SHORT ANSWER IS A PSYCHO TRUMP YES!  A Trump Civil War is Coming and this whole thing is going to end up badly…

Very Bad News folks! We had a chance to avoid civil war but now it’s too late.

Before I explain why please allow me to say I truly hope I am so wrong here. I will be super glad to eat my words and throw this educated premonition down the toilet.  I mean, for the children’s sake, I hope that, by the end of the year, something can change the collective trajectory that will cause us to avoid this collision.

But as of now, there is NOTHING on the horizon that is steering this badly sinking ship away from civil war. All the signs are pointing toward a violent ugly clash. It’s just a matter of time now.  We are just one Trump spark away from civil war!

The seeds of this started long before Donald Trump showed up.

We can point to the Telecommunications Act of 1996 which changed the landscape of media allowing profiteers to engage in propaganda that has now pushed it so far over the ledge that there is no coming back. It’s completely broken. No fix in sight!  The media slowly took sides and then became full propaganda machines profiteering off the people who trusted them.

Fast forward to the perfect man to lead the charge to a new civil war; Donald J. Trump.  Yes, what a guy indeed!  This mentally ill very sick man has used every tool in the sociopath book to finally break the USA in half.  And he could care less!  He wants this! And he will get it too! And so will all of us.

Sadly, many Democrats did get how dangerous this situation was but it’s too late now.  The battle lines have been drawn.  All that remains is a spark to light the fire.

It took the Democrats too long to understand the depravity of this very sick mentally ill person. He is pure evil and they tried to treat him like a normal person. He was never normal. He’s always been sick. People who know told us that!

But, take it from a combat-wounded scared expert who has successfully dealt firsthand with a very sick violent sociopath…it is just hard for normal hard hard-working people to deal with the complete vacancy of character and conscience of a true sociopath.  So they do get a pass. They just did not understand the true vacancy of this lunatic until it was too late.  The monster lives!

Now, some do understand what’s going on here.

For example, I truly believe Presidential Candidate and self-made businessman Michael Bloomberg knows the real Donald Trump.  He knows we are in absolute danger. This explains why he is putting up his resources in every battleground state and, if not the nominee, he will donate those resources to the nominee to beat Trump. He knows this is it. This is NOT a time for jokesters!

At this point, I am NOT playing around either.

I like Bernie. Great guy! In a different place and time, I would vote for him. But this is NOT that time. A Bernie Presidency guarantees a Trump-led civil war and I would like to avoid it at all possible costs, if possible. If not, then so be it.  But we should try our very best…

Now to possibly fend off a Trump-led civil war, we need the absolute resources of a Bloomberg who is willing to be our Abraham Lincoln and save the country from this absolute monster. We need him to reach out to Trump voters and, with care and compassion, educate them away from the Trump cult.

So for me, I am NOT convinced that the other candidates can actually defeat the Trump Monster. I mean, they say they know what they are dealing with but do they?  Are they sure they understand the evil?  Are they really for all-out war!  Because Trump has already declared war!  And this group thinks this is an election just like every other.  It’s not!  This is already a war!

Based on his actions, I know Michael Bloomberg gets it. So instead of playing around with a “hope they get it”, we need the guy who has the political guns, ability, knowledge, and know-how to knock down the menace; to me that’s Bloomberg.  And yes, it’s because he has $ 50 billion more than that psycho!  He can buy things others can’t.  And he needs to do it too…

Like Bloomberg, if some other candidate gets the nod, I will stand by them as well…. and hope they get enough steed to step up and slay the dragon man.  But can the election of a Democrat to the Presidency stave off a civil war?

Well, it could but here’s what is going to happen…

Trump will get a solid 40%, maybe up to 45% of the vote. They will be rabid and very ugly voters. They will get super nasty.  Expect it.  But it won’t be enough because, this time, the non-Trump voters will unite behind a Bloomberg or whomever the nominee and they will win by 10,000,000 votes or more.

