This picture taken on February 1, 2020 shows a view at an Arab League emergency meeting discussing the US-brokered proposal for a settlement of the Middle East conflict, at the league headquarters in the Egyptian capital Cairo, as delegates take to their seats. - Palestinian leader Mahmud Abbas announced on February 1 a cut of all ties with Israel and the United States, including security cooperation, days after Washington unveiled a controversial Middle East peace plan. Abbas spoke at an Arab League meeting in Cairo called after US President Donald Trump presented the plan, which is seen as staunchly favouring Israel, but offers Palestinians a pathway to a limited state. (Photo by Khaled DESOUKI / AFP)

In response to the latest “mowing of the lawn” in the guise of defense of its’ 56 Year Occupation of the indigenous peoples of Palestine, VT has come up with a BIG THINK solution that replaces the 100-year-old British/French-created Middle East that has completely failed humanity on every level.

The proof of failure is the world’s largest concentration camp the world has ever seen; The US/Israeli Gaza Prison Camp and its ugly sister, The Berlin-esque Walled in West Bank that is surrounded by the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) controlling who goes in and out; over 6 million human beings under Occupation.

Worse, we have hundreds of millions of people living in nations literally created by the Brits/French under the Skyes-Picot Agreement of 1916 whereby “rulers” in $ 50,000 robes act like CEOs of corporations instead of heads of government; all designed so that The West controls the coveted OIL resource that runs the world.

Well VT believes it’s time to end that mess that has failed hundreds of millions of people, caused endless wars, and created enemies among neighbors who, previous to WWI, knew none.

VT supports solutions for all our children; not just some!

In the spirit of doing good for ALL humanity and shedding 100 years of failure by old men whose yellow eyes are clouded by visions created when men rode horse carriages to work and kerosene lamps dominated the family evenings, VT presents our proposal and responses from the many VT writers who contribute to our uncensored global journal;


The World Has Failed and FAILURE EARNS NO REWARD!

Thus, VT demands a paradigm shift to a;

MIDDLE EAST UNION; One citizenship, passport, money..freedom for all its citizens to live, work, travel, and worship; Jew, Christian, Muslim, Pagan..all free!

We know this works already because, after 500 years of killing each other in Europe, we now have the 448,000,000-strong EU. And we can have the same in the Middle East too… 578,000,000 million trading bloc of people… not prisoners!

Sponsored by The Middle East Union created by VT GM Johnny Punish


Dr. Kevin Barrett from Morocco

I try to avoid “Middle East” since it’s so Eurocentric. I prefer “West Asia” and “the Muslim East.” Whatever you call it, I am all for a regional union, with all citizens on the same plane! It would have the resources and population to be very successful.

Jonas Alexis from South Korea

The Israel/Palestine conflict is a major issue because it goes to the very heart of the moral and political order, which thinkers like Immanuel Kant would have called the categorical imperative. We have talked about this before, but Kant’s principle bears repeating: “Act only according to that maxim whereby you can, at the same time, will that it should become a universal law.”

This is a metaphysical principle which must be applied everywhere. In other words, is it possible for anyone or a country to universalize the killing of innocent men, women, and children—which is what Israel has been doing? Is it possible to universalize the Israeli settlements? Is it possible to universalize arguably concentration camps in Gaza?

The answer to all those questions is no. In that sense, the Israeli regime creates for itself a world where the moral and political order is banned. The West has failed because politicians in the West are scared to death to challenge Israel to live by practical reason. In fact, the United States continues to pour billions upon billions of dollars every year in the Israeli coffin. That is definitely not right.

In short, VT supports the rights and freedom of Jews, Palestinians, Christians, Muslims, and even Pagan to live, work, travel, and worship. We certainly need a paradigm shift in the Middle East, and this will not happen if politicians in the West do not want to ask the Israeli regime to abide by moral law and order.

Mark Dankof from USA

I support the vision of a Middle East Union. I believe its themes resonate with Putin’s brief address to the religious leaders of Russia, which emphasizes inter-ethnic and inter-religious tolerance and dialogue in opposition to the obvious forces behind the violence and the “divide and conquer” methodology in the Middle East.

I am admittedly a pessimist on the subject of a legitimate political settlement in the region and the avoidance of an apocalyptic global conflict. I hope I am wrong. At the same time, it is important for VT Foreign Policy to take this public stand, if for no other reason than to stand against the winds of war and the warmongers involved, including the new Speaker of the House in the U.S. House of Representatives whose overwhelming election underscores the terrifying control the Zionist machine and the Military Industrial Complex exercise in the American political, educational, and media institutions.

Dr. Elias Akleh from USA

History shows that people of the three religions used to live peacefully and harmoniously in the Middle East and within the Arab World while Jews suffered pogroms and persecutions virtually in every European country. Jews lived harmoniously and flourished in every Arab and Islamic country spreading from the Persian Gulf all the way to the Atlantic Ocean.

