MUSIC REVIEW: Brian Jay Cline – Love And Quarantine


Today my long time friend released a new record called LOVE AND QUARANTINE;  a 5 song release

Brian has been a highly acclaimed roots-rock singer-songwriter since time began.  This is his 18th record.  And this 10th with famed producer Fernando Perdomo (NetFlix – Echo And The Canyon).  The lyrics are always clever. You can always feel the influences of Billy Joel, Crowded House, Wilco and The Beatles in his lyric style and music choices.  And the Perdomo production world-class…exquisite.

Now granted, Brian does stray and drifts in a country vibe at times digging into a Nashville sound that can only be described as Brooklyn Hick Style. And that distinguishes his music from the greats that inspired him providing us listeners with a unique Brian Jay Cline sound.   But whatever that distinctive sound is or whatever you want to label it, just know that it’s gooooood.

His 5 songs include;

All Time Maybe:  with its clever lyrics and that iconic Brian Jay Cline transition from the chorus to the bridge using one word that fits into both parts giving the story seamless continuity.  There must be a name for something like this… I just call it “The Trademark” or the “Brian Jay Cline M.O.”.  Whatever it’s musically called, I just call it very cool.

Orchard Street:  An upbeat nostalgic look back at the old Brooklyn neighborhood and hope for a reunion with a long lost love to rekindle the love that disappeared over time. This tune harks back to a very Billy Joel inspired style that brings you home.

Goodbye Cruel World:  This song has a late Beatles vibe to it. Clever lyrics taking us on our trip into the great unknown. Fernando’s guitar lead re-inforces that late Beatle sound giving the song a lovely retro sound that resonates.

High Wire:   A hooky trip on the high wire looking down with nothing to break the fall except love and quarantine.

Dream Baby:   A catchy tune trying to catch the girl who might be real or just a Dream Baby.

Producer Fernando Perdomo