By Johnny Punish

The question of whether colonialism is necessary in a globalized world is complex and invokes diverse perspectives. Generally, in the contemporary era marked by globalization, the principles and ethical considerations surrounding colonialism are widely rejected. Colonialism, characterized by the exploitation and domination of one group of people by another, is fundamentally at odds with the principles of equality, justice, and respect for human rights that underpin modern global relations.

This is the quandary facing the US-Israeli Empire.

China is playing the economic colonialism game; a new modern way of looking at colonialism whereby, rather than invade countries, they instead invest, bring in their products, and build world-class infrastructure financing the projects for their client countries via their Belt and Road Initiative. It’s extremely successful and setting up China for a 21st and 22nd Century success around the world.

This juxtaposed with the current US Empire that is playing a 20th-century game of risk selling arms, putting bases in countries, and creating wars to ensure the market for their death products remains solid and profitable.

Colonialism, as an institution, is the modern history of the man in our world. However, with a globalized world, it’s clear that economic globalism is the winner, and the game the US-Israeli Empire is playing is bringing only misery, hate, racism, bigotry, and death to our fellow man

The antiquated US-Israeli Empire’s version of colonialism is simply NO longer necessary nor is it acceptable in our newly connected globalized world.


Ethical and Moral Concerns:

The ethical problems associated with colonialism, such as the violation of human rights, cultural suppression, and economic exploitation, are widely condemned. The international community, as reflected in various treaties and agreements, upholds the principles of self-determination and sovereignty for nations, discouraging any form of colonization.

International Law:

International law, including the United Nations Charter, explicitly prohibits the acquisition of territory through aggression or colonization. The principle of sovereignty and the right of nations to determine their own political status and pursue their economic, social, and cultural development without interference are central tenets of international law.

Global Cooperation and Interconnectedness:

The essence of globalization lies in increased global cooperation, interconnectedness, and mutual benefit. Nations now engage in economic, political, and cultural exchanges based on principles of equality and mutual respect. Colonialism, with its history of dominance and exploitation, runs counter to the spirit of cooperation that defines the contemporary global landscape.

Economic Cooperation Without Colonization:

In a globalized world, economic cooperation can thrive without resorting to colonization. Trade agreements, diplomatic collaborations, and multinational partnerships provide avenues for nations to engage in mutually beneficial relationships without the need for the oppressive structures associated with colonial rule.

Cultural Diversity and Respect:

Globalization has fostered an appreciation for cultural diversity and the importance of respecting different traditions, languages, and ways of life. Colonialism often involved the suppression of indigenous cultures and imposition of the colonizer’s values, which is inconsistent with the values of cultural diversity and inclusivity promoted in the contemporary world.

Technological Advancements:

Advances in technology and communication have made it possible for nations to engage in global interactions without resorting to territorial control. Digital communication, transportation, and international organizations provide platforms for dialogue, cooperation, and conflict resolution without the need for colonial structures.

While colonialism played a significant role in shaping historical narratives, the prevailing global consensus rejects its continuation or resurgence.

Instead, the emphasis is on fostering equality, cooperation, and respect for the sovereignty and self-determination of all nations in the globalized world.

Globalization requires economic cooperation and trade reducing the need for war and murder as the US-Israeli Empire is doing in Gaza.

THE DARK SIDE: I remember my youth; a time when the feeling towards the US was one of Pride. Then, little by little, the Jedi turned to the Dark Side and now, we are murdering children and committing war crimes in the full view of the public and there is NOTHING The Rebel Alliance can do about it.  Where is LUKE SKYWALKER when you need him?   Signed Johnny Punish

A far better choice for the US-Israeli Empire is to follow the Chinese model.

They need to retool their country away from arms sales and back to creating products and services they can sell to the 8 billion of us around the world.

Imagine if they took this approach in the Middle East! They would have over 500,000,000 happy customers cheering for the US. Instead, the US Empire’s Ethnic Cleansing Operation in Gaza, which as of this post, has murdered over 12,000 human beings including over 5000 children.

This is creating animosity on a scale that is 100,000 times the number of people they have murdered in their pathetic pursuit of controlling the Middle East for their economic and unhinged religious control of the region.

There are now over 6,000,000 Palestinians who are now enemies of the US Empire. But worse, they are joined by over 500,000,000 human beings if not more around the world that now consider the USA the enemy; maybe that number is over 1 Billion of us. We don’t know yet! But what we do know is that they are THE DARK SIDE!

They are trying to sell the world that they are heroes of democracy and freedom when, in fact, everyone outside the US knows they are not. That moniker used to be something worthy in the USA but clearly, their modern actions demonstrate that they only support democracy and freedom when convenient.

And in the Arab World, democracy does NOT work for the US-Israeli Empire. If there were democracy in the Arab world, the US would be kicked out of every corner for their horrific actions and behavior against the people of the Middle East since they became the dominant Occupier in 1945 taking over from the French and English who provided them the lovely foundation to chaos in 1917.

I don’t mind people promoting colonialism as a position but when they twist themselves into a Pretzel to sell a narrative that is silly and NOT backed by facts and evidence, then it just gets weird and screams of propaganda. After all, Colonialism, while no longer necessary, is a legitimate position albeit an antiquated one.

And with China using its economic colonialism that is far stronger than the USA’s antiquated GUNS AND AMMO version, it seems to me that either the USA changes its ways or ends up on the Dark Side working to build its DEATH STAR to control the world leaving humanity in its shackles.

I say the US-Israeli Empire is playing an antiquated 20th-century game in a 21st-century world. Something to think about!

FUN FACT: Did you know before Palestine, The European Jewish Zionists were considering UGANDA as their “Jewish State” (Judenstadt)…

I just had an American Zionist Evangelical “expert” tell me that THE UGANDA PLAN for the Jewish State was a myth.

Then I sent her a video of ISRAELI PRESIDENT HERZOG talking about it.

OOpps! Hold My Beer Ms. Expert! She never responded!  So much for the “Promised Land” bullshit story the US-Israeli Empire has given the world!

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