The colonial Zionist ideology encouraged and incited anti-Jewish sentiment in Europe and perpetrated many false-flag attacks against Jewish Arabs in every Arab country to lure them into Israhell. Just read the writings of many Jewish Arabs such as Avi Shlaim, Lillian Rosengarten, and Na’im Giladi among many other Jews, who dared to speak. Zionist leaders claimed that they wanted to create a Jewish-only state as a safe haven for Jews.

The reality is that Israel is intensifying anti-Jewish hatred all over the world. Just look at all the anti-Israel/anti-Jewish public demonstrations in every major city of every country on every continent.

Creating a Middle Eastern Union for all three religionists, as it was in the past in the Arab World, has become an impossibility for generations to come due to all the Palestinian Holocaust Jewish Israel had perpetrated against Christian as well as Moslem Palestinians for the last 75 years.

The anti-Jewish hatred created by Israel needs at least one thousand years to dissipate. Just look at the effects of the Zionist false-flag Holocaust in Nazi Germany.

Dr. Richard M. Swier from USA

The Abraham Accords implemented under President Donald J. Trump would have eventually led to a peaceful and cooperative Middle East, much like the VT proposal.

Israel and other Arab nations had seriously begun to implement these accords allowing dialogue, and meetings, between various Arab nations. That monumental accomplishment has been obliterated by the Biden administration’s appeasement of Iran.

Iran does not want VT’s BIG THINK Middle East Union. Sadly, Iran wants just the opposite. Iran wants a return of the Caliphate and the death of any and all who might oppose it. If VT is serious then they would lobby to strengthen the Abraham Accords.

Jirair Tutunjian from Canada

I am sorry to say while it’s a good idea it is not feasible. Here are my reasons for my “negative” view:

1. The 22 Arab states have failed, since 1945, to form an effective union politically, economically, and culturally. The Arab League is a toothless tiger. While millions of Palestinians have been under Israeli apartheid subjugation for 75 years, while every other day Israel—without provocation—bombs Syria, a number of Arab states made peace (the American-backed Abrahamic truce) with the Zionist state
2. Turkey would never join a Mediterranean league that includes Arabs. Turks looked down at Arabs. Turks also haven’t “forgiven” the Arabs for rebelling against the Turkish occupation of their countries
3. There’s also the Sunni and Shiite divide, not to mention the various Christian sects and ethnic groups (Kurd, Durzi, Armenian, Assyrian, Chaldean, etc.)
4. The West will use every stratagem to make sure the Middle East Union is not formed
5. Various Arab nations (starting with Egyptians) look down on other Arabs. Likewise Saudi Arabia and the oil states
6. There’s another divide in the Arab world: Egypt and its east; Tunisia and its west (Maghreb)
7. What do you do with Sudan? It is Arab but black and far from the Mediterranean
8. Israel. Jews regard themselves as God’s Chosen People and superior to Arabs. Israel’s heart is also in the West. Although it’s in the Middle East, its head is in the West. Finally, it is hostile to Arabs and might fear such a union would melt Israel in the 300 million Arab world.

There are more reasons, but eight are sufficient.

Drago Bosnic from Serbia

I have to say that the idea is surely a very bold one. Unfortunately, I don’t think it’s viable at this very moment, but we have to start from somewhere. Severe issues exist not only between the three Abrahamic religions but also within them. For instance, the Shia-Sunni divide in Islam, Orthodox-Secular Jews in Judaism, various Christian denominations that aren’t always on friendly terms with each other, etc.

This is precisely why sectarian violence is so common. What would be more important is even a somewhat syncretic approach that would eliminate religious radicalism and exclusivity that’s preventing friendly dialogue and peaceful coexistence.

The most important step would be the elimination of various imperialist tendencies of players outside of the Middle East (and some that are there, for instance, Turkey and its Neo-Ottoman ambitions). These foreign influences are (ab)using the aforementioned divisions to further their own goals and interests.

On the other hand, not all is lost. Middle Eastern countries are very similar culturally and have much more in common than they probably think. In the next several decades, your idea could become viable and is certainly the only way for the Middle East to not only survive but also prosper and thrive.

A lot will depend on the dynamics in relations between Iran and Israel, Iran and the Arab world, Israel and the Arab world, as well as inter-Arab relations, etc. Unless a common and mutually beneficial security architecture is created, there’s no safety and future for anyone in the Middle East and possibly beyond. Economically, the region could certainly become a powerhouse, as it has a very young population and tremendous opportunities for growth.

John Kaminski from USA

Imprison Israel inside the walls it has constructed to restrain the Palestinians; make all Jews the world over forfeit all their assets in order to balance all the budgets of the world; treat the Jews in the same way they have commanded Jews treat all the other people of the world; reverse all the tractates of the Talmud to read all the non-Jews may kill any Jew with no penalty; only then will justice prevail in the world.

Richard Cook from USA

I totally support the VT Middle East Union proposal.  Where we are today is the product of British imperialism, enforced by US banking and firepower.

