Today in Miami Florida, Donald J. Trump became the first former U.S. President to be arrested and charged with a Federal Crime. In this case, he pleaded NOT GUILTY to 37 counts.

And as Trump’s Attorney General William Barr said yesterday “If even half of what the government alleges is true, he’s toast”, it begs the question, ‘Is it time to meet with Biden to make a deal for a Pardon in exchange for a Trump-Bow-Out from the political scene’?

Let’s take a look.

The 37 counts Trump faces carry over 100 years in jail.  If no deal and he’s convicted, it’s John Gotti die in jail time.  Who knows, maybe Jail-Bird Trump will write a book while in jail and call it “Mein Kamph Obama Was Born in Kenya and I am Victim”

And worse, almost every legal expert says he’s toast; that if what they read in the indictment proves to be true in court, there is simply no doubt he will be convicted and die in jail.

And even worse for Trump, he pushed forward a change in the law to make what he actually did from a misdemeanor to a felony. You can’t make this up!

The only chance Trump has to get off, in this case, is the lovely Good Trump Appointed Federalist Society Judge Aileen Cannon. Yes, that wonderful lovely Cali Columbian Born, Judge Canon who already proved, indeed, that she can be gotten to.

Previously, the good judge embarrassed herself in public by blatantly ruling for Trump in the government documents case where the government removed them from his bathroom and other locations at Mar-A-Lago forcing a panel of 3 judges to overrule her ridiculous and obvious “favor” for Trump.

In that situation, the unqualified Judge Cannon overruled procedures proposed by the special master she appointed, senior federal judge Raymond Dearie, who had been nominated by Trump’s legal team; instead Cannon agreed with Trump’s legal team on multiple issues, and set procedures including extending the deadline for the review.

On December 1 2022, the Eleventh Circuit ordered the case to be dismissed because Cannon “improperly exercised equitable jurisdiction” over it.

Government Property sitting in the bathroom at Mar-A-Lago post-Trump Presidency

The Eleventh Circuit stated that Trump needed to show that the case met all four criteria under the Richey test for equitable jurisdiction over lawsuits for seized materials, but failed to do so for any criteria.

The Eleventh Circuit found that under Cannon, “the district court stepped in with its own reasoning” multiple times to argue in favor of Trump, sometimes even taking positions that Trump would not argue before the appeals court.

The Eleventh Circuit also found that when Trump did not explain what materials he still needed returning, or why, the “district court was undeterred by this lack of information”.

So there you have it, I present to you Judge Cannon, another Judge on the take!

So will “they” get to her again and force her to shit the bench in full view of the world, again? Well, if she comes up with all kinds of excuses to delay the trial until after the election 2024, well, you know they did!

So here we are… Trump only has Cannon and her handlers to save him from the gallows.

Play The Biden Card Donald!

Oh wait, there is one last ditch effort to save the Orange Blob from himself and that’s to beg Biden for a Pardon.

Can you imagine how that goes down;

Trump:  “Hello Sleepy Joe, John Barron here, opps, I mean Donny from the Block just calling to say what’s shakin Joe, even though you’re disgusting and belong in jail.

Biden:  “Who’s this?  John who?

Trump:  “Geez us Joe, Trump here. You know the guy who did NOT shake your hand to welcome you to back to the White House as our 46th President because I am such a total Sore Loser Dickhead.”

Biden:  “Oh yeah, that Trump!  Yeah, yeah!  I saw they got you on 37 counts. I said to my wife Jill, that’s Mularkey. It should have been another 10 counts for being such a jackass to the country”

Trump: “Chi-Nah Joe, Chi-Nah!”

Biden: “Huh?

Trump: “Exactly Joe. I am sending in my people so you can sign a Pardon I wrote up. Just sign it Joe and we will both be happy.  I go back to Russia, oops, I mean to Mar-A-Lago and play golf and you can tell everyone Donald Trump loves our great country, not like you who is disgusting and belongs in jail! OK, Joe?

And there you have it, the awkward phone call!

But all kidding aside, the Pardon may be the only card Trump will have left and he will have to find a deal or he’s dead in jail.

But does Biden have an incentive to deal?

I mean, as it stands, Trump is also facing possible charges in Georgia for election interference; most likely in August. And there are potentially more charges for inspiring and leading the January 6th attempted coup. And don’t forget his lovely business fraud case in New York City too!

Now, of course, Biden only has the ability to pardon for Federal Crimes NOT state crimes.  So it may be a bit tricky.

But Biden can definitely call a National Security meeting and invite the Georgia and New York Attorney Generals over for a Trump Talk.

What I mean is that it may be possible that he can get them to back off for the “benefit of the country” in exchange for Trump completely exiting the political arena and “retiring” to his golf course to enjoy the rest of his life.

But does Biden really have an incentive for such a Pardon?

I mean, Trump is on his way to crash and burn and many historians are saying that Ford’s Pardon of Nixon, while noble, was ultimately a mistake because it set a precedent that U.S. citizens who become president are above the law. And so Biden may just choose to turn down a meeting with Trump and let him burn.

In short, the calculus would be that Trump will NOT survive all the charges from all the courts of law he has violated and will eventually get crushed under the weight of his own contempt and ultimately exhaust the American public to the point that they are just sick of him and want to move on.

And frankly, the ultimate calculus is that, even if Trump is convicted and wins the GOP nomination, there will be NO path to winning the 2024 general election because NO Democrat voter will consider him at all and the independent voters will run away from that Sexual Predator faster than sending their kids to Trump University for a Degree in How to Defraud Everyone!

And so Trump is just stuck with his hardcore cult voters.

It’s not even clear that moderate GOP voters will stick with him. And that puts him in loser land again.

