From Starbucks to Coca-Cola, people in Jordan have been boycotting American brands over Washington’s funding and support for Israel and Occupation in the ongoing ethnic cleansing operation against Palestinians.

It started after videos were broadcast of free MacDonald’s meals being given to the Israeli army.  I am personally joining the Boycott urging everyone to stop buying US products.

Here in Mexico, I will be visiting restaurants and stores and telling them I won’t be buying from them anymore if they continue to sell US products.

In fact, I just chose to NOT buy a set of tires from Goodyear and instead bought the Chinese Brand Roadblade instead.

The US has funded Israel with over $280 Billion since 1948.  It funds and supports Occupation.  Recently, the USA came out of the closet saying they 100% support Israel.  To most of us, we have always known this fact;  USA is Israel and Israel is the USA.

But for everyday people, it has NOT always been so clear because the USA plays the shill game of giving a few dollars to Palestine or pretends it sends food to Gaza after the massacres and says “See we are not the villains”.  But they are the villains and have always been the funders of ethnic cleansing.

Why?  Too many reasons to list and who cares why anymore.

Over 4500 children murdered by US/Israel as of Oct. 31. Happy Halloween!

Do you remember when the USA used to be Superman? Now, the US funds terrorism and revenge murdering men, women, and children with bombs in Gaza; over 8500 murdered, over 4500 children, and over 25,000 injured over the past 3 weeks. Now, USA is HOMELANDER, the character from The Boys who pretends to be the hero when, in fact, he’s the villain.

The USA used to be Super Heroes!  They defended the defenseless and helped the needy around the world. They leaped from small buildings in a single bound to rescue the helpless.

But now, no more. They are the villains murdering thousands of human beings with their money and bombs.  They once fought for good.  But now, we the people of the world, must make a stand against them and reject their open villainy.


Click to watch thousands being murdered at one strike in Gaza >>


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