by Johnny Punish

Yesterday, Trump’s lawyer Rudy Guiliani admitted on CNN that he was in Ukraine looking to get their government to investigate American citizen and political opponent Joe Biden.  “You want to cover some ridiculous charge that I urged the Ukrainian government to investigate corruption. Well I did! And I’m proud of it!” said Rudy

Furthermore, a U.S. intelligence officer turned whistleblower has reported Trump to the Inspector General (IG) for something extremely urgent related to a phone call made to a foreign leader.

The New York Times and others are reporting that this whistleblower incident is related to Ukraine with reports that Trump is holding back $ 250 million in Foreign Aid to Ukraine until they give up “dirt’ on Joe Biden.

Now to be very clear, it is AGAINST THE LAW for elected U.S. Official to Offer Foreign AID in exchange for “dirt” on a political opponent. PERIOD! Holding up foreign aid to UKRAINE in exchange for “dirt” on political opponent Joe Biden is A CRIME! This seems to be what the WhistleBlower complaint is all about!

To be more clear and personal, using MY TAX DOLLARS for his campaign and opposition research against my will is NOT ACCEPTABLE! It is stealing!

Now to remind younger readers, NIXON’S WATERGATE was busted for breaking and entering in DNC Headquarters at the Watergate Hotel to steal papers aka “dirt”. If this whole issue is correct and corroborated with evidence, then this makes WATERGATE looks like they stole a piece of bubblegum from 7/11.

Now I am very sure FOX GOP NEWS is in a panic looking for a way to spin this alleged crime while CULT followers await marching orders. They will go on the extreme defense as expected.

And Feckless DEMS? If their previous performances are a guideline, they will shit the bed and fail to impeach due to “incompetence” disease and political infighting.

And We The People?

ELECTION 2020 is going to be worse than dirty. It’s going to be very very ugly.

Expect the very worst from the Trump Predator as the beast claws to survive. His kind will eat their own mothers to survive so yes, expect the very worst and I mean worst! This is its nature! And if the Trump Cult stays on its zombie course refusing to admit their Emperor is Naked, well, then the house will be burned down ending up in a very ugly nasty civil war!

For as one of the founding fathers, the 3rd President of the United States Thomas Jefferson once said:

“The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.”

So if civil war is the only way we can resolve this and return the USA back to rule of law, then so be it.  I mean, I hope not but my Vegas money is on the civil war because I don’t believe Trump and his Cult members will ever back down. I think they are all in locked and loaded.  War 2020?

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  1. As usual the so called presidential campaign by both totally corrupt political parties is a total farce. Not a word about the real perps and real reasons of 9/11/01; namely, Israel, Bush, Cheney, Four Star generals, all whores in Congress which passed the illegal Patriot Act following it and so on. Not a peep about the Sandy Hook Hoax where even the school wrecking crew was sworn to secrecy for life with criminal sanctions. Or how about the phony Boston Bombing or numerous other fake shootings? Americans deserve their plight. All of them deserve to lose their country. It may be gone already. Professor James Tracy lost his job at FAU for just speaking about Sandy Hook while Jim Fetzer is about to be jailed if he refuses to pay a fine for contempt of court for challenging the identity of the individual who made claims against him. This country is a joke.

  2. And look at how Americans have surrendered their Constitutional Rights at every airport in the country and submitted to illegal searches by DHS. If Americans had any guts they would massively boycott every airport in the country until these totally illegal searches are stopped. I will never get on another airplane in my life. This is what every American should do if they had any guts and courage to stand up to government lies and tyranny.
    But most Americans today are gutless cowards and wimps. They deserve to lose and most certainly will lose their country,. It may be gone now but most Americans are too stupid to see it.