EVIDENCE: Trump doubles down claiming he does NOT know Lev Parnas! Really Now?

Either you believe Donald Trump's word or your own eyes. It's up to you!


Well well… there he goes again!  Lying!  Oh, brother!  Now either you believe Donald Trump’s word or your own eyes. It’s up to you.  Yes, you!  You have a brain!  Now use it!

Here’s the evidence;

Any questions?

Now, we all know Trump is a known liar.  Remember when he lied about knowing Stormy Daniels until he was caught red-handed?  That was funny!  What a dick!  And now he is lying about knowing Lev Parnas.  More crap from this jackass!

COVER-UP: Trump wrote a check to his lawyer on May 23, 2017, to pay him back for paying off Porn-Star Stormy and keeping her mouth shut; all this whilst he was meeting with his buddy Bibi in Israel.

Now even if you are a loyal TrumpBot, you might be able to convince the blind and brain-dead that what we see is not real but you’ll be completely unable to convince us independents who have a brain.  We just have this thing… we don’t crawl up anyone’s ass with blind loyalty!  Period.

We know exactly what we see!  So don’t even try it cause we will shove it back in your face!

Oh and here’s some more fun…even Don Trump Jr hangs out with Lev.  Nothing like having dinner with someone you don’t know right? Wonder who paid the bill for this phantom meeting dinner that never happened?

So yeah The Donald wants us to believe his nonsense right?

I mean, I suppose he wants to believe this Lev guy is just a serial photo-bomber, right?  Like the side-ler in that weird Seinfeld episode where this weird guy keeps showing up next to Elaine Benes when she’s not looking!  Yeah, okay!  Sure!

Looky here this whole charade by the Trump family is comedy.  Not even SNL can make a skit this funny!  Although, I suspect they will try hard this weekend.

These lying machiavellian Trump clown acts have contempt for us the people.  We’ve known this for a long time now.  Most of us don’t care because we know they are complete pieces of shit.  We expect nothing less from these low lives.  So it’s not a shock he’s playing this “I don’t this guy” game!  We would not expect anything less from Don The Con!

But what’s worse is that they got their trying-so-hard-to-defend Trump supporters in a spin.   These people gotta be confused.  A lot of them are trying.  They want him to be their hero so badly.   They need a hero; someone to believe in.  But sadly, their corrupt heroes are telling them one thing as the facts keep hammering them with the opposite. I mean their brains must be scrambled by now!

If you are one of these folks let me help you!  “The Emperor is Naked” okay!  Got it!  No, he’s not wearing clothes made from the rarest silks from faraway lands of gold!  Nope!  He’s naked!  He has always been naked!  You just didn’t want to accept it.

Trump’s Famous “Grab Them by the Pussy”.

Denial can only last so long for “normal” people.  So let’s hope the best for them.

Oh wait, so there they are!  Phew, thought we lost them!  That’s lovely Jared and Ivanka hanging out with our man Lev too!  But, again, no one in the Trump Family knows this man right?  Right!  LMAO!


So there it is…

The only question is does America care?

I am NOT convinced the American public cares if their elected President is a corrupted lawless lying mafia boss.  I know that sounds strange but, by the reactions I see on Fox GOP News and their TrumpBot fans, it sure feels like they don’t care.  In other words, their man is just more important than the country.

Now go eat your sliver of bread and enjoy the show

Oh wait, one more thing…here’s my latest song called “Greedhead“.  It’s a rock song about looking the other way when you see what’s right in front of your eyes.  It fits here.  I think you’ll love it.  It starts with the statement;

Why do you look the other way
And think it’s okay
Deliberately ignore wrongdoings

You look the other way
And think it’s okay
We the people are in ruins

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  1. Thank you, it’s mind boggling that so called Christian’s are worshiping a false idol, I believe it may violate one of their precious commandments. May I suggest a wonderful song by the great Frank Zappa…. Dumb All Over ….
    It’s very spot on for the shit going on today,

  2. With enough reading, one will discover that the Jewish Zionist Mafia Owns Trumpty Dumb-ty. BiBi Nut case, is Ashkenazi Mafia? But Israel exists because of the fanatical Sephardic’s that run the world with the Oil Standard Non-fiat currency as well all the gold they can horde. These Sephardi’s hob nob with the Wahhabis Oil sheiks because they are mixed blood.
    Ever ask yourself why Israel does not attack the Saudi’s?
    Trump at the wailing wall with his kippa and gyrating back and forth while he has sex with Shakina, one female sex goddess of Baal worship… Goyim Christian Jews (should be called followers of Judaism lite as the great reformer Martin Luther took the Messianic text to heart and sold out the true Christian concept of the first century church).
    Zionist like trump believe in the Talmud weather they are aware of it or not! Fact is, Talmudist do not believe in the messianic texts of the first five books of the bible… Nor should anyone else for that matter.
    Got my neck stuck out here for sure!
    Most myth people believe, is exactly that… MYTH, the lies of dogma to convince those without an education in historical allegory. to follow any pied piper that can muster an idea to lead the children of the corn astray… Trump is a layer for sure, in the robe of a Talmudists magician, thinking he is hidden behind a wall of illusion and deception as a crypto Jew! Has anybody asked the question…? Is he Jewish, or just plain foolish with his crypto-logical mental illness?

  3. They’re Mammon* worshippers.

    They hate Bernie’s “Debt Jubilee” too; a biblical norm, not exception.

    Bernie: Most active duty AND vet donations, 2016 AND now!

    * Often depicted as… an orange man!

  4. I think we should already know the answer to that. Did any of his supporters really know this slug before he had his unreality show? Probably not very well. Those of us that were aware of the orange buffoons dealings back into the 70s knew what he was. After all his crap started to come home to roost, well, we were all wrong because Trump plays 4D chess. LOL. Now even after he has departed from the BS he laid on us before being selected, his base continues with the nonsense that he is fighting DS and the MSM. As Trump has repeatedly said, he represents American values…and his base agrees…apparently agreeing with him that we are for sale and outright murder is just fine. Now you say we will see how stupid the American people are? You’re kidding, right?


    “Americans are certainly great hero-worshippers, and always take their heroes from the criminal classes.” -Oscar Wilde.

    I suppose we can say, Trump is living proof, though he will deny it through his teeth as he drags the presidency through the dirt.