Trump Jesus Mocks the Real Jesus at Phony Prayer Breakfast

Phony Evangelical Christian "Leaders" Cheer and Laugh when their Trump Jesus mocks Jesus Christ of Nazareth


MSNBC host Joe Scarborough discusses President Trump’s remarks at Thursday’s National Prayer Breakfast and why he says Trump mocked the words of Jesus Christ and got away with it.

Historian Jon Mechen explains how phony Evangelical Christians have replaced Jesus Christ of Nazareth with their Trump Jesus

It’s so outrageous that …just watch and listen to the video.  Warning, it’s past anger.  It will just make you very sad.


  1. I saw those remarks. It was utterly inappropriate and disgusting! The deep monotone of his voice (“I don’t like people who say “I’m praying for you…”) had me convinced he is a complete psychopath driven by vengeful pride. It’s hard to fathom anyone supporting that behavior.

  2. Read the Wikipedia article Trump Tower: Trump first promised to save the decorative art work and grill from the BonWit Teller building his tower would replace but later reneged on that promise and destroyed them instead or likely sold them for a hefty profit. Penelope Hunter-Stiebel, a curator at the Metropolitan Museum of Art even rode by and offered to buy them but was refused.
    Also read how he shafted poor Polish workers out of pay for over 20 years using his MO of legal tyranny to tie them up in corrupt courts for decades. He tried to keep it all secret so others would not know how evil an expletive deleted he really is. Even judges died during this long period.
    Donald Adolph is from New York but is so ignorant he does not even know the meaning of the Statue of Liberty! Obviously every institution and every teacher from parents to school teachers to authorities all dismally failed to instill any ethical boundaries in this worthless piece of human garbage from New York. He has no scruples; his GOD is MONEY. Shame on him and shame on all those in New York who failed to instill in him any values of ethics or personal responsibility or respect of others or history.