What a great game yesterday! Super fun event from top to bottom. So many good things to point out. But there is one thing that is NOT so great and blatantly incorrect, foolish and has no future. It’s not so much to do with the game as it is to do with our national conscience and correct mindset for our now and future success.

You see the National Football League (NFL) is NOT a world league. It’s a national league comprised of USA teams only! There is NOT one team outside the USA. The overwhelming majority of the players (99%) are USA-born and raised.

But yet, on cue, after the game, many of well-intentioned players, coaches, owners, announcers, analysts, and fans declared the Philadelphia Eagles “World Champions”.

World? What world? You mean National Champions or Super Bowl Champions right? World?

Declaring the winner of this U.S. National League a “world champion” is wrong both technically and incorrect.  Time’s up! It’s time to end this nonsense.

Leaders need to put an end to this exceptional arrogance. It may sound cute from the inside but, from the outside looking in, it’s bizarre at best. At worst, it’s openly arrogant and contemptuous confirming USA nationalism is simply out of control and beginning to hurt itself on the global stage.

Granted, if the US champion Eagles did play the best of all the countries or even a world all-star team, they would probably win because this is still uniquely a U.S. sport. Yes, of course, Canada and Mexico have their leagues and they are good. But they are nowhere near the level of competition as the much older and established NFL. But that’s not the point. The point is the NFL like MLB both declare the winners of their national leagues “World Champions” when, in fact, they are NATIONAL CHAMPIONS; plain and simple! (in MLB, they are national champions plus Toronto).

In our newly 21st-century connected world, the USA plays an important role. So we need it to begin the process of letting go of the antiquated 20th century golden age thinking and embrace the future and its important role in all of our lives; worldwide.

In other words, the USA needs to stop acting out with extreme arrogance. Innocent or not times up! We need to adjust!

I know some reading this will take offense. So please do! Make your comments below and explain why a National League of USA team is the world champion of anything. We need to call it correct!


BIG WINNER:  Corporate America!!!!

Their pro-humanity anti-racism commercials were world-class. Toyota stood highest with their ONE TEAM.

When weak sad feeble insult comic politicians exploit racism for political gain, they hurt every one of us. So I am super impressed Corporate America taking the lead; capitalism is at it’s best when it serves all its customers. A +

BIG WINNER!  Tom Brady!

He threw for 505 yards; the most in NFL Post-Season History! Till the last moment, the NFL’s greatest gladiator of all time had his team with a chance to win.

This after throwing for 4600 yards (most in the NFL) with 32 TDs and 8 Int during the season and ed MVP of the league. Oh, 40 years of age; the oldest QB to ever play in Super Bowl! Let’s be clear, Deep threat Brandin Cooks was out early in the game while Edelman, his best was lost early in the season. Yet Brady kept pressing on! WOW!

His team lost because Defense did NOT play well. Giving up 41 points in any game is tough to overcome. Worse, Malcolm Butler, the Patriots ‘ best defensive player NOT even on the field. Why? The coach gave a lame excuse. Something on Defense went wrong yesterday. What? They are NOT saying.


BIG WINNER:  Eagles QB Nick Foles!

MVP of the game. Good guy! Played a perfect game in the perfect moment. Congrats!

Weird but Foles may NOT be with Eagles next year. Quarterback Carson Wentz is their guy. So Foles will probably get traded and a huge payday; Broncos? Cardinals? Jets? Browns?

Being a BRONCOS fan, I hope GM John Elway picks him up. Then moves up in the April draft to pick stud running back Sqaquon Bradley. Boom, they get a Super Bowl QB with badass RB. They already have two excellent WRs. They just need a few lineman and a top 5 tight end and they are back in the offense business.

BIG LOSER:   Referees

They missed blatant obvious pass interference on the last play against HOGAN taking him clearly out of play. That awful missed call would have given the Patriots the ball on 30-yard line with one more play.

Also, object to a touchdown by Philly when the player’s foot was clearly on the white line. And that Ertz Touchdown? Looked a lot like Jesse James NO touchdown for the Steelers a few weeks back. These 3 plays changed the game for the negative. Ouch!

BIG LOSERS:  Patriots Coaches

Why bench their best defender Malcolm Butler? Coach said “we put players in giving us best chance to win”. OK, let’s buy that non-sense for a second. But after Foles torched their backup cornerback 3 times hitting Eagles wideout Alshon Jeffrey for first 2 quarters, they still doubled down?  And then they gave up 41 points in total and still did not put their best defender in the game.  What’s the double down on a bad decision?

Butler played the most snaps of any defender during the Patriots season. He was hero of 2015 Super Bowl and played awesome in last year’s Super Bowl. And just before game time is told he would not play?  How did that make him feel?  We saw him crying during the game.  It was sad.  And how about the rest of the defenders?  They knew he was not on the field.  Do you think that helped?  Hell no!  They must have been livid.  It had to cause some locker room division.

So come on man!  What happened?  Clearly something else was going on there. But No one is saying; not yet! Something stinks!

Congrats to Super Bowl Champion: Philadelphia Eagles


  1. The picture that best encapsulates the essence of the Super Bowl is the man who knelt down on a street in Philly and actually took in a mouthful of horse manure. It happened. He ate Horse Shit.
    The imagery of several free loading “holy men” taking a ride in a dodge to the game is in line with the effort to unify the established institutions of spiritual non-education in the face of an oncoming train of proof that they all full of horse manure. Keep an eye on the thread over at Gordons files of the Larry Nassar implications and see how high up the food chain, sports in America is, with Catholic institutions. The commercial , says, Look we all do it,.. It’s all good.

  2. Anybody can ‘believe” whatever they want. Many of us came to America to escape religious persecution and it followed us on the sly. They are embedded and entrenched as non invasive actors, but that would be disingenuous to depict it that way. It is dominion, and in football the key is to dominate. Dominate women , dominate countries, dominate policy, dominate education, dominate the mind, dominate the spirits.
    It is a violent culture that seeks to spread it self by force and does so unabashedly. Sheer arrogance. What you see on the football field is the same on the deserts. Always the missionaries … missions, omissions and never admissions, unless applying to the university of violent bloodsport. Then you have to go to admissions, they don’t.

  3. Let us make our control over them as a contest, so that they give themselves willingly and it is as a prize to them. And we will keep our secrets and they will eat bread, while we dine on meat and wine.
    And our favorite brand of Truck will be ,….. Dodge.