NSA Spying Signals Zero Hour for Global New World Order


Complete Control! We’ve Been Farmed!  Time To Harvest!  Game Over Folks!

by Johnny Punish

It used to be to the globalists were covert about their activities. Back in the day, the multinationals were unnamed, unknown, and unheard of. They were like the mafia before the foolish and flashy John Gotti; quiet, friendly, unseen and not talked about.

But like the Teflon Don, they decided to take it public and announce their Doctor Evil intentions. Unlike Gotti who died in prison a broken court jester, this global entity is no fool. It has been in the planning stages for over 100 years.

What am I talking about? The new world order that now has gone public! That’s what I am talking about!

With revelations that Edward Snowden leaked that the NSA is spying on its own citizens and the U.S. President with his assigns on mass media saying that it is to protect the people, it’s officially out of the closet. Complete control is now the new order of things and most Americans love it. They want it.

The global community is impotent. They love their tracking devices commonly known as Facebook and their cell phones. There will be NO rebellion. This thing was calculated at the very highest levels of global control.

 “To Know the Human Farm is to Escape the Human Farm” Stephan Molyneux from The Story of Your Enslavement


As the 1950s slowly revealed, there were new big huge multinational corporations working without borders and controlling resources. You can read about this in the seminal book published in the 1970s called “The Seven Sisters: The Great Oil Companies and the World They Shaped” as it describes the seven huge companies which dominated the world of oil and all our lives since Rockerfeller’s first gigantic oil monopoly.

The series of energy crises in the West in the seventies caused a radical shift of power towards the Arab and Iranian producers. The book provides an amazing detailed historical backdrop and set up on what was to become of the world thereafter.
As we rolled into the 1980s, the west decided that getting complete control was going to happen and it did. And now we know what happened. We now know whose hands control the world’s resources.

What we are seeing today is the final steps being taken.

Complete control is part and parcel of establishing the new world order whereby the global government controls all of its global citizens housed in the nation states that are members.

What we are actually seeing around the world is the global government pushing those final states into the system. Whether it’s Iran or North Korea, it’s about getting in goosestep line with the system.

And when I mean steps, their steps are big and long and take decades to complete. We are talking about uber-planners; not the kind of planning that you and I do. No no, these globalist plans require huge amounts of time to implement so that most of the time you cannot see it happening because it’s all on the mission creep. But ….. every once in a while something big happens and it gets exposed. It’s like an iceberg hitting the Titanic..boom, big event, world coverage, and something big comes to the forefront and gets revealed.

Today it’s the NSA spying on American citizens in the guise of security. A few moments before it was 9/11 and before that, it was RICO money laundering laws forcing banks to turn into government agents instead of service companies for ja people. This is all part of the momentum as we approach the zero hours.

So What Now?

Well, for guys like me….it’s too late. I am too old to worry about it. I am sliding down the hill faster than the globalists can plant their assassins to get rid of guys like me. No need! Dinosaurs like me have no future. They have bigger fish to fry. But for those of us that have children and grandchildren that will be living in and seeing the fruition of this one world order, what do we teach them?

Rebel and fight for freedom, liberty, and justice for all? Or teach them to goosestep, shut up, and go watch the Kardashians on TV?

Well, the fighter in me says go underground and fight cause I love freedom, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. But the educated and realist in me says “hey, these kids are listening to me” and so what I say matters. I don’t want to see my progeny suffer. I don’t see a way out. I don’t see any global rebellion against this system rising…instead, I see a bunch of capitulation. So while I am inclined to send my kids to battle, I think it might be more prudent to teach them the ways of this new world order so they can survive within the system and try to find joy within it so that they live a life well spent. But I admit it’s conflicting. I struggle. Therefore, I hurt.

But alas, maybe just maybe our rulers can actually provide a better world for us on their farm. I don’t know! Could they better manage the resources? Will they have enough food available to feed us all? What are they really going to do about our population growth so that we’re managed better? Are they going to provide us with responsible sterilization programs and keep our collective numbers down to a manageable herd? All these questions for the future….hum? I really don’t know.

What I do know is that the new world global order is here….and they are reading my article, listening to my cell phone, prying into my life like no other time in history and it will only get worse as they get complete control, not just over me……but over you too!
We have reached zero hours!