ISRAELI OCCUPATION: What’s It Really Like To Visit Palestine as a Palestinian?

See The UGLY TRUTH about Occupation!


by Johnny Punish

Look, there are many youtube videos of Americans and Europeans entering Israel and Palestine for travel and tourism. Most say how much fun they had and how wonderful everyone is….and that would be relatively true regardless of how many checkpoints the Israelis put you through.

However, try being a Palestinian who is living in another country or has become a citizen of another country and just wants to visit family either in the West Bank or Gaza and the experience is far different.

For example, take a young Nidal BulBul born in Gaza. He had his leg “blown off” in an attack, mostly likely by an Israeli armament. He was taken to an Israeli hospital where they removed his leg. He was sent to Germany to get a new prosthetic leg. The German government allowed him to stay. He learned German and eventually became a citizen with a German Passport. 8 years on, he was the proud owner of a successful coffee shop in Berlin.

But Nidal wanted to visit his family in Gaza. He has many brothers and sisters there along with his mom and dad. This was his dream. So he took a big chance and made the tough decision to make the journey.

So he flew to Amman and attempted to cross the King Hussein bridge whereby the Israeli Occupiers who control the border told him he could NOT cross as a German with his German passport. Instead, they stamped his German password with a special Palestinian ID so that he could NEVER enter as a German; think of it as NAZI-ESQUE GOLD STAR OF DAVID that is sewn into his passport.

Anyways, they sent him back to Amman Jordan where they told him to apply for a special permit and wait. So he did and waited.

Finally, he got word that they would let him pass to Gaza. But they told him he would have to take a special bus that went direct to Gaza, with no stops. And when he asked for an exit visa from Gaza, the Israeli’s told him NO; that he would have to apply for an exit Visa and they could NOT guarantee he would be allowed to leave.

He called him them out and said so you’re imprisoning me in Gaza? You are giving me a choice to either stay out and be relatively “free” or go visit my mom and dad and most likely never let out of Gaza? Of course, the Israelis have no empathy or sympathy for him because he’s a Palestinian; an indigenous person with no rights! A Prisoner!

And so, yeah, maybe Israel is a lovely place to visit if you’re NOT Palestinian. But if you are, well……not so much.

And that’s the reality of this world.

The Israeli’s had a grotesque existence where they rule by guns and oppression and punish innocent people because they are truly UNWILLING to make peace with their neighbors.  Instead, they play the blame game wearing a grotesque Victim Suit while they put a gun to these people’s heads every day controlling what they eat, their energy, and their ability to earn and care for their families.

It is truly grotesque.


There has got to be a better way forward for Israelis and Palestinians!  The kids deserve so much better than their grandparents are providing them.  In fact, it’s in the kids where I put my hope.  I have given up on the parents!  Their jaundiced 20th-century vision has failed every child in Israel and Palestine!

Source: Rumble

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  1. Good video! More people need to realize that the Jews serve Satan and mean misery and death to everyone else. Jesus, very God and very man, told them to their faces that their “traditions”, their Talmud, was counter to the law of God. Different millennium, different century, but the same spirit runs in the descendants of those Jews.
    They believe that only they even have a soul, the rest of us are to be exploited, used, and slaughtered as the Jews wish. 9/11 was a classic example of Jews dancing for joy at the successful demolition of the World Trade Center and the agonizing burning crushing deaths of some 3,000 “Goyim.”

  2. And what about Ukraine. Russia was given a choice. Let NATO take over Ukraine and Crimea thereby setting up a NATO base in Crimea and threatening Russia and Belorussia from the south or fight by destroying Ukraine’s military force and making Ukraine neutral. Either way the Jews win. The Khazarian Jews count Ukraine as the part of the world they initially came from. I have read that Zelensky said that he was going to make Ukraine a second homeland for the Jews. What better way than to eliminate the Ukrainian army as protection for Ukraine in addition to large swaths of the population who have migrated to EUrope and Russia and then just start moving in. This way they let the Russians do the dirty work that they had to do in Palestine. Then they can start with their Ukrainian Gaza and West Bank and eliminate the remaining Ukrainian people like they are trying to do to the Palestinians. Think they can’t do it? What have all of those condemnations issued by the UN or any other country done.

  3. Zionism is EVIL! Zionism is the Curse of Mankind and the Curse of Jews around the World! Down with Zionism! TIKKUN OLAM! Peace! Salam! MIR! Shalom!