“To punish the perpetraitors of insurrection against democracy is clemency; to forgive them is barbarity”  Johnny Punish

I stand 100% with Democracy and the Republic of the United States of America!  Period!

In this light, I confess I have one major issue with what most call the greatest U.S. president in history, Abraham Lincoln.  That is with his reconciliation with the losers. The Confederates got a sweet deal after the U.S. Civil War was over and it was extremely costly to the nation.

Of course, it’s easy to be a Monday morning quarterback 157 years after the fact but it’s clear now, that his apparent move towards clemency and his successor, Andrew Johnson’s, subsequent pro-Confederate positions which welcomed back without consequence those who attacked the nation and caused the deaths of over 618,000 Americans cost the nation dearly. In fact, one can argue that with the Jim Crow laws allowed to fester in the south, it cost the nation another 100-plus years of unnecessary strife.  We could have ended racial inequities in the 1870s and not waited for the civil rights laws of the 1960s.

So with history as the guide, it’s clear that those who have committed crimes against democracy and the Republic of the USA must face the maximum punishment. Without it, the nation will suffer decades upon decades.

Granted, many take the position that the federal government is corrupted from top to bottom.  OK, that’s legit. I agree!  We need massive reform for the 21st century. But there was an election and Sore Loser Trump lost both the popular vote by 7,060,347 (81,284,666 to 74,224,319) and the ridiculously antiquated Electoral College 306-232; which needs to be shelved.

Look, if the majority of the people wanted what Sore Loser Trump was selling, they would have bought it.  That’s how it works.  Being angry about it is NO excuse to overthrow the will of the people. That’s not democracy at all.  That’s just being pissed off that we didn’t get our way.   And that’s not good enough in a civil society.  We gotta do much better than that!  It’s as simple as being a good gracious loser and being a humble gracious winner! A really simple thing to live by!

As it stands, the leader of the Insurrection, Sore Loser Donald Trump, has faced NO CONSEQUENCE, and his leadership insider assigns, so far, nothing. The only people who have faced consequences were the vulnerable and gullible peasants who Generalissimo Sore Loser, The Cowardly Draft Dodging Trump, sent in to do his dirty work.

What further demonstrates the pathetic state of this union is the recent revelation that Sore Loser Trump stole the people’s documents and hide them away at his home in Mar-A-Lago. Yeah, he admits it and still no arrest. No wonder he has contempt!  What else is he supposed to think?  He said he can shoot a man in the middle of Times Square and never go to jail. He’s right, so far!

I mean classified documents?  Are you kidding me? I mean, geez us, the Rosenbergs got executed for what Emperor Donald looks to have done. WTF already?  Arrest him!  Or rule of law means nothing!

All this while his daughter and son-in-law walk away at the 11th hour with a $ 2 billion dollar secret Saudi deal while his brainwashed cult parrots the Fox News Tucker Carlson screams about Hunter Biden.  It’s a very bad comedy indeed; CORRUPTION BEYOND BELIEF!

Allan Pinkerton, Abraham Lincoln, center, and Maj. Gen. John A. McClernand in Antietam, Md., after the Battle of Antietam on Oct. 3, 1862. (AP/Library Of Congress/Alexander Gardner)

HISTORY RECAP: The postwar policy of Abraham Lincoln

At the end of the war, Lincoln’s policy for the defeated South was not clear in all its details, though he continued to believe that the main objective should be to restore the “seceded States, so-called,” to their “proper practical relation” with the Union as soon as possible. He possessed no fixed and uniform program for the region as a whole. As he said in the last public speech of his life (April 11, 1865), “so great peculiarities” pertained to each of the states, “such important and sudden changes” occurred from time to time, and “so new and unprecedented” was the whole problem that “no exclusive and inflexible plan” could “safely be prescribed.” With respect to states like Louisiana and Tennessee, he continued to urge acceptance of new governments set up under his 10 percent plan during the war.

With respect to states like Virginia and North Carolina, he seemed willing to use the old rebel governments temporarily as a means of transition from war to peace. He was on record as opposing the appointment of “strangers” (carpetbaggers) to govern the South. He hoped that the Southerners themselves, in forming new state governments, would find some way by which whites and Blacks “could gradually live themselves out of their old relation to each other, and both come out better prepared for the new.” A program of education for the freedmen, he thought, was essential to preparing them for their new status. He also suggested that the vote be given immediately to some African Americans—“as, for instance, the very intelligent, and especially those who have fought gallantly in our ranks.”

On the question of reconstruction, however, Lincoln and the extremists of his own party stood even farther apart in early 1865 than a year before. Some of the Radicals were beginning to demand a period of military occupation for the South, the confiscation of planter estates and their division among the freedmen, and the transfer of political power from the planters to the formerly enslaved. In April 1865 Lincoln began to modify his own stand in some respects and thus narrow the gap between himself and the Radicals. He recalled the permission he had given for the assembling of the rebel legislature of Virginia, and he approved in principle—or at least did not disapprove—Stanton’s scheme for the military occupation of Southern states. After the cabinet meeting of April 14, Attorney General James Speed inferred that Lincoln was moving toward a radical position. “He never seemed so near our views,” Speed believed. What Lincoln’s reconstruction policy would have been, if he had lived to complete his second term, can only be guessed at.