But that still won’t stop it. Why?

Let’s remember who were are dealing with here.

Again, Trump is a very sick man. 100% Psycho Trump will call the election a deep state fraud. Then Cadet Bonespurs the Coward will call on his followers to rise and fight back. And they will fight back! All it takes is one call from their savior and they will pick up their guns and pitchforks. This will happen. The USA is not immune to mob-ism!  So wake up!

The only question will be “are there enough of them to make it a full war?”. Or can the Democratic nominee, over the next 9 months, convince enough of them to get out of the ether, stay calm, and support a sane human being for President?  It’s an open question.

But here’s what we do know.

The phony powerful Evangelical Christians have already decided that Donald Trump is their deliverer. I know it’s delusional but that’s where they are at folks. It’s real to them. They believe the vulgarian perverted monster is coming to save Israel so that Jesus can come back to them and kill all the Jews so they, the delusional, will be saved. Yep, it’s real folks. Stop laughing. They are very serious and there are millions of these nutjobs running around among you. It was funny.  But it’s not funny anymore!

Add in all the White Supremacists, Bigots, and Nazi lovers and you have a full-fledged army of psychos ready to die for their Cadet Bonespurs Hero.

So there you go… you now have the signs.

But wait, there’s more…

Today, Donald Trump announced revenge for his impeachment. Col. Vindman, who spoke up in truth and under oath, was shown the door today with many more coming. Clearly, Herr Trump has started his own new updated version of Adolf Hitler’s Night of The Long Knives.


Face the facts! The Revenge Psycho is on and he ain’t’ turning off. This is what we all need to understand. He is truly sick. So stop pretending already. Stop giving him space to woo you.  It’s annoying, stupid, and dangerous.

This nutjob has ZERO intention of putting the country back together! ZERO! Are you listening to me yell “ZERO!”? Say it with me, ZERO! There you go… now we can have a serious conversation.

Now hear this loud and clear!

His followers don’t want Americans in their country. They want “their” people only. And they ALL already know who “they” are. If you don’t know that you are already one of them, then you’re not one of them okay!

They are perfectly happy living in their country with their Emperor. They don’t want “us” in their country. And nothing is going to change their minds. Nothing!

I know it is hard to admit that someone who you thought was decent does NOT want you in their home. But it’s true! But then again, we are dealing with openly racist, bigoted people who hate others who are NOT just like them. They live in their fear-hate bubble. Just accept it. It’s a lot easier to deal with you when you are living in reality, OK?

Now, where does that leave “us”?

Well, prepare for civil war! Trump will launch it the next day after Election 2020. It’s a virtual guarantee!

First off, the economy will tank big time as global investors run from the USA. All your assets will immediately drop in value. And then it gets worse because the consequences of violence can never be predicted.

Now if a guy like Bloomberg is successful, with our backing, it’s possible we can put down the rebellion safely and with as little loss of life as possible. And get the former Trump supporters into rehab. But if he is not successful and we cannot convince a big swath of Trump voters to calm down, then we are headed for a massive clash that will make the First Civil War, where 620,000 died with millions injured, seem like a drunken scuffle at the Bob’s Bowling Alley.

Who knows, maybe it’s better we just fight this out. Maybe they get their country of TrumpLandia fully walled in and protected from the world and we can get our liberal democracy that is inclusive and democratic. Or maybe, the USA is worth keeping together? I don’t know right now!  Does anyone?

Nevertheless, you have been notified! Pay attention! The signs are everywhere! Do NOT play games here! This is deadly real now! We are just one spark away from a complete breakdown. I truly hope I am wrong here. But, just in case, plan for the worst case Trump will not disappoint you. He’s that kind of sick power-drunk monster!

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  1. Yes. Those of us who are from New York were horrified when this predatory cartoon character Trump was elected. Bloomberg has a bucket load of evidence that would impeach that anti-Christ.

