GOP Crisis: Lack of Decency Sinking Once Great Party


Republican Leadership Fails Badly as Commie Nigger Hitler Baby Killer Strategy NOT working

Watching the health care debate, it is clear that, while the Republican Party has legitimate positions, their argument got lost in the lack of civility strategy they employ to influence.

Calling people Niggers, Communists, Socialists, Homos, Faggots, and Baby Killers is simply not a shrewd or smart strategy as evidenced by the results and negative reactions to it in the land of independents and moderates, and frankly, all people on all sides of the issues.

By not denouncing this strategy across the board and removing those who, some say, roughly employ it, the leadership of the GOP has clearly endorsed its’ use thinking that it would work. It has not. In fact, it’s a major massive turn-off.

Republican GOP Lack of Decency; How to Lose Friends and NOT Influence People

What is sad is that their message gets lost in the mire of this strategy and we, the moderate middle, cannot hear what they are saying anymore. I mean, the GOP probably has good ideas but every time one of their assignments comes on TV, I stop listening and that’s not good.

Look, I have a gay family member, an African American friend, and yes, I know a german guy who dad’s father was in Hitler’s army (he 100% rejects Nazi-ism) so I take massive offense to the GOP’s lack of civility and vicious name calling. It offends the people I care about and it offends me. I have shut down on them and that makes me sad, angry, and upset because I used to like the Republican ideas and now I cannot hear them anymore.


  1. They should fire their leaders. If these guys don’t understand that one cannot influence people by calling others names, then, they must go. New leaders need to focus on what they can do for the American people and not dismiss the other guys. Sell their ideas with enthusiasm, not dismissive condescension.
  2. Every member of the GOP needs to read Dale Carnegie’s book “How to Win Friends and Influence People“. This must be required remedial reading and its principles need to be embraced from the top down. Clearly, the GOP has lost its’ civility and needs to re-train itself in how to deal with people. It’s a moral crisis and they need to grab onto decency and respect for others.
  3. They must apologize to the American people for letting this once-respectful party drift into the gross disgusting side road of incivility and make a promise to Americans that they will get back on track toward decency, respect, and honor. Without decency, they will continue to marginalize themselves and become a truly extremist gang.

The Republicans have a storied history and they are needed to keep a balance in the U.S. political system. When they embrace new civility, they will become an influential important party once again. With a paradigm shift, they have a great shot at a return to greatness. Without it, they are doomed.