On the evening of April 14, 1865, 26-year-old John Wilkes Booth—a rabid advocate of slavery with ties to the South and the flamboyant son of one of the most distinguished theatrical families of the 19th century—shot Lincoln as he sat in Ford’s Theatre in Washington. Early the next morning Lincoln died.

Source:  Encyclopedia Britannica

The real truth is that we peasants, all of us, are being bamboozled by the elites in society using what should be a system of government by the people, for the people, and of the people.

But they got us so divided, that none of us can see the corporatocracy grift that is right in front of our faces. Instead, we argue left/right nonsense while the corporate media delivers its daily Panem and Circus. Cicero would be proud of this Rollerball.

At this point, the nation remains in trouble as too many citizens are still on the side of the Trump Confederates putting up his candidates who sell his Big Lie of election fraud. They are the modern-day versions of The Confederates. They must be vanquished not given title and agency in the USA or the USA, democracy is in deep trouble!

Yes, of course, we must deal with a system that is corrupted but we must do it by electing reps that put reform as a priority NOT lip service. It has to be done!

Look, I suspect if Abe Lincoln were with us today, he would agree with my position that placating insurrectionists was a mistake and none of the Confederates should have been given anything of note except the maximum punishment for crimes against the will of the people; no mercy! no agency!


“To punish the perpetraitors of insurrection against democracy is clemency; to forgive them is barbarity”  Johnny Punish

My two cents

A Johnny Punish punk rock song about government corruption.

Such a great profession
Getting paid to spread infection

Everyone’s to blame
For this global grifter game
Talking heads with a Tommy Gun
They take the money and run

Just another farce
Get me outta this Trumpian car
An I don’t wanna play
Cause Panem and Circus is not okay

I don’t want to be a maggot
No I don’t want your golden toilet
I just wanna be freeeeeeeeeeee

Everyone’s to blame
And you, a member of the Hall of Fame
So get off my lawn
No serfing allowed on this pawn

Just another farce
How long can this go on
Can’t I catch a break
My golden goose has drowned in the lake

They got complete control
Profiteers jumping through loopholes
And propaganda’s calling meeee

Oh I think I’m gonna vomit
I’eye’eye don’t want to be a maggot

Why so cheap
I’m waiting, I’m waiting, I’m waiting for your answer
Oh oh oh oh oh oh ohhhhh
The system ate the sheep
Written, Performed and Produced by Johnny Punish
Extra Guitars by Stefano Andrigo (Milan, Italy)


  1. You lost me on the second or third paragraph when you compared claiming the election was stolen which it was . First there’s no way in hell that Bidan could have gotten over 80 million votes to Trump’s 74 million votes since there aren’t that many registered voters which is around 141 million and here’ s another thing they all don’t vote. Only just over 60% do. Do the math Johnny. Secondly the introduction of Covid 19 increased the opportunity for massive fraud with mail in voting which the Democrats used to stuff the ballots like they tried to do in 1864 in order to defeat Lincoln. You know the party of slavery, Jim Crow and other evils that you’ve mentioned. I could go on about the DumbMinion voting machine but if you and your ilk think the election was the most secure in American history then you should support a full forensic audit instead of resisting one. Until then you and your kind are just FOS.

  2. Adair 154,600,000 people voted according to the census. Math works the same in Polish as it does in English. Chinese, Russian and just possibly Hebrew as well.

  3. We went through one election where “you and your ilk” accepted the easily hacked Diabold machines elected baby Bush and of course “you and your kind” hung Chad in Florida while you filleted the ‘Supreme’s’ for deciding that erection.

  4. Hey thunder thighs. The census doesn’t ask if one is a registered voter so obviously you’re using Polish math like LA County for example that had an amazing 145% voter turn out. Voter turnout is the key which I said was around 60%. Another one is eligible voters i.e. US Citizens. You can accept the Census numbers if you wish. See Rigged Census Fraud Questions Arise, 14 States Over Or Undercounted Significantly @ red voice media or if you wish you can go behind WSJ’s paywall and read Who Rigged the Census?
    Under-counts may have cost Florida and Texas another House seat.That said a forensic AUDIT would prove me wrong and you’re ilk right but you all don’t have the balls to call one because you CHEATED! BTW I’d been saying for years that GW stole the election from Bore so don’t play that DR crap on me.

  5. Sorry Adair, You obviously do not know me well. My Birth mother is Polish. I do not place any confidence in elections. I do not take a side in politics. I have more Liberal leanings however I believe both conservative and liberal ideas must be taken into account for good governance. You are most definitely correct that the Democratic party pulled the plug on Bernie. The two party system is completely corrupt. Citizens United is a godsend to USA, Inc. It appears to me that your anger is miss placed. Currently we have a Pharmaceutical/Military Industrial Complex pushing the world into war. A very effective mind controlling media. not to mention corrupt religious institutions leading people such as yourself and the 74 million others you mentioned into a blind rage. Militias making runs on the Capital, Governors in Michigan and FBI offices. There are millions praying for Armageddon while others are locked and loaded for civil war against their brothers.

