SUCCESS: The problem is the word "problem"


Replace the word “problem” with “challenge” and watch your world change!

by Johnny Punish

Have you ever noticed that respected politicians and business folk use the word “problem” a lot?  You know….. “The problem is this….. and the problem is that…” blah blah blah!

Have you ever noticed that you use the word “problem” a lot?

Well, guess what? You may be falling into the negative trap that ensures that you will always have a “problem”.   I mean, we as a culture have been conditioned to see and have “problems” when in fact we have challenges to meet.

What do I mean?

Well, try this very small and easy-to-deploy technique;  just replace the failure word “problem” with the empowering word “challenge”.   It is that simple!  Really! Try it!  It is super easy yet will change your world.  I would only steer you right so….do it!

Once you use the word “challenge” then you will change the dynamic from unsolvable to possible. I mean, by saying the word “challenge” you open it all up; not only for you but for those in your circle of influence.

So the next time you hear government and business leaders use the word “problem”, tell them to replace the word with “challenge’ and watch how everything changes forward.

Look, life is tough enough as it is already ….so let’s together meet this challenge and make the world a better place!  Deal?