Great News Everyone! This 2020 election will tell us who we really are and what we really stand for! And that message will be sent around the world for everyone to see

By Johnny Punish

I just finished watching a movie from 1959 called “John Paul Jones”; an epic story about a real man in U.S. history who became the Father of the United States Navy; a respected Commander who, when asked to surrender, said “I have not yet begun to fight!”. His story is told to everyone in our U.S. Navy giving our men and women in uniform a rock-solid foundation to which they can proudly stand and aspire to be.

During this movie, it clearly occurred to me what is missing in our current political discourse and why we are so lost. It’s just one simple word; HONOR!

HONOR is the word that is missing.

The reason the movie was so great, so poignant is that, at its core, is the virtue of HONOR. It’s what the basis of our United States Navy is all about. HONOR is the basis of what it means to be a soldier in the United States Military. And it’s HONOR that we expect from our leaders. Without it, we are lost and our belief in country has NO meaning. If we don’t fight for HONOR then what do we fight for?

From the Independence National Historic Park website: About this Portrait: Charles Willson Peale may have painted his museum portrait of Jones as early as 1781. Jones wears the French Cross of the Institution of Military Merit (the gold medal hanging from a blue ribbon through the top left buttonhole). Louis XVI presented this medal to him in 1780. Early in the following year, Jones returned to Philadelphia, where Congress confirmed his acceptance of the French decoration. Peale knew of the congressional honor and he may have taken Jones’s portrait during the six-month period in 1781 when the captain was in America to receive it. On the other hand, Jones returned to Philadelphia in 1783; that may have been the occasion of this portrait.

Donald Trump, while many believe in the policies he peddles, is a man of NO HONOR. He is a five-time draft dodger, a true coward, who when his country called, lied about having bone-spurs and ran into the arms of vanity, self-aggrandizement, and gluttony.

John Paul Jones was a man of HONOR. He fought valiantly and became a true American Hero. This is what we value. This is why we tell his story. Trump is and has always been a man of NO HONOR. What story are we to tell of this poor excuse of a man? That he shagged a porn star in a room as his wife was entertaining in the next? That he lies daily in front of our faces and, when a Pandemic hit our country, he blamed it on the Chinese and decided it did NOT exist running away from it? Is that the story of a new American Hero?

But I will go further…

We all know the Christian Evangelical Right were wooed to support Donald Trump, not because he was a man of HONOR, but because he would get them what they were seeking in political power. They used him. In fact, they used one another. Trump has never been a man of God. He has no virtues or beliefs. Everyone knows this truth. His sister Judge Mary has told us that!

But more, his actions throughout his life have demonstrated cowardice and pure greed; never anything honorable. And yet, the Christian Evangelicals stood with this man of No HONOR to get something for themselves. This one action may have given them a Supreme Court sympathetic to their agenda but it was done without HONOR. This is what rings so hollow. The achievement is worthless. They sacrificed their HONOR and dignity and instead, choose gluttony and greed. It now has no meaning at all. If achieved with dignity and respect, it would be honorable. But it was not. And that’s what is missing; HONOR.

You know, the stories of the United States of America and why it stands have always been about HONOR.

We tell the story of a young George Washington who chopped the cherry tree down and when asked if he did it, said “I cannot tell a lie…”. He admitted to the crime giving us the value of telling the truth. We tell the stories of Honest Abe Lincoln. Why? Just using the word “Honest” before his name says it all. In the rough world of politics where political snakes slither and amoral wolves feed, we admire honesty and HONOR as virtues. Thus we tell the stories and give it weight in our culture.

Eisenhower speaks with men of the 502nd Parachute Infantry Regiment, part of the 101st Airborne Division, on June 5, 1944, the day before the D-Day invasion.

But why is HONOR so important?

Today, we have the most dis-HONORable man as President of the United States of America. Everyone knows he is disHONORable. Even his supporters admit it. They usually answer with, we know and we don’t care. And that’s the problem. His supporters don’t care about HONOR. Greed has replaced HONOR in this group. This what confuses the rest of us and the world. It goes against the stories we tell about ourselves. The world does NOT know who we are anymore and neither do we.

