EXPOSED: NFL Broncos Coach McDaniels Cannot Lead Top Athletes


Pro-Bowler Brandon Marshall Traded to the Dolphins for 2nd Round Draft Picks

First it was a problem with Pro Bowler Jay Cutler so he shipped him out. Then it was a problem with Pro Bowler Brandon Marshall so he shipped him out. Hum? Something is not right here.

When Coach Josh McDaniels of the Denver Broncos consistently has personal problems with the best talent on his team and instead favors mediocre talents over top dogs, it shows that Coach McDaniels lacks personal power and fears being exposed by alpha males.

It’s starting to seem like he prefers obedient mediocrity so that his power position is not challenged.  Unfortunately for Bronco fans, this is about self preservation, ego, and a bid for a young man in over his head to demonstrate that he’s in charge.

While Owner Pat Bowlen is buying this disposition as it continues to be sold to him, on the football field, mediocrity will continue to be on display and failure will be it’s consequence because men follow strong leaders who have moral authority and can inspire the greats forward not get into personality fights.

Think about the great coaches and what they would have done with Marshall.

How about Bill Walsh who dealt with Jerry Rice or  Jimmie Johnson who dealt with Michael Irvin.   They would have sat them down and given them the plan, told them how important they were to the effort, and let them shine within the system not denegrate them.

McDaniels may be a tactician and some sort of X and O guy but leadership of men into battle is clearly not something that he’s ready for.  He’s too concerned with his own self to led men foward.

It’s already rare to have men in their young 30s lead precisely because it takes wisdom and experience over time.  And so its’ not a knock on McDaneils that he’s in over his head because most young men in their early 30s would be fighting for power as they feel under seige by top dogs.  This is actually normal and that’s why most head coaches are a bit older with more exsperience because its’ not a pissing fight but a teacher leader relationship.

McDaniels needs much more experience over time and self-awareness before he can lead men into battle.

And if this purge of talent to preserve his control continues, then he needs to be removed and replaced with a person that has personal self-confidence, self-awareness, and embraces the great players inspiring them forward to even greater heights, not shipping them out because he cant’ get along with them.

Personally, I am truly disappointed because Denver was once a proud franchise who competed on the field year in and year out. But this version is turning into the McDaniels Nightmare on Mediocre Street.

For example, Kyly Orton is probably a nice guy and on every other team, he’s a 2nd or 3rd string guy.   He’s just not an alpha male type leader that the QB position demands .

You mean to tell me that Kyle Orton is a better athlete and player than Jay Cutler? Or how’s bout stepping out and getting pro-bowler like Mike Vick. That guy can play. But no, he wants Orton. When push comes to shove, Orton will NOT win the big game for you. He can’t. That’s his best. Nice guy, not a killer who can bring it!

And now, losing what is arguably one of the top 5 receivers in the league, it ain’t going to make Orton look better. In fact, it will further expose even more weakness as defenses key on Eddie Royal and marginalize him leaving journeyman Jabber Gafney to win battles that simply cannot win.

Get ready for the Denver Offense to get shut down!

When the Broncos Offense gets neutered it will break down the defense and the spiral will continue until the Broncos engage in a season ending fight for who gets last place in the division.

The only good news is that the Chiefs and Raiders are also chasing mediocrity and thus it will be fight for last place. And with a team like the Broncos who depend on a faux leader like McDaniels who cannot lead and inspire the top guys to the promised land, well, we can only watch the car wreck unfold and hope Bowlen figures out what we already know; that McDaniels is NOT a leader of men, not now.