VT RADIO: The ZOG vs. The World

How The Zionist Occupied Government of USA is Ruining Everything


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NYC Activist Cat McGuire joins VT Radio to discuss The ZOG

NYC Activist Cat McGuire joins VT Radio to discuss the ZOG; The Zionist Occupied Government of the United States of America and how they are devouring the USA turning it from Super Heroes to Global Villains who openly engage in Ethnic Cleansing of Palestinians.

Cat McGuire:  Cat is a long-time Freedom Activist.  She co-hosts False Flag Weekly News with Dr. Kevin Barrett.  She can be reached at catmcguire.com



  1. No Shit! Zog and the fallible equations of allegorical myths called religion and dogmatic circumferences of the third kind… The constitution is a piece of paper with words written on it! The men gods of a mental utopia claim they are the ones in charge of the redistribution of wealth. not the rich but the average worker slave that is part of the IMF’s global tyranny of war. All wars are Banker wars… so the saying goes! We pay with our blood while they live the life of luxury and needless extravagance. Zionist Christians and the likes thereof have no idea what is in store for them when the Zogites of Illuminati close the doors of serfdom… Revolution and the collapse of all governments, nations, and religions will be our end if they have their way. WHO, WEF, IMF, WTF! Yes the carnage and the crucible of the sword has been the tool of inhuman wars since the time of the fall of Jerusalem 70 c.e when Roman legions under the Flavians declared Titus Flavious as the Christ that came to free the Jews from self-serving bondage to their mental demons of messianic godly wars and resistance to the power of the holy spirit. Not many will agree here, but wisdom is undermined by shear stupidity to see beyond the magic myth of non-historical biblical writings considered to be truth, the lies therein are the false idioms of true ignorance in the minds eye! Save a few who have studied history and see the falseness of such allegorical negligence and subjective mental distortions. Nuff said.