Race is Dead in America, The Beige Century Begins!

Recently, there’s been lots of news about the census and how’s it’s not meeting the needs of today’s America. In fact, the questions regarding race are now becoming ridiculous. As more and more of America becomes a diverse America, what once divided us is now on the verge of becoming what unites us; that being that we are all Americans now and race is not an issue.

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GOP Crisis: Lack of Decency Sinking Once Great Party

Watching the health care debate, it is clear that, while the the Republican Party has legitimate positions, their argument got lost in the lack of civility strategy they employ to influence. Calling people Niggers, Communists, Socialists, Homos, Faggots, and Baby Killers is simplly not a shrewd or smart strategy as evidenced by the results and negative reactions to it in the land of independents and moderates. By not denouncing this strategy across the board and removing those who, some say, roguely employ it, the leadership of GOP has clearly endorsed its’ use thinking that it would work. It has not. In fact, its’ a major massive turn-off.

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