NCAA College Football Still a Beauty Contest


BCS still stands for “Beauty Contest Show”

Yesterday we learned that Alabama and Texas get to play in a national title game. For TCU, Cincinnati and Boise State, this is NOT FAIR.   They are also undefeated and with Texas barely winning 13 –  12 yeasterday, who’s to say.    Yet it will not be decided on the field.  The BCS Computer, I like to call it “HAL” will decide.

Because “HAL” decides who gets to play, College Footall is NOT a sport but a live action video game I like to call the “Beauty Contest Show”.   I like video games but they can be manipulated by some weird algorythims and other geeky stuff.  Its’ weird.  Sometimes I feel like there may be some goofy Wizard of Oz fella behind that “HAL” curtain.  Who knows?

What I do know is that no one will ever know who the best team is in College football because it’s never decide on the field.  Weak!

Look, I have NOT watched College Football since this stupid decision to turn sport into a political democracy vote by computer.   Is Sarah Palin running?   I’m just saying!

Hey, I am still so mad because I really like watching the College game and it’s exciting to see the kids play.  But to NOT have the best team win it in on th field feels so wrong.   It’s so bad for me that I just don’t watch anymore.  I am a lost fan.    And you?