By Johnny Punish

So what’s this all about? Egypt Station? Where did he get that from? I have seen lots of interviews with Paul and he does NOT really tell us. He’s mostly vague about it. We do know the name comes from “Egypt Station”, one of McCartney’s paintings from 1988, from which the cover art is derived.

But the songs? Egypt? Hum? After listening carefully to the songs, I do get it. But you’ll need to read on to find out more….

But first, allow me to provide some musical analysis:

Production: World Class. Musically, perfect. Obviously done at the highest levels of production with world-class musicians, studio and producer.

Vocals: For 76 years old, outstanding! Most singers fall off big time by their 70s. Paul is certainly not immune to aging. But his performance is excellent for his age. We ought NOT to compare Paul at 26 to Paul at 76. That would be unfair to anyone. So his high notes are NOT always there but he gets there on a few of the songs. In fact, he does goes up an octave a few times giving us a “heck yeah”. But mostly, he drops notes lower to fit his current ability. Well done Sir Paul. Inspirational indeed. There is music in all of us no matter what age.

Album Style: It starts off and ends with “Station” an intro and closing that sets the stage for this concept album. But what was this all about? Hum?

Song Writing: Clever as expected. Hooks too! Thoughtful from a wise man yet not arrogant. More questions than answers. He is clearly inspired by one individual here. But who? Read on…

Paul recording Egypt Station. Album was mostly recorded in studios in Los Angeles, London, and Sussex. Back in Brazil was actually recorded in Brazil. So it was a worldwide recording.


Egypt Station contains 16 tracks, including opening and penultimate ambient pieces entitled “Opening Station” and “Station II”, respectively. Below I review 8 of the 16 songs. Check it out.


In “I don’t know” he questions himself “am I right or wrong” and “what am I doing wrong? I don’t know”. I suppose, even at 76, we don’t know it all. But that’s okay cause Paul tells us it will be alright.


In “Come on To Me” Paul is still randi. OK, how cool is that? Even at 76, he still has the hots for something more than just casual conversation. There is hope for all of us. Thank you Paul for letting us know it’s okay to be excited about meeting someone knew and getting closer!


“Happy With You” is clearly a song about contentment. Paul has had his up and downs, some that would bury an average man, but he has risen above to appreciate the gift of life. Clearly he’s found another partner late in life to share the gift; clearly it’s not Linda. Linda could never be replaced but he has someone now to share the world with in Nancy Shevell; .. and that’s so good. We all need a partner to share with. It’s what makes life great and special. So happy for him. And I am very sure Linda is up there looking down and is so happy too… Love is Love!

Paul lends a helping hand to those of us who take crtic personally and allow it to affect us. He lets us know “they are idiots” and that we are bigger and something more special. Thank you sending us the message Paul. It helps always and most on our bad days.

Paul and his wife Nancy McCartney (Shevell) sharing a night out together.

Ok, the record label really promoted this one and that “fuh you” angle. We get it. But really, this song is NOT vulgar at all. In fact, it’s real and expression of true passion. Can you imagine, Paul is pushing 80 and getting super excited to be his partner. How badass is that? He is just expressing his feelings of joy, passion, and excitement. It’s good to be a man and have those feelings that make you a man. I know ladies appreciate it and take this the very right way.

OK, I am starting to get this record. It’s about NANCY! He is alive and expressing himself all over this album. And it comes to life here on this track. Listen to it. It speaks for itself. Paul! Wow man, you’re the best. Nancy must be so… OMG! You make her dreams come true! What a gent you are!

So the Nancy theme continues as Paul expresses his desire to bypass all the critics, phone calls, and non-sense while he makes space for his relationship with Nancy to grow. Beautiful Song.

OK, whoa a musical departure. Like the cool organ and sounds. Very different. “Ichiban”? I looked it up and could not figure out what this is a reference to; Japanese Noodles? Anybody?

In fact, I have no clue what this song is really about. It must be something personal but not shared with the public. It must have to do with Nancy and family.

I mean, is it just an esoteric song about a girl in Brazil? That does not fit this record. So it must be something bigger.. something more. There are some personal clues at the end that this is something about family but thats it. Paul? Spill the beans!

“So we raise a family as the clouds roll by
Making pictures of us in the sky
The kids are happy and they don’t ask why
Pa-pa-pa-pa-pa you and I”

It does not matter. It’s a cool sounding song!


1. Opening Station
2. I Don’t Know
3. Come On to Me
4. Happy with You
5. Who Cares
6. Fuh You
7. Confidante
8. People Want Peace
9. Hand in Hand
10. Dominoes
11. Back in Brazil
12. Do It Now
13. Caesar Rock
14. Despite Repeated Warnings
15. Station II
16. Hunt You Down/Naked/C-Link


At first listen, the ear says “hum?, I don’t really get it”. But then when you dig in carefully and really listen, you realize this is Paul with his heart on his 76-year-old sleeve saying “I am alive and sharing my life with this lovely person”. He is just singing about it. It’s a joyful record of mature love and passion. I really get it.

In fact, it inspires me to write deeper and more meaningful. Sometimes I write a bit above and not within. I think it’s time. I think Paul just motivated me to do better, be better…. he really is a living legend! Wow!

Dig in and see if you feel that same spirit



  1. The greatest talent and a living legend! The USSR and modern Russia loves the Beatles and Sir Paul McCartney very very much!