In our leaders, we have always chosen men and women of HONOR. Yes, we may disagree with their policies, question their decisions, and engage in stern firm political discourse, but HONOR has always been a cornerstone for American leadership.

Whether it’s General Dwight D. Eisenhower who led our forces in World War II or Ensign John F. Kennedy who saved his crew on PT-109, HONOR has always been something we valued. And when we found out that a leader has disHONORed his office, for example; Richard Nixon, we expect and got his resignation. He was disHONORable and paid the price living out the rest of his days in shame. These were our values.

POF/PSF/PT109-1 Lt.(jg) John F. Kennedy aboard the PT-109 in the South Pacific, 1943. Photograph in the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum, Boston.

American values: What are they now?

Well, in 6 more days we will find out.

The citizens of the United States of America will be voting to either retain a disHONORable man and reconfirm the loss of HONOR as a national virtue or they will choose to reclaim honor and vote for Joseph Biden, a true family man of the Christian faith who has served his country for over 47 years. A man who presides over a military family HONORably.

Of course, we may disagree with Biden policies and his decisions, but there is no doubt that he is a man of character; a family man who, in the face of adversity, has overcome the loss of his first wife and children to rise, in HONOR, to be available to the citizens of the United States as its next Commander-In-Chief.

Finally, let’s remember that many voters said, in 2016, they did NOT know Trump. They said they found Hillary so objectionable that they gave Donald Trump a chance. He seemed like a successful businessman and so he must know something. So they voted for him. Good intentions indeed.

But now, in 2020, everyone knows Donald Trump. We have seen him every day in our lives. Everyone knows he is NOT an HONORable man. If we choose him, then we will be collectively confirming our virtues of greed and gluttony before honor. If we reject him, it will be because we reject his complete absence of character and lack of HONOR. In short, it will be because we choose HONOR and NOT the sins of greed and gluttony.

It is my view that we must choose HONOR. Because with it, we can change the world. Without it, we are lost and have NOTHING to offer except meaningless greed and gluttony that we can flush down a worthless Trump-branded golden toilet. But I am only one vote. Let’s see what you, the people of the United States of America say. Who are you? Who are we? We are about to find out!

Godspeed America!

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  1. Please tell me Johnny how is there any HONOR in fighting wars for Israel? Especially, when we know that they did 9/11 and that all the wars of this century were for them. Seems to me that the honorable thing to do right now would be to be in the streets with signs saying, NO MORE WARS FOR ISRAEL!

  2. True, yet Biden would not do the dishonorable thing and support “fighting wars for Israel”… After all, he is “a true family man of the Christian faith”… who worked with Zionists like Nuland and Kolomoisky, and “neo-Nazis” like Tyahnybok and Azov Battalion on the Maidan coup in Ukraine… which was against Orthodox Christian Russia… [/sarcasm]

    But yeah, Tommy, the US has been backing the banksters’ “War is a Racket” conflicts for over 100 years, with Biden and Trump being part of that pattern.

  3. Yes, Biden supported the so-called “war on terror”, the invasion of Afghanistan, and the Iraq War. But, Trump is unique in that he has surrounded himself with Likudniks and Christian Zionists like Pompeo and Pence. He has also taken Sheldon Adelson’s thirty pieces of silver in two elections now on the condition that he gives slavish support to whatever Israel wants. He has even offered up his own daughter to these devil worshipers to do with as they will.

  4. Trump’s… blatancy… might be unique, but the practice itself? Again, Nuland was Obama’s Assistant Secretary of State and she’s a stone cold Zionist. Sure, she was a UN ambassador for the Bush admin. and Hillary brought her into the Obama admin., but like Trump’s cabinet, Obama chose Hillary.

  5. Have to disagree, anyone read words to start spangled banner, how was that national ‘anthem’. How about a song about shaking hands and getting along. Separate states may be good idea, and don’t mean separate states of israel. Need different tune.