I did the numbers and found his real plan for 2024.

First, 81,268,924 Americans did NOT vote for that piece of shit in 2020. His Jan. 6 attempted coup guarantees he will NEVER get even one of them to vote for him. Gone! But 74,216,154 Americans did vote for America’s greatest SORE LOSER in 2020 and so he will get some of those votes.  But how many and will it be enough to win?

Well, a year removed from the Trump loss in 2020, most polls now say that 66% of Republican voters believe Trump’s Big Lie; that’s 48,982,661 voters.  Yes, these voters are still inhaling his toxic con man ether and believe his Big Lie even after tons of court cases and audits demonstrated not only no serious evidence of fraud to turn the election but that 2020 was the cleanest fairest election in history.  This weird situation proves that evidence and facts mean nothing to these Trump voters.  They are buyers no matter what!  So yeah, that’s 49 million cult members that, as of now, will stand with this anti-democracy demagogue

No matter, for now, let’s concede that, if the election was held today, these voters remain on The Big Lie Trump Train.

Ok, so what do we got?  That’s 81 million votes for the Democrat and just 49 million for Trump.  That’s not even close to victory.   That’s a huge loss

Ok, so what about the other 25 million Trump voters from 2020?  Will he get them back?

No way!  They don’t believe him.  They know The Big Lie was a scam.  And so they will be forced into asking themselves tough questions about putting a man before their country or the country before one crooked man.

Look, it’s likely these folks do NOT support Democratic Party platforms. Mostly they sided with Trump policies. But now, they are most likely NOT in the Trump Con ether or as many clinically and rightfully call it, The Cult.

They are out and ready to think for themselves.  They do NOT allow Trump to tell them what to think or believe. They question.

In this case, I believe most will sit on the sidelines.  They won’t be able to vote Democrat because that party’s values do NOT match their own.  Yet, a vote for Benedict Arnold Trump is a bridge way too far and will clash with their sense of the country.

Trump Lost! He still cannot accept it! Sore Loser

So where does that leave Trump 2024?

Well, it actually gets even worse.  You see, over the next 3 years, many more of 49 million cult member Trump voters will fall out of love with their Trump Jesus.  They will slowly come to realize the extent of this con and feel really bad that they bought in.

In fact, most of us, in our lifetime, will get conned. It’s our nature to trust. And sadly, Confidence Men have existed since day 1 to take our trust and abuse it for their own self-interest. It’s nothing new. What is new is that Trump is now the greatest con man to ever live. There have been some biggies but this guy takes the prize.  We have never seen a con this big ever!

No matter, Trump’s horrific self-centered terrible divisive destructive psychotic behavior will eventually dawn on many of these well-intentioned folk.

So how many of them will “Come back to Jesus?” 10%, 20%, 50%? Whatever that number it just piles on to the reality that…


….unless he commits massive fraud or just stages another coup.  He simply does NOT have the numbers

So the popular vote will be something like 100 million for the Democrat and maybe a max of 50 million for this jerk, tops!  The real number will probably be 40 to 45 million.  That’s not good enough.  Even with all the VOTER restricting laws passed by the GOP in states they control, those numbers are way too large of a deficit to overcome their horrible attempt at disenfranchisement of voters that are most likely not going to vote Republican.

So voters that cannot vote for Democrats yet are fully aware of the criminality and abuse of Democracy by Donald Trump will be forced to either sit out the vote or vote for a criminal who abused our collective Democracy and attempted to overthrow a duly elected government?

They will reject Trump.  They have to!  So the majority of these voters most likely will stand with the USA and not one demagogue who childishly claims “I alone can fix it”.  I say Trump gets only 20% of this group max! The other 80% will run away from him.  He won’t get their vote.

Trump is cashing on his BIG LIE keeping the dream alive for his vulnerable supporters just enough so they can send him $$$$ millions, a true cash cow

So does TRUMP know this fact?

Well, of course, he does!  He’s no idiot!

I have heard many say Trump is an idiot. OMG, that’s so far from reality. He’s actually a super-smart shrewd psychotic sociopath; a very dangerous man. He just has NO moral compass to guide him through the maze of decisions.  So it’s transactional.  Nothing anyone can count on.

So yeah, he can shoot anyone for any reason. He literally does NOT care about Democracy or the values of the United States of America.  He only cares if he wins the game.  And he does it by any means necessary and that makes him super dangerous.

I mean, is that NOT the definition of a psychotic sociopath?

So how do I know?  What makes me Mr. Expert!  I mean, I am not Dr. Punish.

But here’s the kicker, I do know.

You see before Con Man Trump, there was Con Man Punish’s Dad. Yep, I was raised by a New York Sicilian Con Man. In his time, he was called THE LEGEND. He ran the streets of New York and Las Vegas stealing from everybody. I was a front-row witness to all the scams. It was an incredible way to learn lessons on how to be a loser and a very unusual childhood to boot. So let’s just say I am street smart OK.

But fugettabout the streets already. Let’s go deeper here.

In my view, based on Trump’s actions over the years, I would call him absolute Machevellian (see The Prince by Niccolo Machiavelli). No doubt about it.

And more, he clearly studied Adolf Hitler (now don’t make ignorant silly cartoon comments please. But if you really know Nazi history, yes, comment, and let’s engage). There is NO doubt he studied Hitler’s rise, takeover, and tactics. So pretending Sore Loser Trump is a buffoon is really stoopid. Don’t do it.

To touch back on Hiter, there is a difference between Hitler and Trump.

