Congratulations America, it’s one year after Trump’s attempted coup and the institution of Democracy is still with us.  But truly, it’s now very clear how close the USA came to living under Chairman Trump and his dream of a one party autocracy.

And it got me thinking.  Where does Donald Trump stand in history?  A great man?

For me, my opinion of Trump has gotten worse, far worse.

Before his attack on Democracy, I had him in the bottom 10 of US Presidents, certainly well above James Buchanan and Andrew Johnson, both of whom wholeheartedly deserved their bottom standings; the first gave us the U.S. Civil War 1860 and the latter, gave us 100 years of Jim Crow laws, just after our greatest US President Abe Lincoln.

But Trump takes the cake now all by himself!

His seriously dangerous and democracy crashing attempted coup on Jan. 6th puts him solely at the very bottom of U.S. Presidents, passing both Buchanan and Johnson by far.

And now, one year later, this psychotic dangerous lunatic is still pushing his Big Lie, stealing hard-earned money from those Americans who still breath this horrible con-man’s ether, putting him in the rarest of air, alone at the very top as THE WORST AMERICAN IN HISTORY!

What say you? Do you agree with this assessment? Disagree?
History is calling so chime in!



  1. No! As terrible as President Trump was for the nation, he and his coterie of like minded scum were outdone in orders of magnitude by President Woodrow Wilson. First, Wilson racially segregated the offices of the federal government in the nations capitol. What a terrible thing to do. Then, Wilson signed into law the so called Federal Reserve Act which gave control of the US currency to a group of parasitical bankers who have since bled the nation and exercised outsized influence over governance of our fair Nation. Then, three years later, Wilson took the US into a European War that was none of our business though the bankers had intense interest. Had Wilson kept us out of WW1 the nearly exhausted European belligerents would have had to come to some kind of a negotiated peace. Wilson sent a million fresh troops to Europe which of course turned the tide and put the victorious French and British governments in a position to impose draconian peace terms on Germany. Nearly all the horrors of the 20th Century had their genesis in these peace terms which were a direct result of Wilson taking the US into WW1. Trump was a piker compared to the arrogant enabler of mass murder Wilson.

  2. Well, I consider that he just joined the “post 9/11” cadre of Presidents.
    The JFK Assassination Records coverup crew.
    Face it. We are flooded with evil Presidents of late.

  3. You have made a strong case.
    So, our recent Presidents are less bad than Wilson?
    “Welcome to how the World really works”

  4. Yes, it is not even close. Trump is by far the worst mainly because of his product, but also because of his family and others around him that he chose or fired or both. He fired good people and hired bad people. His wife ripped up the Rose Garden. His children pilfered the taxpayer and stole money from their own charity. He destroyed our agriculture, and gave police the order to bonk our heads as they stuff us in patrol cars. He ordered unmarked police to kidnap people off the street. His bigotry and buffoonery will be talked about for decades and decades. The Insurrection is his product. He attacked his own people.

  5. Taking into consideration, the position of our country at the time, and what the possibilities were, and entanglements, Wilson invigorated the voting public to unify compared to Trump.
    The tone and tenor with which my grandfathers WW1 helmet was given to me, was not one of embarrassment.
    Much is made of the banks, and what I see is, not enough is made of the religions that accomplished twice as much as the banks for foreign invaders of the US.
    They like to say, give me control of money and I care not about the government, but religion says,…. give me 1 hour with the people each week, control of their time, and I care not about bankers or government. Then they cut a deal with the bankers and the government.

  6. Trump injected religion, and prosperity mob like philosophy into our culture that is going to take many years to clean up. The Hand Maids Tale was given a seat. If Trump was in his fifties like Wilson he would be a major problem or dead.
    During Wilson, war powers were still in Congress. During Trump assassination was a giddy thing they did over drinks and blowjobs.

  7. No question everyone since Raegun is an a hole. But of those, Trump is uniquely bad and we haven’t had tons of presidents, we are a young country.
    If we keep the vote clean, we keep the experiment. If we allow fair elections to be overturned with politics, then the entire thing is lost.
    Bush is the close second to Trump as worst ever, others are arguable, but the position and tenuous nature of the situation has to be taken into account. We just finished 20 years of stupid wars and are being assaulted on many fronts from original foreign invaders. Losing the integrity of voting would be a death blow . Finality. If we be men, then we fix and repair it all, and not throw it to mice in wolves clothing. We fight for who we disagree with, not against them, here. And last I checked, we do not leave brothers or sisters behind either. Religions leave people behind, not me or the people I fight with. Freedom tastes good, hardly anyone tries it.

  8. Perhaps Trump was influenced by the movie “V for Vendetta”, and considered himself to be perfect for the role of ‘High Chancellor’, capable of running a Neo-Fascist government, and police state.
    The UK and Europe even suffered their very own ‘St Mary’s virus’.
    Interestesting similarity.
    There is a lesson here for every country, “the people should not be afraid of their Government, the Government should be afraid of the people”. Obviously without a repeat of Jan 06 !

  9. I’m forty-seven years young…and Donald Trump was the single best, most effective President in my lifetime. Why? He disrupted the status quo…which is corrupt beyond the comprehension of most folks, who are generally honest and can not wrap their heads around “The Big Lie” that Goebbels advocated. What does it say when you are “well-adjusted” to a criminally insane society? America fell a long, long time ago…and the final nail in its coffin was the murder of JFK, which STILL goes unpunished to this day. 9/11 was another set-piece performed by many of the same players…like the Bush crime family. These days, I laugh at many of the articles on VT because they are obvious propaganda hit pieces rather than attempts to educate and inform the public…not all, but far, far too many for my liking. Journalistic integrity? Does such a thing even exist in Amerika any more? I wonder…but I still enjoy reading Johnny Punish’s articles.

  10. Certainly Trump is a worse traitor than even Benedict Arnold. There was no United States, or constitution during Arnold’s treachery, only a confederation of former colonies, and a cause. Arnold lost the faith; Trump never had it, and has been a lie his entire life.

  11. It’s so easy to spot a Hasbara, they are the only ones that are still defending Donald “Israel First” Trump.

  12. Dear John——–Fluoridated cattle unable to access twin hemispheric processor from within their barren and polluted industrial wasteland——

  13. Ok, Hasbara Cyber Terrorist, you’ve had your fun for the day.
    This is what Hasbara Cyber Terrorist do: They are paid to disrupt conversations.
    VT must drive them crazy because they can’t just delete posts they don’t like. I am sure they report VT to the ADL hourly!
    On other comment sections they “bury” posts they don’t like!
    They consider any post that criticizes Donald “Israel First” Trump
    to be “anti-Semitic”
    Oh, how the Hasbara/IDF so desperately need Donald “Israel First” Trump to be president again.

  14. “Wilson sent a million fresh troops to Europe which of course turned the tide and put the victorious French and British governments in a position to impose draconian peace terms on Germany.”

    The Versailles Treaty was written by two US lawyers, the Dulles Brothers, one of whom, Allen, later became S.o.S. What did Trump do to match that?
    To my mind the People who cooked up the Federal Reserve scam, were orders of magnitude worse Americans than Trump. He was also, IMHO, vastly less damaging than the crew who cooked up 9/11 and the wars that followed. He certainly killed fewer.