  6. I recall late on 2016 election night after voting for Jill Stein, watching results from my PA home and being resigned to another Clinton in the White House. But wait!! After midnight came wheel barrels full of Trump ballots from remote counties few even knew existed. Yes! PA and most of the Democratic rust belt just went for Trump. The Orange Blob pullled it off. But, how? Just like most of the other recently elected presidents. Fraud and abuse. These two party elections are hopelessly susceptible to such. 2024 will probably follow suit despite the mostly accurate numbers that you’ve provided.

  7. Lost in the flak is the fact that Trump is a crook. We can go after Biden next and better yet the criminals pulling his strings. But if we can not we can not take out one kingpin of corruption we are not to be forgiven .

  8. And by the way Adair Trump knows the truth or the lie of 911. Aided and abetted the perps in his presidency

  9. If you agree to extrajudicial or Unconstitutional means to accomplish this then really you’re no better than the “enemies” you oppose because you have become them.

  10. He’s one of the few actually the only one in office who actually questioned the 911 narrative see Trump: Twin Tower Bombs On 9/11 Bought Down WTC at News Punch.

  11. Point taken. Disagree. The Trump legacy speaks for itself. Dishonesty and NDA’s. Corrupt Business practices. Leaving contractors high and dry. Money at any and all costs. And a long line of lawyers paid and unpaid, jailed and fighting jail in his dust. How do you feel about the military woman getting capped trying to breach the senate for the loser. Not to mention the death and destruction for His Reinstatement and he is unwilling and able to personally take the stand unlike Bill or Dick. He is costing taxpayers millions by avoiding his day in court as usual.

  12. Oh so Ashly Babbit getting capped is Trump’s fault not the Capital Police use of excessive and deadly force. Your idea of cause and effect is totally f*cked. Go get your booster. I don’t continue “arguments” with reTarDS. Now go self fornicate.

  13. DEMOCRACY is a socio-toxic service, for the maintenance of which you spend every 6 dollars out of 7. Democracy is a snake that you have warmed on your chest. Democracy is what will kill you.

  14. John. Here’s my observation after 72 years on the planet, most of it spent in the USA. Whether it was 1860 or 1960, there has been and still is a portion of the population who want to eliminate or subjugate all the lazy n_ggers and dirty sp_cs taking over the free Republic. They don’t say it but it’s the feeling the right wing politicos have used for years. And it ain’t going anywhere soon.

  15. Apples to oranges.
    What Humpty Trump did/does is not linked to the Civil War.
    Although, the comment he made about killing someone in Times Square and getting away with it was a good oldie, but moldy. It’s true. He stated that. Thanks for reminding the VT readers.

    The Civil War was due, in large part, because of the southern states wanting to distance themselves, and their economies from the northern tyrants, at that time. The plans for secession were already being discussed, and prior to, the official start of the war, which was April 1861.

    Plans for secession were carried out in 1860. These plans were not hidden, and the north knew that. They had to line up their Generals, supplies, etc. Weighing the balances of war, as it were.

    The institution of slavery: Not everyone was a “plantation” owner. Although plantations, in a very agrarian dispensation of time, was fact. Many white people worked, and had to, on the plantations. Slavery was ebbing.

    As with any transitional period in history, this was the overlay: the agrarian south vs the “industrialized” north.

    The north had industry. The south had . . . cotton, tobacco, food crops.

    A dirty little secret to why the “north” was successful in the Civil War had to do more with the industrial north, and . . . the railroads, i.e., trains.

    The north had 25% more railroads, which they built into the south, after they cut the south’s supply lines. The north had the means of production on that.

  16. Plus, the north had the “financiers” of war, e.g., the “industrialists,” including but not limited to: Andrew Carnegie, Charles I du Pont, Cornelius Vanderbilt to name a few.

    These “industrialist” owned the stock market, or inherited it. “The New York Stock Exchange traces its origins to the Buttonwood Agreement signed by 24 stockbrokers on May 17, 1792, as a response to the first financial panic in the young nation. It set rules for how stocks could be traded and established set commissions.”

    The south wasn’t set up as major brokers in the NYSE and were at the mercy of the stock exchange. As a result the South could not compete in manufacturing the monopoly Toss in Tammany Hall, and . . . railroads . . . these considerations were more of a factor than the “slave” card, and were major factors in the South’s attempt to secede from the Union . . . civil war was the result.

    For the record, slavery of any type is contemptible.

    BTW, good lyrics. Corruption . . . and Carpetbaggers.

  17. I read some where that a lot of money could be made on War. Prescott Bush may have gotten his hands on some of that as well. Now we are hearing that the The Power Elite Caucasian Male are ready to deal “The Last Card”. That is if the Ukrainian game falls short.