Voting for U.S. President Still Stuck in the 1700’s

U.S. Democracy Held Hostage By Its Past


14 years ago there was a documentary called “Gerrymandering” that exposed the industry of exploitation by US politicians and parties to insure they would win elections in areas of country where, under normal fair election maps, they would lose.

This bi-partisan sharp documentary argued that the shady process of gerrymandering (politicians carving up districts in order to maintain power) makes a mockery of democracy—with confirmation from both sides of the political divide.  It was a wake-up call that was answered by everyone hitting the snooze button.

Fast forward to 2024 and we still have the hidden truth of U.S. redistricting wars and battles taking place outside of public scrutiny that shape the electoral landscape of American politics.  Voter suppression is a real thing. It is pathetic and poses a real threat not just to democrats and republicans, but democracy as a whole.

And so it got me thinking again about…

What’s wrong with US Election Processes?

I mean, clearly the country does NOT want BIDEN vs. TRUMP 2.0 but, in 2024, that is what the country is offering up its populace.

If the USA were like the modern democracy in Mexico, neither one would be eligible to run.  In fact, Mexico only allows a 1 six-year term for its President.  That’s it!  That’s the law!  If USA had this law, Trump would have been over and retired from politics back in 2020.  And Biden would be over in 2024 giving the USA a new generation of leaders with new visions that can keep up with the times in our globalized world.  Instead, we have this ridiculous situation.

Fun Fact:  Today in Mexico, the upcoming election is now between two new young energetic politicians; both women. And so Mexico is set to have its first women president.  The USA?  It is set to have its oldest President ever!  Stuck in the past!

So I ask you…

  • Why, with all of our new world modern communication connections, does USA still use pathetic antiquated systems?
  • What the heck is an Electoral College?  It was created over 237 years ago in 1787 by men who went to work riding horses in a world where they used whale oil to light up their night lamps and thought the moon was made of cheese
  • Why is America still living in the past and not using technology to be leaders in the 21st century?

I mean from this ridiculous gerrymandering thing to the antiquated Electoral College process, why must Americans who basically invented the friggin’ internet have to put up with all of this garbage?  It’s very strange.

With no professors and very few cheerleaders, the Electoral College is one of the most obscure colleges in America. But it has complete control over who leads the most powerful nation in the world. It’s the Electoral College, which reemerged from obscurity to play a pivotal role in the selection of George W. Bush, 43rd President.  It is stupid!

In 2016, it was exposed as ridiculous when Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by over 3,000,000 votes yet lost the election to Donald Trump because he won the Electoral College leaving the whole world asking “What?”!   It just did NOT make any sense at all to people who understand Democracy as the one with the most votes wins!

Vote Democracy DemocrazyHaving such an old antiquated system when TV’s American Idol is voting instantly for its winners seems very strange; as if we’re democratically living in the 1700s while the rest of the world is competing in this new century.

The Electoral College, in this age, makes no cents and is insulting to every American who votes.

You know this is century-old debate over whether the Electoral College should go to the scrap heap or not is a very strong reminder that the USA is losing its ability to compete in the 21st Century political world living it vulnerable to breakdown.  And with a Congress that literally does nothing and there is no light shining from within that can save the day.

Clearly, the USA need a paradigm shift in thinking if its’ going to rise from it’s past and win the future again.

Granted, to repeal the Electoral College system would require a constitutional amendment passed.  And with this latest failed Congress, maybe I am dreaming of a new America that is NOT even on the table.  But someone needs to say it.

I mean, we gotta start somewhere!

I would love to see a day where the USA every citizen was automatically registered to vote, it was easy to vote and the popular vote elected the USA President who only can serve 1 term for 6 years;  no more perpetual campaigning forcing them to actually do the job instead of always auditioning for the next term.  Wouldn’t that be a good place to be?

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