by Johnny Punish

Winners always adjust as needed and move forward. Golden Age Thinkers who yearn for past nostalgia, while fun, always fall behind and, over time, even go extinct.

In the USA, so many are now living in fear of cultural change. They use phrases like “we fear losing our cultural identity” and they mean it! Even more, they are 100% correct. They are losing their “cultural identity”. In fact, we all are and it’s happening all the time all over the world. It’s called evolution! And evolution has no patience or time for our fears. It moves without us whether we like it or not.

What is making this challenge to success worse are U.S. Politicians who irresponsibly exploit these folk when they should be challenging them to step up to the task. They should be honest telling them that change is part of life and it’s those that manage and meet it are the ones that thrive.

But, to get short term votes, these shameful profiteers sell the fear. It’s really awful for everyone!

FDR giving speech at his first inauguration

You know President Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR) once said “Only Thing We Have to Fear Is Fear Itself” and he was 100% right. US society has to stop being scared of the future. This has to stop!

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So let’s collectively drop being scared of the future. Talk to your friends and neighbors. Let’s participate and shape the future ourselves. Let’s not wait for it to happen to us and instead make it happen. Let’s develop a mission based on principles with a special focus on bridge-building.

Let’s be bold and implement it. No Fear; just a commitment to purpose and mission!

As the Punk Rock Warrior Joe Strummer once said: “The Future is Unwritten”. So let’s write it up!

Frontman for The Clash, the infamous, notorious Punk Rock Warrior Joe Strummer

And so it goes.

Go forward and win!

Adjust where you need and go kick some ass!