The Wisdom of the Bullfrog: Leadership Made Simple (But Not Easy)

VT's Johnny Punish presents an outstanding book on leadership; get on board


We live in a time of contempt and chaos; a time where so many do NOT value leadership, character, trust, and respect.  Contempt for leadership is hurting everyone.  We really need to kick it up a notch.   We need to raise our standards across the board on everything.  And leadership is no exception.

We must be leaders ourselves and demand outstanding character from one another.  It is in this light that I present to you this terrific book that will shed world-class light on the simple yet important attributes that will help you be a great leader.

Add this book by Admiral McRaven to your reading schedule this year.  And get on board with the true proper attributes that make men exercise leadership; be that leader.

Now, I get it.  Some of you here may politically disagree with the wars and actions in which the Admiral served.  But like the highly decorated U.S. Sergeant Alvin York (WWI), you may even be a conscientious objector but be in a tough situation where your name is called to lead!  Then what? So the qualities and attributes of leadership apply to you too.  It just depends on what situation you are called upon to lead that will drive your future.  So get on board and be a great leader. In this light, I bring you…

From the acclaimed, #1 New York Times bestselling author of Make Your Bed—a short, inspirational book of advice and leadership lessons that U.S. Admiral William H. McRaven has collected over his four decades as a Navy SEAL.

The title “Bullfrog” is given to the Navy SEAL who has served the longest on active duty. Admiral McRaven was honored to receive this honor in 2011 when he took charge of the United States Special Operations Command.

When McRaven retired in 2014, he had 37 years as a Navy SEAL under his belt, leading men and women at every level of the special operations community.

In the ensuing four years, he served as Chancellor to the entire University of Texas System, with its 230,000 students and 100,000 faculty and health care workers.

During those four decades, Admiral McRaven dealt with every conceivable leadership challenge, from commanding combat operations—including the capture of Saddam Hussein, the rescue of Captain Phillips, and the raid for Osama bin Laden.

2009: McRaven briefing President Obama in the Oval Office with Command Sgt. Maj. Chris Faris. (The White House)

THE WISDOM OF THE BULLFROG draws on these and countless other experiences from Admiral McRaven’s incredible life, including crisis situations, management debates, organizational transitions, and ethical dilemmas, to provide readers with the most important leadership lessons he has learned over the course of his forty years of service.

Each chapter provides a Make Your Bed-like parable, rich with insights like those featured in his bestselling memoir, Sea Stories, about the specific leadership traits required to be at the top of your game, including:

Who Dares, Wins
Run to the Sound of the Guns
No Plan Survives First Contact with the Enemy

THE WISDOM OF THE BULLFROG is Admiral McRaven’s clear-eyed treatise on the leadership qualities that separate the good from the truly great; a worthy read indeed.


  1. Impressive resume and done some good things. Does it bother him that he has never shared the dirty little secret that is ruining our hopes for a peaceful world? ZIONism is it’s name and the leadership is in D.C., London, NY, Rome, Hollywood, and Israel. World rule by the “chosen” is their goal and “antisemitic” and “racist” are their weapons of war.