VT RADIO: ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT, The 1000 Year Mission Creep with VT’s Paul Fitzgerald and Elizabeth Gould

VT's Paul Fitzgerald and Elizabeth Gould share their latest book The Valediction: Resurrection with VT Radio Host Johnny Punish


Host Johnny Punish welcomes back esteemed authors Paul Fitzgerald and Elizabeth Gould to discuss their latest book The VALEDICTION:  RESURRECTION.

In the book, they go far back to Norman Invasions of England to the Elizabethan Era to connect the dots between what’s happening now with Endless Wars and the mission creep pursuit of a One World Government.


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Paul Fitzgerald and Elizabeth Gould are authors of Invisible History: Afghanistan’s Untold Story, published by City Lights (2009), and Crossing Zero The AfPak War at the Turning Point of American Empire, published by City Lights (2011). Their novel The Voice, was published in 2001. Their memoir, The Valediction Three Nights of Desmond  (2021) and The Valediction Resurrection (2022) was published by TrineDay.  For more information visit invisiblehistory , grailwerk, and valediction.net