Teacher Student Sex Puts American Culture On Trial

Violent War Murder Vs. Sex: Which Needs To Be Ostracized From Society? 

Stacy Schuler sits between her lawyers Charlie Rittgers (left) and Charlie M. Rittgers during her fourth day of trial in Warren County Common Pleas Court Thursday, Oct. 27, 2011. Schuler, 33, was sentenced to four years in prison after being found guilty on all 16 felony counts of sexual battery and three misdemeanor counts of providing alcohol to minors. Staff photo by Nick Daggy

Grand Jury of Public Opinion Indicts American Priorities and Moral Values

by Johnny Punish

Today, we expect a verdict in the trial of former Ohio teacher Stacy Schuler. She’s accused of having sex with 5 male students from the high school where she taught Physical Education.

While the specifics of this case are available online for those who seek the minutiae to pass judgment on her culpability, the real moral and ethical questions of female teacher sex with male students are putting America’s culture on trial.

Here’s why!

We applaud war and fear sex when it should be the opposite.

War is extreme and violent. Sex is a very normal human activity and should be acknowledged and accepted for what it is, not criminalized.

Ohio teacher Stacy Schuler

In my view, a teacher has a leadership responsibility to uphold the integrity of the classroom for all students.  Getting personal with some puts that integrity in jeopardy and that’s just plain unacceptable. I think most will agree with this position.

However, as most polls show, the majority of Americans will NOT agree with me when I say that there is a difference between a female teacher having sex with a male student as opposed to a male teacher having sex with a female.

Hear me out first and then post your hate mail…..

First, this lady is facing 25 years in jail for what amounts to guys on the football team walking over to her house for some “banging” fun.  This is excessive.

You may not want to hear this, but speaking as a former teen football player with raging hormones, all we could think about is sex and football. Shocking!  I know!

Convicted Teacher Debra LaFave Endured Public Flogging While George W. Bush, who sent Americans to die for his cause gets $ 40,000 a speech speaking fee. What’s wrong with this picture?

This is normal for young high school men. It’s just the way it is and to hear that they are willingly going to her house to get some says a lot. That does NOT excuse her leadership responsibly whatsoever but it is a statement that they were NOT raped and were willing participants in the “fun”.  And believe me, it was fun.

There are NO victims in this alleged crime. So let’s stop treating boys as if they are violated. Come on, it’s non-cents!  Kick them in the ass and tell them to respect the ladies but not to make them feel like victims for doing what comes naturally.

In an age where most Americans think going to war is cool, where guns and violence are “American” values while sex is a depraved and horrible act, I categorically declare that America has a serious crisis in values and priorities, and it’s hurting the society in super bad ways.

It’s so bad that my children have grown up hearing that sex is bad and violence good. I have been at “war” with this backward culture so that my children would NOT have hang-ups about sex and violence. I do a simple thing…I tell them the truth.

“Kids, violence is bad, sex is good! Remember that!  Sex is normal and you should always be proud and respectful of it. Violence is super bad and failure of negotiation and diplomacy”

Frankly, violence speaks poorly of the tribe that proactively engages in such, and America, being the number one supplier and delivery of war toys to the world, has been on the wrong side of this humane dilemma for a long while now.  We need to make a cultural paradigm shift and get back to humanity.

In short, I want to make sure that my children are functioning and will have joy in their lives, not this dysfunction and psychosis for just being human.  And, we as a society, should do the same.

This is NOT funny! What are we teaching our children?

Now, back to the point of being a guy.

Believe me, ladies, we are not raped by you. That’s nonsense. It’s super hard to find a willing young high school girl to exercise our sexual humanity. It’s brutal. They are not ready and we are and it’s unbalanced.

Young men are predatory. It’s our nature. Criminalizing it or telling us that we are victims when we are the penetrators is mind-blowing brainwashing.

Come on man, seriously, you think any young man who bangs a teacher is going to be a victim? Really?  Try he’s going to tell all of his friends about his sexual conquest and prowess….it’s tribal, it’s in our nature. Stop trivializing the truth. It’s non-cents.

Now on the opposite side, when a male teacher has sex with a female, it’s the opposite.

Sorry equality people, there is a natural difference between men and women, and denying it only takes away from the intellectual discussion.

A man penetrates. He needs to be a “willing participant”.  In other words, he needs to be up for the game so to speak and that only happens when he’s ready. You can’t fake it unless you’re Kosmo Kramer! Women? Well, she does NOT have to be a willing participant and that’s a major real difference. Period!

American Tax Dollars at Work Killing Innocent Children in Gaza. What’s wrong with our priorities?

Now, ask yourself…what appalls you more; the killing and murder of 500,000 Iraqi civilians launched by that notable self-proclaimed Christian crusader moralist George Bush and his assigns or 5 teenagers banging their teacher at her house?

Who deserves to go straight to jail and who deserves to just lose their leadership position at the tribal leadership table?

Most Americans, want to crucify and jail the teacher while they pay George Bush $ 40,000 to speak at their high school.  Very strange indeed.

In my view, we got this violence vs. sex thing backward!

As an infamous poet from the depths of protesting yesterday at Occupy Oakland said as they handcuffed him and led him away to join his tribesman of over 2,000,000 fellow American prisoners “If you have not been indicted you have not been invited” and America, you’re on trial.

Where do you stand?