Breaking: USA Wins Gold Again in MASS SCHOOL SHOOTINGS!

USA also takes Silver and Bronze medals! Is there any other country competing in this terrible horrific category?


by Johnny Punish

Again, for the 200th time since Sandy Hook, USA has suffered under the darkest ugliest cloud of another school shooting and massacre. It was the 18th school shooting this year; that’s in last 45 days! Do the math folks! There is NO COUNTRY on planet earth that competes against the USA in this lovely category. USA is by far # 1. There is NO competition!

There is NO other equivalent to this phenomenon on planet earth. It’s a historic performance by team USA! USA dominates! Go USA! We’re #1.

Now, of course, today we are hearing from pandering politicians while they give their compulsory condolences. And I am sure many of you are posting “shock” on your social media again as usual. OK! Nice job!

But then again, tomorrow, these political whores will go back to their profiteering hovels, take the money from their bosses, look the other way and proceed to screw the American people again as usual. Business as usual folks! NOTHING WILL CHANGE because the powers don’t want it to change!

This is Murica where war profiteering, guns, indecency, incivility, and insult comics posing as president live and thrive. This is Murica where the average Joe is a slave to his job and feels helpless against such a terrible systemic vicious monster.

So while you ponder the massacre today, remember, Florida Senator Marco Rubio took $ 3,000,000 from the NRA. And so don’t expect him to do anything. He won’t! He can’t!

But he’s not alone! Most of the congress takes NRA money and worse! It’s the game and they are the winners.

The losers? Those kids who were murdered yesterday and before yesterday. And all those kids in the future that will be murdered by a system and culture gone truly insane! And by terrible association, we the people all lose!


  1. Here is a promise they can deliver. The 2nd amendment is useless, unless you have tanks, helicopters, and jets, missiles, and warships. The puny guns have no weight against the power of the state. In fact, if ever we the people, decided to revolt with arms, it would be over in hours. The spirit of the amendment, was to never allow superior firepower to the government. The thought process is stupid at this point.
    The “patriot act” allows the executive branch of federal government to control state guard units.
    Activism and unity is our best chance now. The threat assessment and accompanying solutions of the 2nd amendment do not apply in the favor of the people. Besides, we just need rifles to carry the same requirements as concealed carry. For crying out loud, drivers licenses are harder to get.

  2. Lets see what Kevin Barrett has to say on his weekly show, False Flag Weekly News, available to hear in New Zealand Sat mornings.

  3. Khalid, Have you been to Plano, Odessa, Sweetwater, Texarkana, Fort Stockton maybe ???
    I’m guessing not. A desert town in the middle of nowhere, with angry police that jack up strangers for walking through, is not a place to use as a scientific model for examination.
    Try Dallas, who begs us regularly from NY state to come and be police because they have pissed off everyone locally. Texas my ass. Been there done that. If you want a fair study, use large groups of towns or cities.
    If you an accurate study, use the US compared to other countries. War and Domestic crime.

  4. Your mind is already occupied. We know exactly what federal employees will do. They have been doing it consistently for centuries. All they need is Jesus. And the killing is easy.

  5. Rather than blame guns, mental health, lack of security, and other bogus excuses maybe we should look at what, and why. Such as our culture of war of perpetual war, and fear. Our news begins each day by attacking our senses. They wholesale fear and hate. Don’t leave the house you may get raped, murdered, or conteact the flu. The Russians did it. No, then it was definitly N. Korea. No? OK it

  6. It isn’t gun ownership. It’s cultural. The media wholesales death and fear 24/7. As do our politicians, defined by Webster as: 2a. a person engaged in party politics as a profession. b. often disparaging : a person primarily interested in political office for selfish or other short sighted reasons.
    You can add devious too. Democracy is government by mob.

  7. Hey Johnny America! Koresh was not a terrorist. You’ll never know what McVeigh was. Maybe ask Bill Clinton. He personally benefited when the Federal Building went down.