If you are a Republican voter or even a Trump Party voter, you should be beyond concerned.


This is just way too much… come on guys!

Today it is reported in a poll that 64% of Americans won’t vote for Trump in 2024. Independents are simply not buying what Sore Loser Trump is selling. Poll after poll is showing he’s toast.

In fact, I agree with Chris Christie.  He is right!  There is just NO path to a win in 2024.

So If you are a Republican voter or even a Trump Party voter, you should be beyond concerned.  You should be super pissed off that he’s wasting your time and giving the victory to the Democrats setting back any semblance of your political agenda years if not decades.

But it gets worse.

Trump simply does NOT care about AMERICA FIRST. 

I can prove it by outlining how he failed The Validity Test.

The Validity Test, according to Roger Dawson from THE SECRETS OF POWER NEGOTIATING is what you do to confirm that an objection to a buy is real.  In other words, you ask a question that reveals the truth and validates! If they pass the test, then their gambit/objection is real.  If not, then you know it’s not and you can proceed accordingly.

In this case, Trump should have already put America First and dropped out; especially knowing that Candidate Vivek Ramaswamy is Trump’s political son.

Vivek Ganapathy Ramaswamy is an American businessman and a political candidate. He founded Roivant Sciences, a pharmaceutical company, in 2014. In February 2023, Ramaswamy declared his candidacy for the Republican Party nomination in the 2024 United States presidential election. He is Hindu but rumors claim he might be Christian-ish very soon.

Ramaswamy represents Trump’s policies almost point by point.  And he is articulate and without political and legal baggage.

All Trump would need to say is that he endorses Ramaswamy and drop out.  Boom, no more media talk of trials, insurrections, overthrows, porn stars, rape, stealing of government documents, defrauding banks for loans, and more.  Instead, the national conversation would shift back to the issues and put the GOP on the offensive against the Biden agenda!  Boom! Done!

Except one thing…..

Trump does NOT care about America First.

He fails the test and proves without a doubt that this whole exercise is about him first and nothing more!

But of course, we all know this right?

I mean, we are dealing with a Cadet Bonespurs, America’s Beloved Draft Dodger!

When his country called him up, Cadet Bonespurs ran all the way to Studio 54 where he could dance the night away with international celebrities instead of fighting alongside his fellow Americans.  I mean, this man never had any character at all.  But we know that already, right?

Trump made up medical issues to avoid military service and the draft during the Vietnam War.

So did anyone expect him to pass this Validity Test? 

No, of course not!  He could NEVER pass it.  Putting the greater good before himself is simply not a feature of his lack of character!  But we know that, right?

OK, so now that you know this Demagogue Creeper is a Phony Baloney, then it’s up to you to reject him and tell the GOP to job on and put up another American to represent its party.  I mean, come on!

America has 331,900,000 people.  Don’t tell me that there is only 1 man who can do this job.   That’s more than pathetic, that’s ridiculous!

In this case, I think Ramaswamy represents the Trump Party and if the GOP wants their vote, they should go with him.

Personally, I think Chris Christie is the right guy because, while he backed Trump in 2016, he was honest in saying that he made a mistake and, when he realized it, he course corrected.  I know I know…. no one is allowed to make a mistake, right?  But that’s complete Bullshit and you know it.  Everyone makes mistakes and bad calls.  But the key to success is admitting and fixing them.  That’s what it takes to be a great leader.  And Christie has stepped up to it.

Christopher James Christie is an American politician and former federal prosecutor who served as the 55th governor of New Jersey from 2010 to 2018. A member of the Republican Party, he was the United States Attorney for New Jersey from 2002 to 2008. His name is the closest thing to Jesus ever… I am surprised they did NOT just name him Jesus Christ Christie Christ Jesus!

Nevertheless, as an indie voter myself, I felt compelled to point out that Trump simply is NOT a team player.  If he was, he would sit this game out and take one for the team.  He won’t and the GOP will pay dearly for kissing his sorry Sore Losing ass!

So instead we will get incessant LIVE trial coverage every single day until the vote because Trump has been charged with 91 felonies in 4 separate cases.  Unless he is 10 steps above Harry Houdini, it’s a cinch domino that Trump will lose

BTW, Did you know that in 95% of Federal cases, the government wins?  Trump is charged in 2 Federal cases.  So what are the odds now that he gets convicted in at least one of the two?  I am not a mathematician but I did take probability and statistics at UNLV and I know the odds are super bad for him, close to a 99% chance of conviction.

Anyway, Trump is now a major distraction. Here are my main formalized…


1. Divisiveness and Polarization:

One of the most significant concerns surrounding another Trump presidential campaign is the potential for increased division and polarization in the country. Donald Trump’s first term as president was marked by intense political polarization, and his inflammatory rhetoric often exacerbated these divides. To heal and unify the nation, it may be in the best interest of the country for Trump to step aside and allow a new candidate to lead who can focus on bridging these divides rather than deepening them.  Ramaswamy fits this replacement bill.

2. Legal Challenges and Investigations:

Donald Trump faces multiple legal challenges and investigations, both at the state and federal levels. These investigations range from tax-related matters to his business dealings and possible obstruction of justice. Running for president while under investigation is a significant distraction and further erodes public trust in the political system. To avoid the appearance of impropriety and to focus on clearing his name, Trump should drop out now! Period!

3. A Need for Fresh Faces:

The American political landscape thrives on new ideas, fresh perspectives, and a constant influx of new leaders. By running again in 2024, Donald Trump prevents the emergence of new voices within the Republican Party and hinders its ability to evolve and adapt to changing circumstances. Allowing new, capable leaders to step forward will rejuvenate the party and increase its appeal to a broader range of voters; which is absolutely necessary for a successful 21st-century future.

