America is UNDER ATTACK! Welcome to the 21st Century American War for Democracy

A Few Good Men War Up on the Broken Political Battlefield


America is UNDER ATTACK!   In this coming presidential election, two men will garner billions from their global assigns while the people’s Occupy First Responders throw stones at all of them.  Which system will emerge as the victor?

By Johnny Punish

Contrary to all the vitriol circling on the net by partisans, the two likely combatants for the next Presidential election, Barack Obama and Mitt Romney, are actually super nice guys playing in a system that is completely and utterly corrupt to the core.

This past week Barack or, as some on the right love to call him “Obumer”, was super funny on the David Letterman show.  He loves basketball, eats good L.A. Barb-BQ chicken, and his wife loves to shop at Wal-Mart.  I actually like this guy. He’s articulate, smart, measured, thoughtful, and has a really good sense of how to speak to people politely and with respect.  In short, he’s a good person and his success is earned.

As for Mitt Romney, I have heard all the Mormon jokes and the flip-flopper ORomneyCare yap but really he seems like a good family guy who played the system very well.  At Bain Capital, he played by the skewed and degenerate rules earning hundreds of millions of dollars for making nothing.  Good for him right? Hey, those were the rules!  He did NOT break the law. Hey, that could have been me or you if we studied American-style finance instead of playing in that garage rock band with 4 other drunken dreamers right?

Anyways, my point is that Mitt and Barry are really good guys.  I don’t see them as bad actors.  Their only crime is that they made the decision to get into the biggest dirtiest game on the planet.

Now, we do know that some get into the game to make a difference.  They surmise that because they are strong of mind and character they can defeat the inherent gameplay and make that desired difference. And sometimes, it actually does happen.  And so, one ought to admire such one who can get into this thing with such big ideas.

Now, some know the game and play it to the hilt.  They embrace the Machiavellian energy needed to win this game.

Of course, Mitt and Barry might be in the latter group.  But truly, unless you know them personally, and 99% of us don’t, we really don’t know if they are true warriors of the make-a-difference type or are on Team Machiavelli.

What we do know is that no matter who’s running for president or any federal office for that matter, the protagonist has to play the game as the system is set up or they can’t win and make their moves.  And so, no matter the motivation for getting into the game, one can play it or get run.  In short, one’s moral or ethical values must be compromised in total if one is to survive the game and be a player down the stretch.

The challenge for us, the people, is to understand that, over time, the game rules have been morphed and changed so badly that the rules no longer represent the will of the people.   And that’s what we’re feeling now.  It’s in our face and we hate it.

Instead, the players, both Republican and Democrat, are marching to a system that ignores the wishes of the people and, instead, pays homage to the global elite.  There really is no choice for them.  The system is controlling them.

This happened over time in America.  It was a mission creep.  There was NO one incident or one day in time we can point to albeit there have been some clear watershed moments when one would say “Holy Moley Batman, really?”.  National interests were murdered step by step, inch by inch, until it finally became so exposed that the American people, on both sides, came to notice that we were all getting screwed by it and that we’ve been played.

At Occupy Wall Street, the first responders to this system crisis hit the mean streets, and we, those of us on the 99% sidelines, are looking and saying “WTF? “.  Yeah, and it us straight between the eyes. Man, this hurts bad!  OMG, we’re all in this together and our alleged politicians are no longer ours but belong to someone, something else.  I thought we lived in a democracy.  Right?  We all did!  Oops!

Now what?

Well, each city is expanding its Occupy protests.  And more of us are joining in concert with our neighbors, friends, and former enemies.  Why?  Because this is not about if you support Abortion or are anti-Abortion or if you think prayer in schools is something you want or don’t want.  This is about the basic fundamentals of our system whereby our ability to even have this debate, discussion, and vote has been hi-jacked rendering all of us, everyone, impotent bystanders to the powers that be.  We’ve been duped into thinking our vote counts.  It does not and that’s the bigger, or shall I say the biggest issue facing our generation.

We need to fix this system so that we can get back to that time-honored debate between neighbors on whether we should do this or do that so that our rules represent our societal wishes.  But how?

Well, the global elite will NOT go quietly. You can take that to the bank!  Or shall I say Bankster?  Well, you get my point!

Anyways, a polite and quiet retreat from the corridors of power is not expected.  Believe me, this is their country and they let us live in it at their choosing.  They will not give up their human farm cash cow just because a few farm animal “mobs” and “hippies” complains.  Folks, they are laughing at their drunken powermonger tables right now – yeah, as we speak here.

And the politicians?

They will pretend that your vote counts and continue the roadshow charade as they get their pockets lined by the power brokers.  And then, they smile at us using keywords in speeches as if we’re all friends.  Non-cents!  They work for the “man” and not for “us”.   And so this is not personal towards the individual Mitts or Barry’s.

No, we are at war now.  Make no mistake about it.  The American people are under attack and it’s NOT Al-Queda that’s the enemy folks.  It’s us!

Our parents allowed the hi-jacking and now it’s time for us, the new Americans, to arrest the criminals and take them to the hoose-cow.  We need to clean up the political streets and it starts with an overhaul of the system.

Are we ready?

Well, this is the great war for the 21st century and our collective answer to the challenge will define our future.  So look at your kids and grandkids and think forward.  Then, ask the question “Will the USA can go back to real democracy, or will the 21st century be declared the end of an era? ”    OK, what’s your answer?