    But civil war? Nyet. Unless of course you are referring to a zombie apocalypse WALKING DEAD scenario, by the end of the year Americans will be the victims of their Khazarian Mobster president, not defending him.

  2. I am of the opinion Trump is chickenshit. He doesn’t want trouble – not with Iran, not with Ukraine. But his controllers, Pompeo & Bibi might, and just might give him ultimatums.

  3. The ghetto will burn as the rest of the country watches on tv. The Revolution won’t be televised as per Gil Scott Heron. The real revolt will be in responce to the financial collapse.

  4. There won’t be a civil war Mr Punish, America is heading for a Bolshevik style takeover instead.
    And it’s about 90% started. Govt, Internet, Media,Hollywood,religion,freedom of speech, gun control, Vaccines,
    Bio weapons. Zionism come to mind?

  5. Remember when the corrupt SC elected Bush during the Florida election controversy? Have we heard a peep from Bloomberg about Israel doing 9/11/01? no. Have we heard a peep from him about the
    Sandy Hook con to abridge Amendment 2? Following 9/11/01 Congress passed the obscene Patriot Act gang raping the Constitution. Instead of going to war Americans willingly surrendered their rights at airports all over the country thousands of times a day and even agreed to be exposed to cancer causing radiation to boot! Most American fools believe Muslims did 9/11/01 and Sandy Hook and Boston Bombing were real not fake. Most Americans are cowardly fools just like Donald Adolph Trump. But most Americans today are not the Americans of the South who went to battle with Dishonest Abe and Drunk Grant and Psychopath Sherman who killed over 1 million and plundered half the country for the totally illegal purpose of keeping the Union. Slavery was legal at the time. Today we are all slaves to corrupt US government and the surrender of Americans following 9/11/01 vividly proves it. Americans have surrendered at the trough. These cowards are not going to war for a little thing called Constitution. They are more interested in getting the car washed and watering the green lawn. America is gone if it ever was. How did the traitorous four star generals do “defending” America on 9/11/01? Did you observe any of those planes shot down by our great air force or “defense” system?

  6. Under NO Illusions here; fully aware of systemic challenges and reality.
    To me, best we can hope for is a president who is a figurehead for calm and unity; critical for society to be successful. This chaotic publicly reactionary one is driving wedges where none need to be causing horrible harm to unsuspecting families and society as a whole. A different “calm” President won’t wish away all the current ills infecting government but, at the very least, the average Joe Blow can go about their business in a society where daily chaos is not the norm and vulgarism NOT the followed ethos.

  7. Agree with your point; under NO Illusions here; fully aware. To me, best we can hope for is a president who is a figurehead for calm and unity; critical for society to be successful.

    A chaotic publicly reactionary one like this weirdo is driving wedges where none need to be causing horrible harm to unsuspecting families and society as a whole. A “calm” President won’t wish away all the current ills infecting government but, at very least, the average Joe Blow can go about their business in a society where daily chaos is not the norm and open insult vulgarism NOT the ethos of the day. We need a much better example for society.

    But sadly, u muricans are nothing but bunch of cowards who,s so spoilt that is incapable of wiping the own arse, without calling the police…
    So yeh nah, wishful thinking, but yer comfort is way too deer for u’s!
    but do ma(u)ck my words, one day, when eunited Eurasia(europe Russia n indo-china) will be colonising the space, US will be reliving The Mad Max scenarios!

  9. Anybody remember how Saturday Night Live used to make the most fantastic parody of G.W. Bush?

    Remember the time when GWB was at the DMZ in Korea and didn’t know in what end of the binnoculars to look?

    NOBODY is that dumb – the Joker was lauging at us for believing his travesty was true.

    A subtle wave of Obama passed because that’s the rhythm of the Order but it was no less a travesty.

    How much more slap stick can theater be more than Dubya and how much more pantomime can there be but for Bacon?