Why is Ireland the Most Pro-Palestine EU State?


Exploring the history of Israel-Ireland relations, why things are getting worse, and why this downward trend is likely to continue

As Israel-Palestine divisions within the EU have become increasingly apparent, Ireland has emerged as one of the more pro-Palestine countries in Europe.

In this video above, TLDR News EU explores the history of Israel-Ireland relations, why things are getting worse, and why this downward trend is likely to continue.


My trip to Israel has been canceled!

The wife and I will NOT be spending our hard-earned TOURIST $$$$ in Israel. Instead, we will be going to IRELAND, a country that openly and proudly stands up for Human Rights and Justice! VIVA IRELAND!

Now, of course, I am sure Israel is super happy about it.  Because now instead of arresting me, they can now get their teenage conscripts to arrest someone else for protesting and speaking up for justice in their country.

Apparently, the cyber security state of Israel is scouring Whats App and Facebook looking for protesters that speak up against their murdering of over 11,000 in their Gaza Ethnic Cleansing Operation funded by US Taxpayers including over 5000 children, and charging them with “terrorism”.  LOL!  Well, that’s one way the regime can attempt to stop the growing voices against their terrorism.

Oh, and I am laughing at the US/Israel’s continued selling that they are going to get rid of Hamas.  It’s hilarious.

Resistance To Occupation is NOT owned by Hamas. It is an idea and the US/Israel cannot murder over 11,000 human beings including over 5000 children injuring over 40,0000 with over 2000 buried alive under rubble at their Gaza Prison Camp.

Worse, Hamas is also in Lebanon, Syria, Egypt, and the West Bank! Are you gonna bomb them too?

But even worse, the stupid contemptuous US/Israel strategy to pretend they are killing Hamas when in fact, this is just another extreme exercise, part of their long-standing Ethnic Cleansing Operation funded by US Taxpayers is actually backfiring creating millions upon millions more resistance fighters around the world.

The world is watching in real-time horror and is seeing with its own eyes who is actually THE DARK SIDE in this battle for justice.

And no amount of world salad propaganda from The Empire and their stormtrooper followers can turn them back from Darth Vader into Luke Skywalker.

END OCCUPATION! Signed, The Resistance To Occupation

BIG THINK: A paradigm shift to a MIDDLE EAST UNION; One citizenship, passport, money; freedom for all its citizens to live, work, travel, and worship; Jew, Christian, Muslim, Pagan..all free! We know this works because, after 500 years of killing each other in Europe, we now have the 500,000,000-strong EU. And we can have the same in the Middle East too… 580,000,000 million trading bloc of people… not prisoners!

Source:  YT