This Week in Washington Korruption: Gold Bar Menendez, His Low-ness King Trump and His Dishonor Judge Clarence Thomas

Kontempt, Bribery and Fraud! What another Stellar Week in Washington DC


First Up? The King of Kontempt, The Lord of Lies, and the Man who infamously said “I could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody, and I wouldn’t lose any voters, OK?”.  I present to you the star GOP Candidate for President of the United States 2024 and Former 45th President of the United States, a criminal like no other, His Low-ness King Trump, and the case of…

10,000 square feet – OR – 30,000 square feet?

So tell me and DON’T LIE! You are in the Real Estate Business and you own and manage office buildings, homes, and condos around the world; say you’ve been in that business for around 40 years!  Would you know the difference between 10,000 square feet and 30,000 square feet?  Now, don’t lie!  Be honest readers!

Of course, you would!

Well, yesterday in court, Trump’s defense team said in the New York State Fraud case for $ 250,000,000, “it’s an honest mistake”.  That’s their defense!  LMAO!  No Shit!  I know, right?  Ballsy!

Yep, his lawyers are arguing in court yesterday that TRUMP’s company, which has been in the Real Estate Business since its inception, 40 years I think, took a look at 30,000 square feet and said “Looks like 10,000 to me”.

Really? I am NOT a professional in that biz and even I know my BNB is collectively about 10,000 square feet of living space. I would NEVER make a mistake and claim 30,000. Come On!

This guy and his defense team are so contemptuous that they actually are mocking the courts to their faces, laughing at them…It is truly incredible.

The judge, not being so stupid, pounded his fist and got in the faces of Trump’s defense lawyers and told them they could not openly lie in his court like this. On the other hand, what else should the defense say? They got nothing!  So there’s that!

In fact, they don’t even deny that their client committed $ 250,000,000 in fraud to obtain bank loans. They just argue that everyone commits fraud and so it’s NOT a fraud!

LMAO! Really?

OK, valuations can be subjective like my 2009 Ford Explorer with 100,000 miles is worth around $ 6000. OK, maybe $ 8000 at most or maybe as low as $ 4000. But NOT 3X or $ 18,000! Come On! That’s not a subjective judgment error, that’s intentionally pretending its worth nowhere near anything reasonable. Period.

And when, on a different application, say on a tax return, you make the same “honest mistake” and put down a significantly lower valuation, well, then, as a pro, you know what you are doing.

It’s easy for fraudsters, to obtain loans from a bank you overvalue a bit and, on tax filings, you lowball a bit.  Of course, it’s not consistent.  But who is going to check that right?  But you know you’re lying and committing fraud but… but in this case, it’s beyond over the top.  It’s just beyond the pale and ridiculous!

Now, for those Trump unapologetic supporters reading this… please do NOT blow smoke up your own asses. It’s weird okay!  Instead, just nod your head and say

“He’s committing fraud and I don’t care”.

At least that is honest! Because that’s where we really are with this guy.  Everyone knows he’s he has committed fraud, everyone knows he led the Jan. 6 insurrection and everyone knows he tried to hoodwink the election results in Georgia. He knows it, I know it and you know.

The real truth is that Trump supporters honestly DO NOT CARE! It really is that simple! Integrity? The Trump Univesity and Foundation Fraud Guy? NOPE!  Character?  The Stormy Daniels Guy?  Seriously?  NOPE!  None of that matters! It’s a fundamental shift in moral and ethical values for this group all the way. They really don’t care and that’s a fact! So deal with it and stop pretending to be shocked by it!

Senator Bob Menendez and his wife Nadine Arslanian each face three charges

Oh Bob! Not Again? Really!

Our favorite bribed scumbag is at it again.  This time, he’s getting paid off in GOLD BARS!  Gold!  Not bad!  A hedge against inflation!  OK!

So New Jersey Democratic Senator Robert Menendez has been indicted again. This time for allegedly accepting hundreds of thousands of dollars in bribes, according to the Justice Department.

You may recall that this is NOT his first bribe indictment rodeo!

In fact, Menendez faced bribery charges back in 2015. The senator, who has served in Congress since 2006, was indicted in New Jersey in 2015 over allegations he accepted bribes – including luxury vacations – from a wealthy Florida eye doctor. That case ended in a mistrial after jurors were unable to reach a unanimous verdict.

Oops! I guess Bob took that verdict as a “See honey, we can steal whatever we want and nothing happens to us.  It’s as if committing fraud is expected from us in Congress”

And so now, Prosecutors say Menendez and his wife accepted gold bars and envelopes of cash from New Jersey businessmen. The senator and his wife accepted the money to secretly aid the Egyptian government, prosecutors allege.

On cue, both Mr and Ms Menendez have vehemently denied the charges.

The pair each face three criminal counts: conspiracy to commit bribery, conspiracy to commit honest services fraud, and conspiracy to commit extortion under color of official right.

The indictment comes after a years-long Justice Department investigation.

Here’s the prosecutor showing the evidence in court this week

In fact, you can read much more about it here on BBC at US Senator Bob Menendez and wife charged in bribery inquiry

By the way, didn’t they accuse this creep of diddling underage prostitutes in the Dominican Republic a few years ago?

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas was at the Bohemian Grove, a secretive all-men’s retreat in Northern California, with billionaire industrialist David Koch, right, and Ken Burns, whose films Koch has financially supported.

And finally, in the I DON’T GIVE A SHIT WHAT YA’ALL THINK category, I present you…

The Great Openly Contemptous Man of the Hour, The Bribe King of the Kangaroo Kourts, His Dishonor, Supreme Court Judge Clarence Thomas

This guy is hilarious. He openly admits his office is for sale and does NOT care what you think. He’s like…

“YEP, I AM TAKING BRIBES!  And what DaFuq are you going to do about it? Nuthin! That’s right, Nuthin! So Fuck Off Bitches!”

I mean, don’t you think it’s time for the DOJ and Congress to investigate this poor excuse for a man? I am NOT even an expert on these issues and even I know it’s time for at least an ethics probe into Clarence Thomas.

But then again, does CONGRESS really want to talk about ethics?  I mean, the good judge’s defense is going to be the Trumpian “Well, everyone does it so it’s not a crime!”

I mean, alleged in a new report from ProPublica called “Clarence Thomas Secretly Participated in Koch Network Donor Events“, they reveal how Justices Samuel Alito and Clarence Thomas accepted even more lavish trips from Republican billionaires that they failed to disclose. And how Thomas has attended at least two Koch donor summits, putting him in the extraordinary position of having helped a political network that has brought multiple cases before the Supreme Court.

I mean, don’t all of us just hang out with billionaires for shits and giggles?

Here, read it yourself….at

And that’s the way it was This Week in Washington Korruption!


  1. from what I’ve seen, pelosi is who was responsible for jan 6th, along with ALL the FBI put in the crowd. she even had her daughter there with a camera to record it (kind of reminds me of the “dancing israelis” ready to record the 911 attack)