But this time, it will be the biggest loss in U.S. History. In fact, even if every moderate GOP votes for him, I have calculated that he will lose, not by the 8 million he lost against Biden, but by over 20 million votes. Add in losing the moderate vote, who may just choose to abstain, it will be a public election massacre. It has the potential to send his political career and the GOP into the political dumpster destroying all the hopes and dreams of their voters forcing the GOP to completely gut themselves and start over!

This, by the way, would be a great thing for American politics because, as it stands right now, their consistent failures are getting them nowhere. There is no future in racism, bigotry, confederacy, hatred, or media that turns neighbors into enemies.  It was always a bad choice to sell fear with no vision. All of it has to stop one way or another.

So will the powers that be put an end to it?

I mean, the question is, will Biden make the calculation to play this out? Will he let Criminal Defendent Trump completely sink the GOP into oblivion OR will he blink and become the next Gerald Ford and do a deal with America’s biggest Sore Loser, the man that completely dishonored the 247-year tradition of a peaceful respectful transfer of power and engineered American Carnage!

What do you think?

Pardon Deal?

Or throw it up there and play this game out?


  1. Dr. Paul Craig Roberts from the Reagan Administration sees this differently:
    He writes:
    “Gang of Criminals Trying Trump”
    My view from Germany is also different – as we remember the American lessons from the Nuremberg-trials – that German TRAITORS where shipped illegally & SECRETLY to America under “Operation Paperclip”, like Wernher von Braun, who brought Americans to the Moon, while my Godfather Prof. Dr. med. Karl Brandt was hanged in Landsberg, without even his defense being translated into English . . .
    The ancient rule of law reads: “Audiatur et Altera Pars”
    Instead of LISTENING to that side of Donald Trump – that around HALF of your Nation has chosen to trust – the STEALTH powers like CIA, FBI, NSA and all the other NON DEMOCRATIC entities in your country have chosen to totally CENSOR your elected president!
    Instead of giving a FAIR chance to Donald Trump & treating security-breaches on an EQUAL level with similar or even worse security-breaches of Joe Biden, Hunter Biden, Hillary Clinton selling Uranium One to Russia for personal Profit & having tens of thousand of confidential E-Mails on her private server – JUSTICE IN AMERICA IS NOT THE SAME FOR EVERYONE!
    THOSE criminal manipulations have been noticed all around the planet – so that now more than HALF of the population of this planet is against that American proxy-war in Ukraine, where Russians fight Russians which had been planned since at least 1997, if you carefully read your “security”-Psychopath Zbigniew Brzeziński:
    World’s most renowned “Forecaster” gives America now exactly nine (9) more years for it’s descent into oblivion:
    Johnny Punish, GM ends his ode to Joe Biden and “…the powers that be…” with the following question:
    “…will Biden make the calculation to play this out? Will he let Criminal Defendent Trump completely sink the GOP into oblivion OR will he blink and become the next Gerald Ford and do a deal with America’s biggest Sore Loser, the man that completely dishonored the 247-year tradition of a peaceful respectful transfer of power and engineered American Carnage!”
    This creates another question:
    “Where were you, Mister Punish – when in 1963 your CRIMINAL CIA MURDERED President John F. Kennedy – and for 60 years CENSORS the FACTS, the PROOF, the EVIDENCE before the American People . . .
    If you call the choosing of the American President by STEALTH CIA-MURDERERS a “…247-year tradition of a peaceful respectful transfer of power…” – then you might be chosen for this year’s George Orwell-Price 2023 – as I cannot remember anyone else calling the MURDER of your elected President “…a peaceful respectful transfer of power…”
    Maybe you should get back to making MUSIC – as you have some EXCELLENT writers inside Veterans Today – and maybe my answer on your MUSIC will be much more affectionate . . . ?

  2. Kalle, super thank you for taking exception to my position in the most professional way. Engaging thoughtful measured gents like you are what make covering the tough subjects on VT worthwhile. Besides, at the very least, it sounds like you may even like a few of my songs…so that’s good, right?

    So where was I in 1963?

    Well, I was one month old when JFK was taken out! So that gives me a genuine Alibi; unless Judge Cannon is on the case and assigns a special master to my case and then dislikes their ruling and decides to throw me, “the baby”, out with the bath water…

    Seriously, I have always been an independent voter and not part of any established party so when you mention “ode to Biden”, it’s weird to me because I don’t defend Trump or Biden or anybody. Nevertheless, I have taken a very seriously look at the facts and have concluded that its Trump himself who is responsible for his own failed behavior; from paying fines in NYC for only renting to “white’ people to all his shenanigans with the phony Obama was born in Kenya BS etc… all the way to this documents case when all he had to do is cooperate and he choose not to thumbing his nose at the rule of law.

    Nah, I take position that, unlike Obama, who played an excellent game of politics and escaped unscathed and intact, that Trump played the game poorly putting himself in the worst position possible where he will end up being served on his own plate at the AMERICAN CARNAGE RESTAURANT at Rikers Island.

    As for other VT writers, VT sees the world from all sides…. all positions are welcome and often VT writers disagree with one another’s position. VT is a space for hard hitting tough intellectual discourse. It’s not an echo chamber for circle-jerkers!

    In this spirit, thank you again for sharing your point of view. It’s truly what makes VT an outstanding space for expression and discourse.

  3. The statement of former AG William Barr says it all. I am not a fan of Trump and I am far much less of a fan of the current president. Barr’s statement, if accurate tells me that this whole circus is to keep trump out of the race so Biden can have his second term. So if Trump tuck his tail between his legs,apologize to Biden,and withdraw from the race,then all is well. Biden can have all the classified documents he wants with no consequences to him. No problem with Hillary Clinton’s server issue. Hunter’s laptop, no problem. Let uncle Joe take us into WW3 because that is what most Americans want.