I have been reading the work of Prof. Guido Giacomo Preparata, who explains that the configuration of nations in the Middle East is entirely the work of the British and their restructuring of the defeated Ottoman Empire after World War I. The purpose was to divide the Middle East into a large number of mutually competing provinces, aka, “nations,” whose antagonisms would allow the British to rule over the region and its hydrocarbon riches in perpetuity. Israel was “planted” on the shores of the Eastern Mediterranean as a hub or cockpit. Of course, the Jews had their own Zionist agenda, but they were more than willing to become the British/US enforcers over the indigenous peoples.

Most recently, I reached the conclusion that Israel should be abolished and replaced by a single state with freedom of religion and movement for all peoples. Israel is a failed state, as the near civil war between the hard-liners and the rest showed. Emigration out of Israel has never been so high. The American Jews have enough money to move the Israelis to anywhere they can secure a visa. I had argued in a VT article that the purpose of the Ukraine war was to ethnically cleanse that nation so Israelis could take it over—Zelensky’s “Big Israel.” Of course, Russia has been putting a stop to that project.

But along with a new, free Palestine, would be the Middle East Union you outline. An outstanding proposal indeed.


As you can see, not everyone likes the idea or even agrees on the good, bad, and ugly.

So it’s true, we may NOT have all the answers to the challenges the world is facing but anything is better than the mess that we are gifting to our future children.

In this spirit, I  thank all the VT Writers who participated in this proposal and survey.  And most importantly, thank all VT readers and followers for taking the time to read all of this. I encourage you to spread the word, share the knowledge, and please, please ALWAYS care about ALL our children and the future we are sending them to. Thank You.  Signed, Johnny Punish, GM


  1. Go back to 1919, Hemp was a big-time cash crop. The fiber for everything from rope to paper to fabrics. The oil for the new born plastics industry and to power the Diesel engine. The Rockefellers got Wm. Randolf Herst to creat a campaign to make hemp illegal. Hence the Spanish “Marijuana”. The monies from hemp production would shift the balance of power a wee bit to help farmers and reduce National Debt. Instead we buy Oil from the rich and are crippled with debt. Petroleum sales can reduce worldwide and still make reasonable profits with local economies getting a boost from agriculture sales. Knocking the Oil Barons around and getting them to behave a little will help normalize the Middle East, in my humble opinion.

  2. Goood Article – Thanks !!

    First, the Western and Israeli Zionists and their Piglets that feed from the trough, would have to be eradicate like they have been doing to the millions of Mid Easterners.
    Next the Saudis and the rest of the rich to do states would have to be tamed into working for the Union , and meaning it.
    And then the USA would have to be kicked out of the region along with their proxies, mossad, Cia and the new huge Embassies in Iraq and Lebanon closed down and rebuild to a very small size working facility, that is not a fortress and Military Spy outpost. This is a huge undertaking since the Domestic USA can fall flat on it’s face but the MIC and Foreign Policy can always find money for themselves from the Zionist Bankers, Globalist, Fed, and who knows how much they have rat- holed all these years – Trillions on top of Trillions I would presume.

    Without Mecca calling for a Jihad against the Zionists, Netanyahu and the Boyz will just get replaced by another Zionist – just like the Zionists will try to insert another Zionist Joe into their W H.

    To Richard Cook – great heads up on Ukraine but if I may add – Ukraine and Russian Jews , their Oligarchs, Politicians, and Globalist already owned or co- owned Ukraine before 2014, and /or were very close to putting all the legislation for the near future take over of the natural resources and farmlands once Poroshenko and Zelensky took over. I’d say that by 2020, this would have been implemented , but someone got greedy and thought that a civil war would speed up the process – Washington Neocons and the MIC etc. Maybe there was a power struggle – just a guess.

    Well, it backfired and now they ” hopefully” lose the whole country or at least the parts that mattered. If Russia lets them back in – well. then they cut a deal and 5 – 600,000 dead Ukies and Russians were for nothing. My 2 rubles worth – thanks.

  3. Dear VT Editor Johnny Punish

    Kevin Barrett as Aquarian innovative thinker is on the ball to review the name Middle East and point out that Middle East is our subjective perspective and in truth West Asia.

    An Armenian who migrated to Canada who enhances confusion because he fails to differentiate Europe from America when he asserts Israel has its heart in the West. He formulates negative reasons why and cannot jump over his own Armenian shadow to poison VT readers here by claiming Turks hate Arabs.

    But your colleague VT Editor Jonas Alexis an American math teacher who migrated to eastern but Western Asia gets first prize in deception and self-deception to quote a German philosopher he reads in Oxbridge translation, Kant who built by unscientific and materialistic intellectualism a metaphysical subjectivistic cage to destroy human thinking and possible spiritual knowledge

  4. What is the difference?

    Asia religious-belief true believer or heretic
    Europe friend or foe
    America economics my firm or competition

    Europe is BETWEEN Asia and America.

    Asia includes Palestine/Israel.

    Occult geography?