time together’.

Getting your family fundamentals in place can certainly be overwhelming. Like most people who establish their own business, getting solid fundamentals in place often takes years.

To get started it can be helpful to arrive at a ‘mission statement’ or purpose of the family staying strong and united.

For example:

“To produce excellence in providing emotional and physical security and stability for all family members, including a home where we get to eat, rest, enjoy companionship, and take care of our personal needs.”

Or once children have grown up and moved out, it might be more like,

“To produce excellence in providing emotional and physical security and stability for all family members, including supporting each other to reach our full potential.”

Kim and Steve are GenX – they were reliably told that working hard in paid employment would allow us to retire comfortably but that old advice isn’t looking so good. It is rapidly becoming an outdated approach.  Families need to get to their financial freedom through cooperation and a shared vision.

Steve and Kim Cooper Resources

  • ‘The Family Fundamentals resources are accessible on The Love Safety Net
  • Kim Cooper on Substack:  “From the Looking Glass” and “The Love Saftey Net Workbook” have been updated and are now in the paid subscriber section