By Johnny Punish

Yesterday, at a high-end Vienna Coffee House I had coffee and the famous SacherTorte cake with 2 High Level UNITED NATIONS reps who are stationed here in Vienna. They asked me if I thought PALESTINIANS had a future. My short answer was NO.

I politely asked them “Who is going to stop the US/ISRAELI AXIS of EVIL?”.  And then I said “The U.N.?”. They just shook their heads and admitted the U.N. is toothless against the US/ISRAELI and everyone knows it.  At the U.N., they know they’re impotent.  They are frustrated.  They are embarrassed.

Another U.S. President says he wants a 2 two-state solution. Boss Bibi said NO. Case closed! US has NO power over their overlords whilst the American taxpayer suffers the indignity of being an unwilling party to Genocide and Ethnic Cleaning, stuck with the label “Monsters” against their will.

However, all is NOT lost, not yet. Hear me out!

Historically, The Zionist Dominated West has been indoctrinating its populations on this issue for decades up decades. The ZIONIST propaganda has permeated US corporate media and has been very effective in labeling the native peoples as “terrorists” allowing for ethnic cleansing because they are “NON-HUMAN”.

As we all know, to engage in state-sponsored mass murder, a state must label a population NON-HUMAN so that their killing machines can do the work with cheerful support from their manipulated populations and limited pushback from the few enlightened that remain.

And of course, ethnic cleansing is NOT unique to Zionist Israel. Historically, the lovely institution has been used to replace weaker populations with stronger ones. Many argue it is a necessary tool for evolution and survival of the fittest.

The English were notorious for it on Turtle Island, now known as America, against the native populations. Same with the Spanish in the Americas. Over 100 million natives were erased!

Before The Serial Mass Murdering Psycho Killer Christopher Columbus sailed his invasion forces West, there were over 100 million human beings on Turtle Island, aka, The Americas.

Turtle Island is a name for Earth or North America, used by some Indigenous peoples, as well as by some Indigenous rights activists. The name is based on a creation story common to several Indigenous peoples of the Northeastern Woodlands of North America.  Source: Wiki

In this case, the ethnic cleansing of Palestine process began over 100 years ago. starting with Herzl’s Wet Dream, The Balfour Declaration of 1917, etc…

The ZIONISTS are trying to close it out in 2024 and finally rid the lands of Native peoples and replace them with their European peoples. Their hard-liners believe this is their moment to do it. They are being very public about it. However, the PALS are not cooperating and the world is watching!

In fact, in 2024, the newly connected world is NOT buying their dirty sales pitch. However, who is going to stop them? Does the world have leverage over the US/ISRAELI AXIS OF EVIL? I mean these war criminals have all the guns. So normally I would say “NO”. The world is toothless, impotent! Might is Right always wins! So yeah, The PALS are doomed!

Sky Woman (1936), by Seneca artist Ernest Smith, depicts the story of Turtle Island.

But in 2024, it’s very possible that WE CAN STOP THEM.

This is the internet age. I would like to think if the NAZIs tried to murder millions in their Concentration Camps, we NET warriors would have exposed them way before they completed their horrific crimes against humanity.

Can we stop the US/ISRAELI War Criminals? Time will tell!

Free Palestine!