Hitler actually did overthrow the Weimar Republic. He burned down its Congress (Reichstag). Trump attempted to overthrow the election and take power. But he failed. His miscalculation was believing he could do exactly what Hitler did against Weimar in 1933.  That was then.  This is now.  The dynamics are not the same.

In fact, The United States of America, the greatest Republic in history still stands, bruised and in pain, yes. But still standing tall with a terrible limp caused by the weight of 50 million citizens still knawing at its democratic legs pretending they are doing it a favor by imposing Trump on the will of the people.

So what is Trump’s real 2024 strategy?

Well, he’s making $$$ millions right now pretending he’s running. 

Wow right? Those 50,000,000 cult members are sending him massive amounts of cash to do whatever he wants. It’s his biggest cash cow ever.

So yeah, he is milking and will continue to milk that blind cow till the very end; until he cannot. It’s his last con move before he hits the wheelchair stage of life at the Trump Nursing Home paid for by The Nazi Proud Boys for Fascism.

Of course, all of this as Georgia, New York, and the DOJ zero in on him for his crimes.  So this whole exercise may be mute within the next 12 months.

Nevertheless, I am very sure he really believes he will get away with all of it.  I mean, his Gotti-esque arrogance based on 70 plus years of getting-away-with-it is understandable and makes him Mister Indestructible, above the law, the real Teflon Don!

So yeah, of course, he believes he will skate again.  This guy is a rare breed who has never been held accountable for his own personal actions.

Trump studied Hitler, read Mein Kampf, and used his takeover playbook. The problem was this is NOT 1933 and Trump is nowhere near as ruthless and skilled as Adolf Hitler.

So Where is Trump in 2024?

My guess is that, in 2024, he’s somewhere on one of his golf courses in Scotland or Russia laughing all the way to the bank! Because that’s the con folks! While you look left they are going right! That’s how it works!  If it gets too hot, he’s gone, out of the country.  He does NOT love the USA.  He loves Trump!  Period!

So yeah, unless, like Gotti, his last case puts him in jail to die like the miserable worthless poorest man in America that he actually is, Trump will be gone from US shores swimming in his loot taken from the vulnerable.  America will continue on as a representative republic and justice?  Well, at least he will be gone from the landscape and maybe that’s the best anyone can hope for when there is a rabid animal in one’s midst.  Just get it outta here!

But it’s not over yet!   This is going to be another fun 12 months!  Anything can happen! Stay Tuned.


Watch the above video. Trump endorses a Senator and then calls him nasty immature names like a petulant kid because the Senator told his voters the truth that Trump is completely full of shit; that the Big Lie is NOT true!

So yeah, THE WORST AMERICAN in the HISTORY OF THE USA trash talks a Senator who tells the truth about his BIG LIE?  “That’s Gold Jerry! Gold!” Signed, Kenny Bania, Comedian on Seinfeld

Trump is such a dick!

Check out SORE LOSER by me, Johnny Punish

BTW, my videos are on YouTube but they ban me from earning money on 100% of my videos.  Instead, they take all the revenue from themselves.  So this Johnny not impressed with them.  Instead, I am now posting my vids on Vimeo.

So yea, Google’s YouTube?  Not feeling the love!  I mean, scamming artists is NOT cool

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  1. Think back to August of 2001, Johnny. How many Americans thought that invading Afghanistan was a good idea? A month later, 80% of Americans were all for the invasion, not only of Afghanistan but 6 other Muslim nations as well. What changed everything was the false-flag attack on the USA that happened on 9/11/01.

    Bannon-style Christo-fascism will come the the USA in the same way. Expect Israel to stage a 9/11-style false-flag attack on the USA, this time blamed on Iran, or Russia, or China, who knows? 40 million US Christian Zionists have a collective hard-on for Armageddon. They pray that WWIII will happen soon.

  2. Trump will likely never do jail time. He is smarter than the Teflon Don. It’s always about timing when running a con. He’ll probably know when to fold um. It is amazing that this cartoonish NYC hustler got this far. The best outcome for the USA is that he gets nailed by a falling piano coming out of Trump Towers. Karma is a strange bedfellow.

  3. The tax returns are coming. The archives are coming. The trials of the more violent insurrectionists are coming. It is a year of information. The worst nightmare of any con man.
    All who hitch their wagon, go over the cliff with him. A batch of cowardly adolescent tyrants, racists and fascists. Doing “better than trump” however, is a very low bar for the US.

  4. “Trump is now the greatest con man to ever live. There have been some biggies but this guy takes the prize. We have never seen a con this big ever!”
    That’s saying a mouthful.
    You are right in that the Trump long con was probably some kind of record setter, but was it really his con?

    There was never a con-artist promoted by the oligarchs the way Trump was, that’s for sure.

    America has produced more con-men than any other nation in history, and many, if not most were far better at it than Trump..

    Trump obviously had to have had something other than a good head start to blaze the trail he followed.

    There was something there that made the puppet masters keep pulling his strings.
    Maybe it was how easily the “great” con-man could be manipulated and played into being the chump.
    Feed his ego and his bank account long enough and tell him he’s a superman, and he leaps into any outrageous situation believing he’s the only one who can pull it off.
    But really good con-artists are never found out.
    And if they’re as ambitious as Trump was, they might go down in history as heros, not Trumps.

  5. These days In a democracy Presidents and Prime Ministers come two a penny. Non is better than the one before or will be after. The same goes for the rest of the elected bodies. Money rules. Thanks to the Bankes and bankers