4. Image Rehabilitation:

The events of January 6, 2021, when a mob of Trump supporters stormed the U.S. Capitol, will forever be associated with his presidency. Running for office again so soon leaves the wounds open. Taking a step back from the political arena would provide an opportunity for Trump to work on repairing his public image and demonstrating a commitment to a more peaceful and inclusive political discourse.  But will he ever be a true leader and do what’s right for America First?  Is that even realistic?   Come on!  He’s wasting our time!

5. Potential for a Weakened Republican Field:

By Trump not removing himself, he discouraged other qualified Republican candidates from entering the race. This weakens and limits the party’s ability to present a diverse range of ideas and policies. A more robust and competitive primary process could ultimately benefit the party and help select a candidate who is best positioned to win the general election.


While Donald Trump remains a significant figure in American politics, there are compelling reasons for him to drop out!   The potential for increased divisiveness, ongoing legal challenges, a need for fresh faces, image rehabilitation, and the risk of a weakened Republican field all suggest that Trump’s candidacy is absolutely not in the best interest of the country or his own political legacy. Ultimately, the decision lies with him, but these reasons should be taken into account when making a choice about the future of his political career.  But they won’t because Trump is Trump and he failed The Validity Test.

PS:  For all you WHAT-ABOUT-ERS, this article is NOT about Joe Biden.  It’s NOT about Hillary Clinton or even Barack Obama.  VT hammers Biden on policy all over the place. Heck, I am NOT sure if there is even one positive article about Biden’s policy on Ukraine.  And I know there are a bunch of articles on Hunter Biden and corruption. So cool it.  Don’t give me this bullshit that we only critic Trump. That’s Bullshit!  And, while Trump may be your hero, your hero crossed the line and you must deal with it.  Call Mommy…. maybe she can help!


  1. I voted for Trump for president in 2016 because I didn’t want Mrs. Clinton. I also opted for him in 2020 because of Biden. Those 2 come from the same mold. But then so does Trump. I believe there has been a lot of reverse psychology played against so called US citizens by the (((tribe))). I believe they really wanted him in the presidency in 2016 so they could add further fighting to the already divided population of the US. If they want him in 2025, then he will be elected. True Christians of the US need to get together, live like Christians, and promote a truly a Christian lifestyle to the US citizens. We Christians need to reject politics and both parties and instead promote Jesus’ message to mankind. We need to learn that our true enemies in this world are Jews and Masons.

  2. As I read this, it read more like a comedy script. First, Trumpets would no more vote for Ramaswamy than the man in the moon, actually they would go for the man in the moon first. Second, there are no repugs that have any more scruples than Trump, C Christy is a real POS, just internet search C Christy corrupt. Every one of them are tied to the MIC every bit as much as dems are tied to big pharma. Trumpets don’t care about the country either, most are self centered and delusional. What faction is it that continuously talks of civil war? Which faction is it that talks of breaking up the country? It ain’t those silly ‘woke’ people. It ain’t so-called progressives either. BTW, if Trumpets haven’t figured out that Trump is as corrupt as could possibly be, has been an agent of Mossad/CIA for decades and whose position and money comes from the KM and his money laundering…what could possibly make them wake up at this late date? Even worse, most wouldn’t care that he is corrupt, continuing to faun over him because he’s their guy and speaks their language. Never mind that all his style and tactics are from his mentor, that piece of Mossad human garbage, Cohn. I would be willing to bet that 99% don’t have a clue as to who he even is. Cohn died over 35 years ago and Trumpets under 40 have no clue who and what he was…and that Trump is a manufactured persona in his image. In the end, it won’t matter, TPTB will ensconce their ‘man’, all are on the payroll or are already compromised and controlled. Whether dem or repug makes no difference, in the end they’re the same. Even if Tramp was re-elected, the same agenda would continue…just as Trump continued their agenda and Biden continues Trumps. The rest is theater.

  3. Vivek Ramaswamy squirms from MSNBC host Mehdi Hasa after being asked why he accepted a $50K Soros law scholarship when he had made almost $1 million from his hedge fund.

    I thought you twits would want to know.
    None of the candidates running are worth a plugged nickel. A corrupt system eats itself. Plan accordingly. Stop “believing” in a Satanic government run by demons

  4. Dr. Johnny Punish,

    I really want to know if you’re a real person or just a scamming POS. Please answer the following questions, and please be sincere:

    1) Who do you think is responsible for 9/11? Please be specific.

    2) What do you think caused WTC1 and WTC2 to collapse? And what caused WTC7 to fall?

    Your turn.

  5. I only pointed out that VIVEK TRUMP is Donald’s political son and if they were looking for Trump without all the abhorent and criminal behavior to try VIVEK TRUMP. As an independent, I am NOT advocating VIVEK or anyone at this time.

  6. I don’t know why you would think VTs approach to 9/11 is suspect. Have you read or listened to any of their content on the subject? If you have misgivings about beliefs concerning 9/11, you should post your question to Trump/Trumpets as well. Do YOU believe that Muslims did the deed? Do YOU believe Trump is being honest when he changed ‘dancing Israelis’ to ‘dancing Arabs’ during his (s)election? Did YOU believe Trump when he originally said they were demolished by bombs, but later came to blame KSA? I did get a laugh out of your reply that you were too lazy, it seems a national epidemic when it comes to knowledge. But you can be secure in the knowledge that you are not alone…after all, millions voted for Trump.